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2016 Toyota Prius Getting Gas At Vons

Toyota’s next-generation Prius, which will be the first use of the automaker’s new global platform, will be shown to media in Las Vegas next month, Bloomberg is reporting (via Autoblog).

The report doesn’t specify when the automaker would build the next-gen Prius, or why it chose southern Nevada in the summertime for its reveal (Tesla speculation starts now).

Sales of the Prius have declined since 2007 and 2008 when average gas prices in the U.S. hovered around $4 per gallon. Toyota hasn’t fully updated the Prius since 2009, with a mild refresh gracing the hybrid in 2011.

Bloomberg notes that the eco-friendly Prius may have lost sales to all-electric cars — Nissan Leaf, Tesla Model S, and others — in the time it’s taken Toyota to update it.

The automaker began taking reservations in California last month for its hydrogen-powered Mirai.

According to our own Bark Maruth, we should expect glowing coverage of the Prius from reporters from sometime next month.

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26 Comments on “New Prius Will Be Shown Next Month in Las Vegas...”

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    I always think of the Prius when the B&B rail against some new technology. Back in the day they were, to a man, convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that all that new fangled hybrid synergy drive technology would self destruct and prove catastrophically unreliable.

    The fact that the Prius is in the running to be the most reliable and durable car ever made? Has taught them nothing.

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      I don’t really have a problem with the Prius at all. If I didn’t care about the driving experience, and just wanted to reliably get very decent gas mileage, it is hard to make a case against the car.

      I get more enthused by good sounding exhausts from powerful ICE’s than i do about stellar MPG.

      I am glad the car is around as it keeps fuel demand somewhat lower.

      I just wish the pilots of these vehicles knew how to drive anywhere close to the speed limit

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        “I just wish the pilots of these vehicles knew how to drive anywhere close to the speed limit”

        That’s a popular complaints, but in my area, they drive every bit as fast as anyone else, but do seem oblivious to other cars.

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          There is a white Prius that runs 80mph by me almost every evening. In contrast to the Porsche Cayenne Turbo that refuses to do 1 mph over the 60mph limit. These two guys need to switch cars.

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        On a wide open highway Prius drivers will eventually get up to speed. It’s in traffic that they’re such a PITA. They’re always the first to brake and the last to gas.

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          That’s because it sounds like you stomped on a kitten when you put the pedal on the floor.

          The MPG comes from more than just aero and the HSD. The ergonomics actively discourage you from driving aggressevily.

          2004 Toyota Prius w/ 165k miles

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        Every day I see dozens of cars, often BMW 3 series, Mazda3 and Jeep Grand Cherokee, driving at speeds much further from the speed limit than any Prius driver I’ve ever seen.

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    I saw a Prius in camo out in Death Valley this year. It had a large “no photos” sign in the window–I’m not really sure what good that does, though.

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    This kind of post is why I scan thru Autoblog in my feed. Blurry disguised pictures and vague information.

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    Ooooh! A new bra for the Prius!

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    Guessing it will have an extra-large, completely unnecessary and totally ugly grille/front end like the Mirai, intended to inhale stray cats. Even the Predator says, in an Austrian accent, “You are one ugly…”

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    I’ve consulted the lists and I found that this is on my list of things I am not only disinterested in but am actively indifferent about the revelation of yet another priiiii ii ii i’i.

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    Exciting news for people who like to go slow in the left lane!

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      Oh please, give the left lane hog shtick a rest. I see plenty of vehicles at the opposite end of the mileage continuum doing exactly the same thing after entering the interstate at 45mph. And every other kind of vehicle as well. No. I’ve never owned or driven a Prius.

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        This morning I passed a left lane slowpoke Camry. It was missing most of the front end- no bumper, no headlights, no grill, but some jagged metal and plastic where that stuff used to be. The “baby on board” sign in the back window was comic irony.

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    My fiancee drives 85 all the time in her prius v. I drive 75 and get 5mpg better than she does. Will the new Prius V get a makeover too? Love all the prius’ we have had and have never had any problems with them. they are the most trouble free vehicle i have owned except for the 2010 Sienna van. Hate to buy from the jerkoff’s in detroit so will probably keep buying toyotas

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      Toyota seems to be staggering any Prius updates as follows: the V follows the regular Prius makeover by a year. Then, the C gets its revamp the year after that.

      You’d think they’d pick up the pace a bit, what with some credible competition (finally) from the Ford C-Max. But, then, gas prices are currently pretty low, and Toyota only really pays attention to what Honda’s doing, anyway. And Honda, with the failure of the Insight, has all but abandoned any direct competition with the Prius. So, major Prius updates continue at the usual Toyota snail’s pace.

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        I don’t think anyone should criticize Toyotas less than quick to react policy. It works, else you end up like Ford with a quickly thrown together hybrid that cannot match the MPG of a bigger car on the same lot, and requires the company to write checks in response.

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          One might also note that the reliability of the Prius becoming legendary. Part of that reliability might be a bit of engineering conservatism.

          I don’t work in the auto industry, but where I work, the most surefire path to killing quality is constant churn and change. Especially combined with panicked and poorly conceived attempts to catch some other guy.

          People buy Toyotas for their reliability and resale. They don’t care how many gears the transmission has, whether the engine has a fancy new acronym, or the type of battery pack in their hybrid.

          I really don’t get why this bothers so many. If you want something less reliable and more cutting edge, the Germans are right over there…

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    The prius is the very best 4/5 passenger vehicle to own, with the exception of the volt after tax incentives. Lets hope toyota didnt do anything stupid such as the leaked photos showed.

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    I don’t mind the Prius, it’s not bad and yeah, I have seen my fair share of them hauling @$$ down the road at high speeds. It would be nice if they made a model that did not have a ludicrously cheap interior and didn’t feel like it was a Fisher Price toy.

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      It’s the same fisher price interior after 11 years on the road. There’s no noticeable degradation of the plastic parts over the years.

      I’d be surprised if a “luxury” interior would remain nice after so much daily use – at least the soft touch parts of the cars I’ve owned (including the Prius) haven’t held up nearly as well as the hard plastic. I’m now wishing that they used more “fisher price” plastic, especially in the armrests.

      That’s the difference between specing out a car for long term ownership and a 3-year lease, I guess…

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        +1 – Our 2003 Matrix has that Fisher Price interior, and it shows very little wear and weathering after almost 13 years. I doubt new cars, including our Mazda3, with squishy components, leather or “pleather” will hold up as well.

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    Hopefully they’ll ditch the center mounted speedometer.

    Whet I tried to talk my wife into a new Prius V, she nixed it on that alone. She likes the speedometer in front of the driver, like it is in our 2004 Prius, and it wasn’t enough like her existing one to actually replace it in her eyes.

    Th could have been overcome if there was some urgency to replace our old Prius, but it ain’t broke – so she had every reason to be picky and have in a couple of dozen grand while keeping a car she likes even more than I do.

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