Here's The New Volvo V90 Wagon! (Model)

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole

Car companies should know better than to send detailed drawings of unreleased cars to Chinese toymakers.

Because they don’t, here is the new Volvo V90 wagon in toy-car form. The wagon, which appeared on CarNewsChina, appears to take several cues from our newly favorite Swedish car, the XC90.

The wagon sports headlights from the XC90 as well as the front fascia from Alex Dykes’ favorite new car.

The V90 will be based on the same architecture as the XC90, which means the full-size wagon may actually be a full-size wagon — instead of a sport wagon a la Cadillac’s CTS and Mercedes E-class.

The toy car sports a panoramic roof and two rows of seating, which would mean a spacious cargo cabin if three rows weren’t in the cards. The V90 wagon will share a platform with the coming S90 sedan, which will replace the V70 Cross Country and S80 respectively.

The full-size cars are part of Volvo’s future full-sized and compact-sized offensive by 2020.

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  • Zamoti Zamoti on Oct 21, 2015

    I wanted a V70 for my wife in the worst way, she totally was into it. Since they stopped making it a while back, we both decided to give an xc70 a try figuring that it was just a little taller and if we got a black one the silly body cladding wouldn't look so bad. We went to a dealer and found a reasonably used pair of them both under 60K miles. While I liked how the drove the interior was made of the softest grade plastic that I'd ever experienced. I'd owned a 98 and figured that by now they'd sorted out the gooey window switched and mushy plastics, but nope. In both examples, the interior was all shagged out, all plastics if not dented, bruised or broken were horribly scuffed and in some cases pilling. The asking price was the final kicker for us as the dealer would not budge (I think they wanted 26k for a 09 last winter). This particular dealer did not bother to prep either car, both were dirty and one was wearing a no-name set of crap tires (hey, maybe Chinese!) so we walked. I hope that Volvo has sorted out the interior grades, from the pictures of the XC90, it certainly looks it. I would love a wagon again, even more so if it's not a faux-Outback. Time will tell...

  • Kmars2009 Kmars2009 on Oct 21, 2015

    V90...Way cool! Will there be a CC variant? If not, who cares...this thing is SWEET! I can finally get rid of my XC70. BTW...people need to stop with the made in China stuff. They seem to love Apple products.

  • Tifighter Tifighter on Oct 21, 2015

    Current XC70 owner here. I'm a little leery of the sloping hatch, as previously mentioned. Utility is a big part of the XC appeal to me. Still, if they do a plug in version with at least 25 miles of electric range, they'll get me. Again.

    • Kmars2009 Kmars2009 on Oct 21, 2015

      I'm inclined to agree. As the owner of 2 large dogs, the square back of my XC70 is appealing. I find the new V60 worthless in the rear. Lets hope the new V90 answers our needs and desires. Otherwise we'll be schlepping around lookiing for a clean XC70....If only I can resist the beauty of the V90. PS. To keep your current XC70 longer, get the transmission fluid changed every 30K miles. The trans will last much longer...maybe the life of the car. Also, there is no such thing as lifetime fluid....if you've ever heard that one.

  • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Oct 21, 2015

    That's a nice looking model. It reminds me of my 1976 AMC Hornet Wagon.