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The 2015 Infiniti QX80 joined the 2015 Q70 on stage for its unveiling at the 2014 New York Auto Show.

Under the massive hood lies a 5.6-liter V8 delivering 400 horsepower and 413 lb-ft to all four corners through a seven-speed automatic, while safety tech such as automatic-dipping headlights and Predictive Front Collision Warning System aim to deliver all inside safely to the office.

For those wanting something more exclusive, the QX80 Limited ups the game with 22-inch wheels and ash wood trim to the self-described “man cave,” in addition to the standard entertainment system, high-grade leather and adjustable seating.

No word on how many Limiteds will be built, let alone for how much one will sell, but for the rest of us, the base price may be higher than the $63,695 for the outgoing model when the new SUVs arrive in U.S. showrooms this fall.

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40 Comments on “New York 2014: 2015 Infiniti QX80 Unveiled...”

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    Get it in white, it’s a Beluga whale.

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    Rod Panhard

    It’s the Lady Gaga of the Japanese SUVs.

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    Why does it seem that almost every luxury and near luxury maker uses X, Q, or both, in their CUV/SUV naming taxonomy. How on earth does the average consumer, the 99.5% that don’t read TTAC, keep this alphabet soup straight in their heads.


    And coming soon, the Tesla Model X.

    Is branding creativity really that dead?

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      You forgot XC!

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      Kyree S. Williams

      Don’t forget MKX (although how could you *not* forget it?)

      As per your question, I don’t think that people do keep the taxonomy in their heads, nor do they need to. Things may get confusing in the dealership (“So which one did you like: the MKC, the MKX or the MKT?”), but once the car is home in the driveway, it really isn’t relevant information. The automotive layperson is still generally smart enough to remember the make, model and year of his/her car, and that’s all that matters. “Oh, I drive a 2013 Lexus RX 350.” And that’s it. Does that person know that a GX 460 is a nicer and pricier vehicle? Not necessarily…and he/she wouldn’t need to know it, either.

      P.S: It is a little easier for brands whose models have numbers that indicates hierarchy. Obviously an X5 is “nicer” than an X3, and obviously a QX60 isn’t as “nice” as a QX80.

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      Because in the English language, the letters X, Z and Q have become associated with technology and science for a number of reasons. Marketers know this, thus will use those letters preferentially when coming up with product names.

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      X = Cross

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    Slogan on the wall of the Infiniti design studio ‘Yes, you CAN make it uglier’

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      I think it’s just awesome how with the redesign they still managed to keep the portholes that make it look like you just picked them up from the rack at VatoZone.

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    Jeff Waingrow

    While reactions will vary, can anyone look at this thing for more than a few seconds without developing a migraine?

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    Nice a ghettod out Nissan Armada. Sweet.

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      Kyree S. Williams

      Not really. The current QX56/QX80 is actually a rebadged Nissan Patrol, a car not sold here in the States. It is unclear if the Patrol (and therefore the QX80) and the Armada even share a basic platform.

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        Rod Panhard

        Which is why it is the “Lady Gaga of Japanese SUVs.” Underneath that kookie exterior is a nice girl from Lawwwng EYE_land who is rather plain….Stephanie Germanotta. That the QX56/80 are very popular out there on the Island is no coincidence. Hence, it’s “The Lady Gaga of SUVS.”

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        Even the first large Infiniti SUV’s were not just Pontiaced out Nissan Armada’s ? They sure looked like it they were just blinged out Nissan’s.

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          Kyree S. Williams

          The first ones were chromed and luxed-out Nissans, like the QX4 that was basically a Pathfinder and the first QX56, which was indeed an Armada. This one is a fancy Nissan too; it’s just that the Nissan in question is a car that they don’t sell here in the States.

          (Similarly, the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, which is sold in other markets, dons Lexus styling and becomes our GX 470/460. And of course we know that some cars that are mostly known elsewhere as Hondas have been sold here as Acuras. So it’s not just a Nissan thing.)

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            Nobody will say anything bad about the QX4. Never did nothin bad to nobody! Lol, always liked the styling, two-tone variations, huge fog lamps, gold lettering, and [early] reflective tints.

            Saw one of the restyled (00-04) ones in a parking lot a year or so ago. My mom noticed it and said “Ooh that looks expensive, is that new?” She was surprised it was 9 or 10 years old at least. I think they’ve aged really well.

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          Big Al from Oz

          @Kyree S. Williams
          Infiniti in my mind is just a value adding exercise. Even the Lexus Landcruisers we have here are a value added exercise.

          Because if you want to off road you would want a diesel first off, Lexus doesn’t provide this.

          There are people who use brands as a reason for their existence, the vain look at me types and the retarded brand fanboi’s.

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    Kill it with fire

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    Great! They made it even more hideous than before. I HATE the mesh grille, The horizontal grille looked much better.

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    Back in my Nissan days, employees could lease the QX for something like $400 a month, a solid deal. Now, they’d have to pay me to take one.

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    Compaq Deskpro

    The first gen one looked like a big obnoxious in your face Escalade, and it worked out nicely. This thing is hideous.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    Not that I’m making a statement about either car being a bad choice from a design standpoint, but I can’t believe that people think the QX56/80 looks any less ostentatious or brash than the Escalade.

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    Nice power output, even though its a Fatty Bo-Batty. But decent power, nonetheless.

    How much tweaking of the suspension did they have to do to the Limited model to soften the ride of the massive 22″ wheels? Betcha if it wasn’t so large, potholes would send you crying “mercy” to the chiropractor.

    Look at the mug on this guy. That nose… blech.

    Just mount a sword on the front, and…


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    Big Al from Oz

    We have this but in the Patrol.

    Nissan has made a grave error with this vehicle.

    It doesn’t come in a diesel. Outside of the US and some Middle Eastern oil rich nations diesel is the supreme engine choice for large off road vehicles.

    I don’t know why Nissan just doesn’t bite the bullet and go over to Cummins and ask to have the 5 litre V8 made available for this vehicle.

    Maybe the engine is to heavy? But I do think the next Titan will be heavily based on this SUV.

    A guy at work bought one of these for $56k just a few weeks ago here. Even use that 3 litre Renault V6 diesel and try to tweak a few more kilowatts and newton metres out of it. It should be impossible to get 250hp and over 450ftlb out of the 3 litre diesel.

    So, the demand for the Patrol must be low for a vehicle like this to be sold in Australia for such a low price, considering the recommended price is $82k.

    But, at 14.2 litres per hundred kilometres FE why would you want it? How far can you get up the Tanami?

    Nissan, get a diesel variant soon, you need to if you want to sell quite a few more. Australia used to be Nissan’s largest market for the Patrol, but how many do they sell now?

    A diesel will make this into a excellent off road vehicle instead of just a good off road vehicle.

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      Not a single buyer of this in the United States will use it as an off-road vehicle. A few will use it for towing, where the big gas V8 is handy at highway speeds. Most will just use it to tool around the suburbs.

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        Big Al from Oz

        Many large SUVs are used the same here, to pick up kids from school and to go shopping.

        My sister, does this, but my brother in law does surf, so he takes the kids surfing on beaches.

        The Patrol was a much larger seller in the global markets than this Infiniti will sell in the US.

        In Australia we still have the Y61 Patrol with the 3 litre diesel selling alongside the D22 Navara.

        I think Nissan purposely went out chasing the Landcruiser and Lexus SUVs with this at the expense of the average family guy here.

        That’s a pity. The Patrol sat in many family driveways, but no more.

        But, the new mid sizers are replacing many of the large SUVs, so maybe Nissan made a great move and read the market well.

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    The bump in the hood aids in echolocation.

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    I like the front end better when it had the 1949 Nash Airflyte grille.

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