Hyundai Officially Announces Genesis Luxury Brand, Six Model Lineup

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson
hyundai officially announces genesis luxury brand six model lineup

Hyundai officially announced late Tuesday night the launch of the Genesis luxury sub-brand and outlined what’s to come from the new marque.

The announcement comes after the possible launch was reported by Reuters on Tuesday.

According to Hyundai, the new brand will eventually sell six distinct models, starting with the Hyundai Genesis sedan and Equus which will be renamed Genesis G80 and G90, respectively, going into the 2017 model year. Those models will debut in Korea in December and in North America next spring, reported Automotive News.

A new, smaller sedan — named G70 — will join the lineup in 2017, while the rest of the models, including a midsize crossover and SUV, will be introduced before 2021. All Genesis models will be rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive.

Details concerning the experience customers should expect when shopping and owning a Genesis vehicle are very much up in the air and are to be decided by each region, explained a spokesman for Hyundai Canada. However, the experience will likely include the “Your Time, Your Place” test drive program that delivers vehicles to the homes of prospective buyers, and “At Your Service” regularly scheduled maintenance that picks up vehicles from the workplaces or homes of owners for service.

The Genesis brand will have it’s own research and development arm, along with a design team dedicated to the brand led by Luc Donckerwolke, formerly of Bentley.

Donckerwolke lashed out earlier this year at Ford for its design of the new Lincoln Continental.

“I would have called it a Flying Spur concept and kept the four round lights,” he said on Facebook.

Donckerwolke will report to overall group design boss Peter Schreyer.

The performance-oriented Genesis Coupe, which is more aimed at buyers seeking value-based thrills, will not carry over to the new Genesis brand. It will keep its name for the time being, but likely not for the long term.

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  • Jerry Hightower I'd like to see a true hardtop.
  • Jerry Hightower I'd like to see a true hardtop
  • 28-Cars-Later "Six-thousand dollars get you in the door."You just cost me six thousand dollars! And one Cadillac.
  • 28-Cars-Later Kudos to the Mazda team on the attractive front end, though the lack of front bumper is still detention after class. Rest of it is also visually appealing, its shocking me how good this looks and how bad Honda (and to an extent Toyota's) styling is in comparison.
  • Slyons My guess is they keep the 2.0 liter they have now with minor tweaks, and shoehorn in the 48V mild hybrid system that just debuted in the CX-90. Should allow for all the regular fun of wringing out the 4 cyl and bump the fuel mileage up at least a couple points. I don't think we'll see a major evolution of the drivetrain until the next next model (NF?).