Infiniti Announces 2025 QX55 with Precisely No Changes At All

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

No, really – there aren’t any. Not even to its price.

Infiniti is holding the price of admission to the QX55 at $50,150 for a Luxe trim, not counting $1,350 for destination. That latter sum does not change for the 2025 model year, either, preventing the hidden price hike that some manufacturers have been trying to sneak by customers as of late. This trim uses a 2.0-liter variable-compression turbo engine (as do all QX55 trims) making 268 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque. The likes of ProPilot Assist, 20-inch wheels, and wireless device charging are amongst the standard equipment.

Further up the food chain we find the Essential at $55,100 which adds an around-view monitor, ventilated front seats, and a Bose audio system. Topping the range is a $58,650 Sensory trim which sadly doesn’t provide a spiritual journey but does include a head-up display, open-pore interior trim, snazzy cabin lighting, and heated rear seats.

The brand is stubbornly sticking to the oddball dual screen center stack, deploying a 8-inch upper and 7-inch lower screen instead of one large tablet as found in most other vehicles in this segment. In the real world, this bifurcated arrangement isn’t the world’s most intuitive solution and dates the interior in the eyes of some shoppers. At least Infiniti is continuing to offer a dandy selection of bold colors, both inside and outside the QX55.

We can sit and pontificate until the cows come home as to why the Infiniti brand lags behind its Japanese rival of Lexus (that infotainment described above is one clue). However, after sampling the new QX80 last month, we know it can compete well on certain stages, so hopefully those efforts trickle down to other models, So far this calendar year Lexus has moved 167,211 units while Infiniti has shifted 28,027 vehicles – meaning the mighty RX, just one of about a dozen Lexus models, outsells the entire Infiniti lineup by a margin of nearly 2:1 all by itself.

Speaking of sales, if you’re wondering where the QX55 fits into the Infiniti balance sheet, it currently languishes near the bottom of its chart with 1,854 sold so far this year. Leading the way is its QX60 midsizer finding 13,414 homes through to the end of June.

[Images: Infiniti]

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Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

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  • Rochester Rochester 2 days ago
    If you're going to spend over $50K USD for a car, there are so-o-o may better cars to spend that money on besides a company that used to make great sport sedans and sport coupes. These swoopy Nissan crossovers just aren't appealing, and Infiniti has been dead to me for a long time.
  • 28-Cars-Later 28-Cars-Later 2 days ago
    Infiniti is new Mitsubishi, only continues to exist in order to fulfill dealer agreements.
  • Bd2 Absolutely not - do not want to support a fascist, totalitarian regime.
  • SCE to AUX The original Capri was beautiful. The abomination from the 90s was no Capri, and neither is this.It looks good, but too similar to a Polestar. And what's with the whacked price?
  • Rover Sig Absolutely not. Ever.
  • EBFlex No. I buy as little Chinese products as possible.
  • John "...often in a state of complete disarray on the roads" What does that mean? Many examples in poor repair? Talk about awful writing.