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Queen Elizabeth presided over the opening ceremonies for the first new auto plant in the UK in recent memory, as Jaguar Land Rover opened their new engine facility in Wolverhampton.

The plant, which has created an estimated 1,500 direct jobs and nearly 7,000 indirect jobs, will produce JLR’s new family of “Ingenium” engines, with a 4-cylinder diesel being among the first to roll off the line.

The engines will appear in the all new Jaguar XE and Land Rover Discovery Sport, and spread to the rest of the lineup as future products are introduced. For a UK motoring industry that has seen decade after decade of layoffs and plant closures, the opening of a new auto factory is a momentous occasion. JLR’s Halewood plant, once the site of a Ford assembly plant, is now running at full capacity, cranking out the Range Rover Evoque around the clock.

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9 Comments on “Jaguar Land Rover Opens Engine Plant In UK...”

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    Yeah. The Brits feel all warm and fuzzy about the jobs. The fact that its JLR setting up shop back in recognizable turf can’t hurt, either.

    Still a Tata, y’ain’t foolin’ me. Assembly in The Old Country or not.

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      Is Wolverhampton (pronounced “Wopford” or something, I’m sure) in the Midlands?

      “That’ll do, just that’ll do.”

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        Well, allow me an adjustment of my monacle, Old Chap.

        Wolverhampton is directly to the southern portion of Binghamshire, if I recall.

        In all seriousness, the Brits and India have an “interesting” relationship. I watched the Top Gear where they drove British cars through India. I don’t remember much of it for some reason.

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          That episode was ultra-scripted nonsense for the mostpart.

          The best bit was at the beginning (as usual) when they’re checking out the others cars, as though they’ve never seen them before.

          James May, pointing at Clarksons 4.0L XJ6 Celebration Edition:

          “Here, I’ll point out all the things that will go wrong.” *Flails arms pointing at engine*

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            I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re all scripted.

            Unfortunately, I cannot quit watching them.

            Guess I’m no better than those WWE fans.

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            They are, very much so.

            However, having watched it since the beginning (and seen all episodes), I think it has become much MORE scripted than it started out. I feel before it was more ad lib and more about cars and goofing around. Now it’s about scheduled goofing around and entertainment value (rather than cars).

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    I remember this story line from “King Ralph.”

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    I didnt think it was that long ago that the Rolls Royce Goodwood plant opened?

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    It’s great that Land Rovers and Jag-you-are’s are getting British engines. I just hope they wise up and get their electronics from the Japanese.

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