New York 2014: 2015 Dodge Charger

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
new york 2014 2015 dodge charger

Although the 2015 Dodge Charger is largely unchanged mechanically, it gets a whole new look.

SXT V6 models equipped with Rallye Appearance Group gets a power bump to 300 hp and 264 lb-ft of torque due to a cold air intake, an upgraded exhaust and a tweaked ECU. Aside from that, the changes are mostly cosmetic.

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  • Xeranar Xeranar on Apr 17, 2014

    I'm generally of the opinion that turning down the looks actually should draw in new customers. A softer face with a more trendy look may actually help sell it to those who want a fast car without the 'boy racer' gimmicky-ness of the outgoing looks. The original reeked of midlife crisis buyers seeking to find their youth. This car looks beautiful modern in a way that makes me want to test drive it and being 30 is pretty much their target demographic. Spot on Dodge...Spot on.

  • Ajla Ajla on Apr 17, 2014

    If I squint really hard I think I can see some '68 in that front end.

  • El scotto My iPhone gets too hot while using the wireless charging in my BMW. One more line on why someone is a dumbazz list?
  • Buickman yeah, get Ron Fellows each time I get a Vette. screw Caddy.
  • Dusterdude The Detroit 2.5 did a big disservice by paying their CEO’s so generously ( overpaying them ) It is a valid talking point for for the union ) However , the bottom line - The percentage of workers in the private sector who have a defined benefit pension plan is almost non existent - and the reason being is it’s unaffordable ! . This is a a huge sticking point as to have lower tier workers join would be prohibitive ( aside from other high price demands being requested - ie >30% wage gain request ) . Do the math - can a company afford to pay employees for 35 years , followed by funding a pension for a further 30 years ?
  • El scotto Human safety driver? Some on here need a human safety thinker.
  • Carlson Fan Stupid vehicle, that can't do any of the things a truck should be able to do. If I want something fast/quick and sporty I'll get a corvette or a 4 dr sport sedan. Taking a truck & neutering it to try and make it into something it's not is just pointless. But maybe that's the point of this road disaster