Bentley Can Stretch Its 'Brand DNA' Quite A Ways, It Appears

Aaron Cole
by Aaron Cole

Bentley’s upcoming SUV, dubbed Bentayga, may be shown here in all its 1:18-scale glory in leaked photos released by

If the photos — reportedly from a Chinese toy company — resemble the final figure for the luxury automaker’s SUV, which is partially based on architecture from Audi’s Q7, that is exactly what a Bentley SUV should look like. It’s like the automaker rolled Silly Putty on a Flying Spur and pulled it from the top and the back.

The SUV is slated to go on sale in 2017 and will be unveiled at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

The grainy photos and dark body color conceal a few body lines, but it’s clear to see how much the grille and D pillars have changed from the EXP 9 F concept that was shown two years ago. Four headlights are up front, instead of the concept’s two, and the lower front fascia appears to be completely different.

The model shows dual sunroofs and a lot of chrome, but doesn’t show the Bentayga’s purported W-12 engine under the hood.

Bentley’s application of its design to a much larger, much different type of car is what automakers such as Lamborghini, Maserati and others will attempt in coming years with their expanding lineups.

Aaron Cole
Aaron Cole

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