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For those who wanted an X6 in a smaller package, BMW revealed its new X4 Sports Activity Coupe crossover at the 2014 New York Auto Show.

The X4 can be had as either the xDrive28i for a base entry of $45,625, or for about $3,000 more, the xDrive35i. Both trims come with an eight-speed automatic and all-wheel drive, but the 28i posseseses a 2-liter turbo-four capaable of 240 horsepower under its bonnet, while the 35i makes do with a 300-horsepower I6.

Further enhancements can be had with X4’s M Sport Package, including tighter suspension and unique seats, while its less-useful trunk can be opened with a wave of your foot — perfect for doing the hokey-pokey after a bit of grocery shopping at Whole Foods Market.

Expect the X4 to give it you later this spring.

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9 Comments on “New York 2014: 2015 BMW X4 Live Shots...”

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    Looks like BMW stole the wheels of a Kia Rio

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    To me, the X6 (with its gross caricature of the Bangle Butt) is just about the ugliest thing on the road.

    I won’t judge this one from the photos, but it looks distressingly similar in overall styling.

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    I don’t completely hate it. I would still get a Macan over this though.

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    I just learned today that one of the singularly nicest, sweetest people I ever knew passed back in February. When my father was sent to Korea back in 1975, we had to leave the Army installation we were living in (Karlsruhe) and wound up renting a small apartment owned by a kind German couple. These folks took us in immediately as family and some of the happiest days of my childhood were spent there. I say this as the man of the house was a steadfast owner of BMWs (both automobiles and motorcycles), always driving a white sedan. My introduction to BMW began in the back seat of his 1800, and every successive visit I had with him wound up with a discussion of his BMW (his last was a E36 3-series…and he always owned ones in baser trim). My love for the marquee was fostered by this wonderful man. I am quite sure he is turning over in his grave at what is being currently offered by BMW, and though I still dearly love older BMWs (okay, I’d take a 1 or 2-series still…with manual transmission), I can’t pull myself around to finding much love for most of their newer offerings.

    Rest well, Herr Kuehn. Somewhere in Heaven, you’re riding your old BMW Motorrad through the windy roads of paradise. And awaiting your return from that ride will always be a white, four-door BMW sedan…with cloth interior and a proper manual transmission.

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    So here we have a car (SUV?) where the entire purpose of its existence is the fastback profile. And for pictures we get a bunch of extreme closeups of the gear shifter and the grill and the taillights and wheels and seats and steering wheel, but not even one single picture of the whole car from the side??

    I mean I get when you publish press release photos like on the Dodge reveals, and they are chock full of worthless closeups of the badges and 100 dashboard photos. But you guys took these pics, did you really find the most interesting thing about the car to be the steering wheel, which is apparently the same exact steering wheel used on every other BMW?

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    The X6 has always had the kind of appeal that a female wrestling champion has to me at least. Not to bad in photos, but when you meet her in real life, you realise she’s 7’3″. The X4 looks more like a normal car sized car, so I guess it looks better. The hatchback also makes it sorta practical and aerodynamic, so, now there are absolutely no reasons left to build the X3, not that anyone will miss it…

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    It’s tacky and too expensive, and Sports Activity Coupe is a ridiculous marketing term from Cloud MBA 2.0.

    And if you notice in the close-up of the console, super sloppy stitching on the seats.

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