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Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk told press Wednesday that people who refer 10 people to buy the company’s new Model X would get one for free, Mashable is reporting (via Car and Driver).

The caveats: You need to be the first in your region to refer 10 people (we have no idea on what “regions” mean, we asked) and you’d need to do it by Oct. 31.

Despite how you feel about Tesla, the company is proving that an automaker can be run like a tech startup and not a car company.

The incentive is part of a larger program that Musk detailed in his call.

Any current Model S buyer who refers another new Model S buyer gets $1,000 off the purchase of another Tesla. The new buyer also gets $1,000 off the purchase price of their new car too. Refer five new buyers, and you get a tour of the new Gigafactory. Refer 10 new buyers and get $20,000 knocked off the price of a new Model X.

There isn’t a similar program in place for Tesla’s used cars, but Musk said he’d be open to the possibility.

So, who wants to be a Tesla dealer today?

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8 Comments on “Refer 10 New Tesla X Buyers, Get Your Tesla Model X for Free...”

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    “the company is proving that an automaker can be run like a tech startup ”

    Got vaporware down.

    Boomer pun:

    What do you call their flappy-door crossover?

    The Flying None.

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      SCE to AUX

      I don’t know why you keep saying that.

      They don’t hit dates, but they do deliver actual product. And the partially-done Gigafactory doesn’t make sense unless you plan to build a LOT of cars.

      At some 2000-3000 cars a month now, they’re way outselling many other nameplates and even whole other brands.

      Vaporware is when you’re living on venture capital money and have lots of words but no sellable product. Tesla passed that point many years ago with the release of the Roadster.

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    So basically, if I were to get on the phone right now and start cold-calling wall street executives – pretending to be Elon Musk…and managed to get 10 buyers…Elon Musk is gonna GIVE ME A MODEL X…

    …then I can trade it in for 2 Hellcats???

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    Steve Lynch

    No matter how Musk spins it, these programs are just cash on the hood to move more units.

    Oh, wait, they are selling every car they can build…

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    This page clearly indicates the referral program is about the Model S, not the Model X:

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    All I can see in the photo is the babe in pink, issues…

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    didn’t realize LaNeve left Ford already.

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