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As the Acura TL and TSX are both dropped into the crusher of history, their replacement, the production-ready 2015 TLX, took the stage today at the 2014 New York Auto Show.

Having made its world debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show earlier this year, the TLX in New York will retain the former’s beak nose and bejeweled headlamps on its way to the showroom later this year.

As for what future TLX drivers will receive, two engines will put the power to either the front or all four wheels: 2.4-liter four-pot with 206 horsepower and 182 lb-ft of torque through an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission, and 3.5-liter V6 producing 290 horsepower and 267 lb-ft of torque through a nine-speed automatic. The four-cylinder FWD model will be augmented by Acura’s PAWS all-wheel steering system, while the V6 receives the SH-AWD handling system when AWD is selected on the options list. Combined fuel economy is expected to be 28 mpg for the 2.4-liter 4, 25 mpg for both FWD and AWD V6 models.

Inside, drivers will enjoy soft-touch plastics, wood and alloy accenting, leather, Acura’s AcuraLink infotainment system, GPS-linked climate control, and premium stereo sound.

And the price? Acura will make that announcement closer to the launch of the TLX.

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50 Comments on “New York 2014: 2015 Acura TLX Live Shots...”

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    As a new Acura TSX owner there is nothing here that makes me regret my choice. Especially since there is no longer a wagon, let alone a manual.

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    This is really a sharp looking car, however if I were in the Honda faithful I would be upset because this should have been the Accord. Holding back on the good stuff just to upsell your rebadge in a higher brand is reminiscent of a certain bailed out automaker everyone always picks on…

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      Not sure how you figure. I would take Accord over this. The 4-wheel steering and Acura hybrid system do not attract me at all, while Accord has an amazing, astonishing hybrid system with a sadly unfortunate name “eCVT”.

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      Eh, while a bit conservative, the Accord is alright in the design dept. and this, while better than other recent Acura designs, isn’t that great.

      The Mazda6, Optima and Fusion are better overall midsize sedan designs and even look more premium.

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        I prefer my Accord Touring’s styling to this. I’m not real crazy about the C-pillar base, preferring the true Hoffmeister kink of the Accord.

        The interior is likely a half-step above my Accord, but from what I’ve read on the other Honda fanboi sites, it might only be just a little, as there’s some evidence, in their reviewers’ opinions, that the bean-counters have done their homework all too well!

        Also, though my Accord may be the big-cheese version of a family-truckster mid-size, it still has Adaptive Cruise Control and great LED headlights. I’m sure that Collision-Mitigation Braking and some sort of Lane-Keep Assist may make it into the Accord Touring’s MMC for 2016 (though Lord knows what the aforementioned bean-counters may slash in order to do so), stuff that’s on the TLX and the Accord in other markets (which also get the ski pass-through that Honda omitted as a co$t-cutting measure, despite their claims that it was for NVH purposes)!

        I’ve started griping in other threads on here about the loss of the windshield tint “brow” of late by other automakers, and I see that this has crossed over to Acura, so woe be it if my Accord is ever totaled-out; I get to yank the visor down, blocking the view of traffic lights, the instant the sun goes below the windshield! W! T! F???!!

        Disturbingly, too, the Porsche/”baby” Benz/M-series Beemer/Mini trend of the clownish, gorpy, dinky little “smiley” inside mirror has jumped the shark to Acura! Even worse, it’s the “rimless” type, a la GM! First thing I would do if I had the coin for one of these TLXs (not ever likely, as the $420/month for my Accord’s note is at the tippy-top of my comfort range now, but if I could shake it, make mine the 2WD V6 with Advance Package), is to have the dealer retrofit the mirror off a different model; I’m not paying $40K+ to see a mirror “smiling” at me every day!

        And if it hasn’t been mentioned in this thread, Honda is relegating multilink front suspensions to the dustbin of history — unless you wish to spend even more ca$hola on the top-line Acura car, which bears even more of a resemblance to my more plebian Accord. My Accord’s OK in the handling department, bettered only by the Mazda 6 and maybe the Fusion in the segment, but it’s still not as good as in the past! Bean-counters, again! (And if you feel there’s no replacement for displacement, the Accord IS the best-handling V6 in the segment! Sorry Jack, color me skeptical about the Camry SE V6; your Accord will wipe the floor with it, given the extra nose weight in each. And I’ll give up the 2 MPGs over the four-pot for the extra go; mid-30s at 80mph+ with the A/C blasting is plenty good! ;-) )

        I will say, however, that the “Jewel-Eyes” look MUCH better in the single array seen here instead of the stacked arrangement of the RLX!

        Overall, this car shows some of the Honda behaviors that I suspected were being turned around with the Accord home-run and the greatly improved Civic (which is now what it should have been at the outset in 2012)! I hope this is just indicative of the wilderness-wandering of Acura in general, and not what will happen again with Honda as a whole!

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    electric power steering is sub par to what we used to have.

    wishbones, gone in the front.

    no manual transmission.

    This TSX owner is not interested.

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    Wood or “wood?” To my knowledge, no Acura sold in the US has ever had any actual tree in it, even the more expensive MDX, ZDX, and RLX, so it would be pretty strange for them to start here.

    The double screen is still totally idiotic. Infiniti’s double screen is also kind of dumb, but somehow less dumb.

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    Did it really lose DW’s in the front. If so, what’s the point of this car?

    • 0 avatar

      Yes it did.

      This car is on the same platform as the global Accord (which is also OUR Accord). They might sell this one as an Inspire in the rest of the world, if the rest of the world was interested. (Formerly, OUR Accord was the Inspire, and our TSX was the world Accord.)

      See my jeremiad up the thread for my full details!

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    So now’s a good time to get a deal on a manual V6 AWD TL.

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      I had an ’08 TL-S 6MT, which was a great car despite the FWD. If I were to stick with a TL, I would get a leftover SH-AWD 6MT over this. I saw a black one this morning with the post 2012 toned down grille beak…it looked pretty good.

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    I’d take the new Accord over this.

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    I actually like it! The front somewhat reminds me of the 2004-2008 TL, and I love the LED headlights.

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    30-mile fetch

    Not getting any of the love for the exterior design. Sure, if you squint the front end is evocative of the beautiful 2004 TL, but where the TL was chiseled and angular and unique, this is just another blobular high beltline sedan with too much sheet metal, not enough window space, and no decklid.

    It may drive brilliantly but it’s not interesting to look at.

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      @30-mile fetch

      Drive brilliantly? It lost the essence of Honda. Drive brilliantly like a farm tractor – you mean?

      Well ladies and gentlemen, the 04 to 08 TL/TSX just started to appreciate. The last of the good Honda’s have driven off to the sunset.

      You want front DW’s, be prepared to pay $60K for that ‘privilege’. Or buy a Buick Regal GS. Can’t believe it came to that.

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        30-mile fetch

        Take note of the word “may”. I don’t know one way or the other. I’m saying that even if it does drive well I wouldn’t like the styling.

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        “The last of the good Honda’s have driven off to the sunset.”

        That’s what everyone says at every generation. I remember the “last of the good Hondas” talk at the fifth-gen Accord (1997), sixth-gen Civic (2000), sixth-gen Accord (2002) and eight-generation Accord/TSX (2007).

        Honda: where every penultimate model was “the last good one” for twenty five years in a row.

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          If by “good ones” it was meant “ones with wishbones up-front,” it would be the 7th-Gen Accords (2003-2007), as the 8th-Gen was just too big and bloated; the 1996-2000 Civics; and the latest (or 1st-Gen, same as the 7th-Gen Accord) TSX.

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      I know, wasn’t the 2004 just the perfect design? I almost bought one but wanted something with a bit more power.

      Every time I see one of the ’04 TL’s I watch it go down the road, a good friend just bought one (loaded with low miles) from his FedEx pilot buddy and I really enjoy riding in it.

      That side crease that terminates with the amber running light in front and the red one in the rear is just gorgeous.
      Attn to detail was high as well, my other friends 2010 TL is noticeably chintzier on the interior than the 2004.

      While I’m thinking about it though, the “new” Acura really needs to do something about that beak. It’s been toned down but it’s just such an eyesore on their sedans in particular.

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        I have an ’08, the last year of the ’04 design. It’s fully paid off, and being young, stupid and well-paid I can’t help but feel the itch for something new. And then I step out into my driveway and can’t imagine letting go of it. Besides, living in the snow belt and using it mostly as a commuter and a highway car (and rarely on mythical empty two-lane twisties), front-wheel drive is actually a bonus.

        I suspect I’m gonna keep this car running for a long, long time.

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          Welcome to my world. Just insert BMW for Acura, and E46 for ’04, and RWD for FWD.

          Oft the new ones AREN’T better… matter what your fanboi loyalty. Having watched both BMW and Honda lose their path, it is a sad thing.

          My 08 MDX has the beak nose, but it looked good on a huge truck. The later versions, and the scale down for cars, not so much.

          • 0 avatar

            Haha – I used to have an E46 330ci. I adored that car with all of my being. I sold it when I moved to Manhattan and couldn’t justify keeping a car. It was the dream car for a young, single kid, and I don’t think that BMW’s made a better one since.

            Maybe I should stop buying cars – whenever I do, the company starts to suck.

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        I liked it when they added the LED >> blinker arrows at the back to the TL. When was that? Had to be between 06-08.

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    As a 2011 TSX Wagon owner I’m glad I bought what I did when I did.

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    Well, that new version of the DI 2.4l should be put in the Civic Si and Accord Sport immediately.

    Why do Honda/Acura’s LED headlights look so amateurish compared to everyone else? Five gormless looking cheap Chinese “bulbs” per side, yessir, they’ll light the way. Not a fan, though no doubt the rest of the car will be solid if the Accord is anything to go by.

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    For some reason it comes across as a very cheapened, squared and lined off jaguar to me if you cover the beak nose.

    • 0 avatar

      “beak nose” is actually a really appropriate way to describe the front of current Acuras. Certainly more beak than grille. Insert crow noise: cawwwwww.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    It’s once enough, but I don’t need AWD and so can’t find a compelling reason to purchase this over an Accord Touring…

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    As a very long time Acura owner (19 of the 21 past years), I’d like to be impressed by at least one of these three attributes: mileage, power or looks. Ideally, all three. Sadly, I’m not sure this ticks even one.

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    The new Accord sedan looks very good both in pictures and in person. This TLX isn’t bad but I think it should be more Accord like.

    Getting a luxury car should be about getting a normal car plus something better. It doesn’t have to be something gimmicky or radically different. Merely being quieter, or better build quality, reliability, or athleticism would suffice.

    In my opinion the luxury makes got bored and so try to do all sorts of stuff that doesn’t add much to the driving experience, and just adds costs. And everybody laps it up and furthers the charade. Witness the 3 series and Q50 as examples.

    • 0 avatar

      Especially the Q50, IMHO! The old G was near-as-dammit to a front-drive Beemer for a touch less as a car could be.

      Of course, BMW lost the plot with the 3 years ago!

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    Car Ramrod

    The new TLX raises only one question for me, and that’s “How much does a 08 TL type S go for these days?”

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    Pretty much what is to be expected from Acura. Not breaking any design or engineering records. Hopefully they fixed the interior bits in the car. Come down to Florida and check out a 2 or 3 year old Acura. All the pieces on the dash that are frequently touched look old and used. Like the silver coating is just rubbed off like its a 15 or 20 year old car. Lexus had the same issue in the mid 90’s with the dash bits melting off.

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    We have our first Acura/Honda with a center stack worthy of 2010+!!! I was on pins and needles wondering if they were going to add a third screen, instead of the current trend of just two.

    Now Acura just needs somebody to focus on the 1) grilles, 2) steering wheels (comedy), and 3) headlights (comedy-squared).

  • avatar

    Still with the beak…

  • avatar

    Fake wood.
    Fake plastiluminum.
    RLX styling at 68% magnification.

    What’s not to love? Acura is just not doing it for me these days. Premium Honda versions age more gracefully. I used to really dig Acura, between about 04-09*. The last of the old RL and stylish CL Type-S and then the new RL, and the original MDX were all brilliant, along with the nice-wedgey TL.

    *Did not like the TSX ever during this time. Too heavy steering and jerky on-center pull, and rode rough and loud.

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    OK I am well qualified to talk about this. Drive 2012 TSX wagon and spent few days in RLX loaner.

    This car will drive like a dream – fast, tight, supple. It won’t have great mileage – maybe 23mpg on average as shown by its computer. The interior noise will be accented by tire noise, usual for Honda.

    At some point you will wonder why the hell you need such low profile tires because you cannot really whip this car around due to lack of feedback and overwhelming overthinking on the part of the computer as to what throttle setting you deserve. You will make your final conclusion when that $250 tire blows up in a pothole. You will look sad on the side of the road because they stopped putting spares in and the standard goo-pump cannot fix your blown up tire. You will question why you decided to cheapen out on a spare tire that’s a $700! extra.

    There will be no feel in the steering wheel so you gotta rely on your visuals alone in the turns. If it has PAWS you may be surprised by some things it would do to the car in the turns, like shifting the whole car to the side a bit. So you won’t be taking the turns any faster than in a Volvo 240 (my other car).

    It may or may not make clanking noises from suspension when hitting bumps – depending respectively on whether it followed TSX or RLX suspension more closely. Yes, TSX suspension hits potholes better than RLX.

    It will continue to use that steering wheel with major ergonomic flaws. Start with those huge phone buttons that you hit with the thumb occasionally. If it has those little dial wheels for audi and scrolling, like on RLX, you will be hitting those too with your hands as you try to spin the wheel. The side spokes are too high – your shoulders will feel it. It’s a bit too thick.

    It may not be the most quality-built car you ever drove. Thinking about the tire pressure monitor alarm that my TSX gets daily on average. Acura tackled this problem in service four times so far with zero success. You may need to resurface the rotors at about 25K miles. They will cover under warranty but then you wonder – aren’t my rotors thinner now and more prone to warping? Isn’t this what the warranty supposed to address?

    It will be scratched all over – that paint has no durability at all, forget your children rubbing their coats against it occasionally.

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    I just read through the entire thread, and not a single positive comment. And people now love the previously despised 2nd gen TSX and 4g TL? It makes me wonder if the backlash is more about the Acura brand than the cars they are producing.

    • 0 avatar

      I think people loved the cars from the inside. The damn can-opener beak was hideous. It got nerfed a good bit over the years, but first impressions are lasting impressions.

      I could see myself in a 2011-14 TL 6MT SHAWD (the seat time I’ve spent in one was luxurious), but automatics (and all the fancy lettering like DCT, DSG, TCT, doesn’t hide what it still is at heart) don’t turn me on.

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