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Alongside the 2015 Dodge Challenger, the 2015 Charger made its debut at the 2014 New York Auto Show.

The Charger, which will follow the Challenger to the showroom a few months later, will bring both the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 and 5.7-liter HEMI V8 to the party. The former will push 292 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque through an eight-speed automatic, which will also help send the HEMI’s 370 horses and 395 lb-ft of tire-destroying torque to the back or, if equipped, all four wheels.

The big change, however, is its Dart/Durango-esque look, including LED daytime running lights and the blacked-out grill that will likely be obscured by the bull bar of the police-ready variant when the fleet orders are delivered and prepped.

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44 Comments on “New York 2014: 2015 Dodge Charger Live Shots...”

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    Is the 2015 Charger just a “Dodge Dart on Human Growth Hormone”?

    -My Jeep’s steering wheel.
    -A shifter that befits the car.
    -A fuel efficient 8-speed.
    -The best infotainment system in ANY car currently on the market.
    -The most powerful and affordable V8 engines on the market.

    But can all this make up for the Dart’s nose???

    Find out tomorrow on the next episode of Bigtruckseriesreview: NYAS edition…

    Airing as soon as I can upload the file to a Youtube near you!

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      The Dart was sick of all the bigger, more powerful cars getting press and accolades. It decided to go see Anthony Bosch or Greg Anderson. A few bottles of the cream, the clear, and a few injections later, and it was now a Charger.

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        I think the problem is that American cars have very blocky designs. Blocky-ness makes it more macho while wearing curves adds to femininity.
        Wearing curves also improves drag coefficients so most designers interested in fuel economy typically curve their cars out.

        The Chrysler’s have been the one American car to avoid this while Cadillacs have turned their F-117 styling into softer edges such as on the F-22.

        I personally want my car to be fast, powerful and physically imposing. Blocky designs work far better than curves.

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        No one respects Charles Atlas anymore.

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          The Charger looks better in person, but all I feel it “needs” is a hood scoop and a chin spoiler. Then it will be blocky enough to suit my tastes.

          Challenger was perfect.


          MERCEDES W222 – STOLE THE SHOW – everyone wants it – only few will be able to afford one.

          LINCOLN – complete disappointment wrapped in faux luxury.

          CADILLAC – ridiculous pricing, and Escalade barely does anything differently beyond its CUE interior.

          I must say: HYUNDAI and KIA had the strongest showing. The Sonata and Genesis are luxury cars now – but the real show was the K900. I’m impressed.

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            Both the Hyundai and Kia are excellent luxury cars, trouble is no one is going to buy them in lieu of a BMW or MB.

            As for the new Charger, I like it, that nose is going to look pretty imposing when its on someones bumper growling with blue lights flashing into the offending vehicle.

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    Still looks kind of chunky from the profile pic. If they’f raised the roof line somewhat this might’ve been mitigated.

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    that nose is uglier in these shots…

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    I look forward to acquiring two year-old examples riding on factory wheels with bald tires and spacers, mutilated interiors, oddly-missing trim pieces, and extraneous wiring strewn about the trunk.

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      Don’t forget about body panels that are different colors. The minimum amount of sheet metal colors allowed by law on a Dodge Intrepid is three.

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        They wrote a book about the paint condition on Santander repos – Fifty Shades of Grey.

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        How is all that going to happen in just two years? The only way I see it could happen is if an insurance company totals one, and the salvage title voids the remaining warranty. That would still be a quick trashing. Some people I know who are experts in the process usually need at least four years to produce a hazard to other motorists.

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          Whenever you’d like, I’ll happily escort you to ADESA Tampa or Manheim St. Pete and show you how a 12-18-month-old car can be completely obliterated.

          It speaks nothing of the car, but of the recidivist subprime deadbeat who somehow qualified for it.

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            Compaq Deskpro

            I thought you were describing a retired police car acquired from auction, to which I enthusiastically say “yes please”.

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            Firestorm 500

            “Bad credit? No credit? Repos? We can help!!!!!!!! No credit application refused!”

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    They forgot the grille…

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    From looking at the roofline declining over the rear-seat area, the cop-mobile Chargers will be hauling very short perps to the slam.

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    I wonder if those ranting how ugly the new Camry is will be doing the same here.

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    Fiat seems to have influenced Chrysler to produce some strange looking front ends. Nothing is weirder than the Jeep with that bent over grill situated next to tiny headlamps.

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      The big, muscle car era American styling is lost on Fiat designers. The Charger has four doors, so they’re turning it into a staid, full size sedan. When Iacocca was in charge, Neon designers had a sign: “Beat The Civic”. The Fiat designers’ Charger sign reads: “Beat the Avalon”.

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    Is it me or is there an above average number of new or major update models revealed at this New York show? I didn`t think New York got many world previews.

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    That Charger is butt-ugly. I can’t understand the reasoning behind making a full-size car look like the smallest car in the range.

    Isn’t it usually the other way around?

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    I’m really trying to like it, but every time I look at that front end I hear screams, from the dying dodge avenger wanting its front back.

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    Compaq Deskpro

    I love it love it love it, this is what the old SRT Charger’s odd looking gaping black mouth looks like when done right. Can’t wait to see them with a pushbar on them. I’m guessing the cop Chargers will have old fashioned incandescent headlights rather than the LED’s.

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    What’s up with so many new cars having god-awful grilles now a days?

    In the 50s it was grotesque tail fins. In the 2010s its gaping grilles.

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    The 2015 grill makes the 2014 Charger look absolutely stunning. I harped on the Camry too, a royal screw-up in my humble opinion.

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    That empty black maw reminds me of Ray Nitschke.

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    Dammit they ruined the front of these cars…. :-(

    The current generation was just perfectly proportioned and a truly great American sedan design.
    I’ve been lusting for one as my next car but this is such a letdown.

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    Chrysler cars are looking more feminine now. I would not call the charger ugly, just inappropriate

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    I do like the prior car better however I think there is a way one could improve the look of the front end of this Charger: paint the area below the grill body color. Just the strip between the upper and lower grills. The grill would then become two thin pieces and not so damn chunky. Would clean up the front end appearance greatly in my opinion.

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    old fart

    Hate the new look , they ruined it . They should have evolved the look not copied a cheaper car. With the new looks they should have changed the name too .

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      I second the name change. The Charger name should be retired before the small car designers totally ruin the car with a FWD turbo 4 in a body that looks like an enlarged Dart.

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    I see they stuck with the cheap, mis-matched matte window trims. And I do believe this is the only new car left with dog leg door handles.

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