The Knives Come Out For Writer Who Refers To Blogging Mommy As Mommy Blogger

Jack Baruth
by Jack Baruth
the knives come out for writer who refers to blogging mommy as mommy blogger

Here at TTAC, we have a job that consists solely of standing behind me every day and whispering “Remember, you are pro tem.” The EIC of Autoblog, John Neff, had no such reminder, but when he “retired” he turned out to be kinda pro tem anyway. His replacement is Sharon Silke Carty, who refers to herself in her Twitter caption as someone who “balances the glamor of auto reporting with the glamor of motherhood.”

When Carscoops’ John Halas referred to her as a “mommyblogger”, however, he learned in a hurry that there are some lines you don’t cross.

The article in question seems like pretty mild stuff to me, but let’s be forthright for a minute: although I was the Diversity Chairman for Dodds Hall in my days at university, in the twenty-plus years since then I’ve had a lot of time in the so-called “real world” and that time has scrubbed the insta-outrage out of my system. Unfortunately for Mr. Halas, there are still plenty of wow-just-wow types in this business and the minute he made the mistake of calling Ms. Carty a “mommyblogger” the knives came out.

It’s nice that there are still guys who enthusiastically expose their sexism to the world at large and try to pass it off as humor…

You can’t lurk behind “it’s a joke,” when the focus is so obviously sexist, and for no reason…

She’s not a blogger, let alone a “mommy blogger.” You start with a complete factual inaccuracy…

If the author of this lazy, sexist grotesquerie was truly confused as to who Sharon Silke Carty is, he could have asked any prominent person in the world of car writing–a set that clearly excludes him–every one of whom would have told him that she’s a top notch journalist, writer, editor, and person, and none of whom would have made such snide, baseless assaults on her character…

I’m trying to find something to measure how stupid this post is. Nope. Can’t find anything. I don’t think the measuring device exists. Sharon Carty is an accomplished journalist, one of the best in the business…

And finally, saying in as indignant tone as possible (as if that can really be conveyed), “I mentioned her credentials in the post” smacked solidly of “I’m not a racist! I have black friends!”

As Maurice White once sang, “Yow.” Meanwhile, Ms. Carty was busy thanking her defenders:

As is often the case in the autojouro-cum-PR scene, everybody seems to be reading from the same script, but I’m having a trouble finding a copy of it. Is “mommyblogger” some kind of deadly insult? If so, then why do so many women call themselves “mommybloggers”? Are we to understand that the grand business of reprinting press releases is so majestic that it must not be tainted by conflating it with blogging about children and/or parenting? If someone chooses to refer to themselves as an autowriter/mother combination, is it beyond the pale to also refer to them as such? My Twitter description is, and has always been, “Writer, auto racer, musician, father, inveterate bad guy, hopeless romantic.” So if someone had written, “TTAC Loses Bertel Schmitt, Gains A Hopelessly Romantic Father At Its Helm” would anybody have cared in the least, including me?

Mr. Halas is in the process of learning that you simply cannot apologize quickly or profusely enough to obtain the forgiveness of people who derive their identities from being easily offended. When the person who is nominally being offended is also someone who has the power to hire in an industry known for lack of full-time employment, the indignation ratchets up by a factor of ten. As gratifying as it is to defend someone against sexism, it’s far more gratifying to do it in a manner which burnishes one’s resume and/or ability to get an article published at HuffPo. Which just goes to show: you can do anything you want in this business, as long as you don’t stand between a blogger, mommy or not, and the buffet.

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  • U mad scientist U mad scientist on Feb 25, 2014

    And predictably the same people who used to think using the n-word was ok, still probably think using the fa-word for the gays is ok, and probably will continue to believe by dressing down the womenfolk they "don't mean nothing by it". It's like the Paula Dean support network in action. Jack of all people should understand how words work well enough to know substituting these other ones in the same article wouldn't fly. To be clear, a certain amount of slack is afforded a comedic context, so there's no real reason to make a martyr of Halas for fear they come for you next. But on the other hand, Carty misses an opportunity to do some cutting of her own which is unfortunate because the knives in question have been so dull. "Daddyblogger", really? Might as well use "Cracker" or "Straighter than an arrow" next time.

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    • U mad scientist U mad scientist on Feb 26, 2014

      @koshchei > She could go “edgy” by calling them fat, middle-aged, buffet-table frequenting man-children who live vicariously through automobiles that they’ll never in their lifetimes be able to afford, and only get to drive once if they promise to write something nice. Sick. Thumbs up.

  • 3Deuce27 3Deuce27 on Mar 01, 2014

    Wow! So much to like about this post, Jack. Thoughtful, well founded opinion piece, that is not just another TTAC re-post of Automotive News daily output. There is a lesson or a message to just about everyone one in that piece. Kudos Some auto bloggers and others on internet driven sites, are a jealous, spiteful, bunch, much like architects, automotive designers, artists, writers, musicians, and critics of any venue ad absurd-um. Spiteful comments, no matter how couched, do not add any valuable content to any discussion. It is just stupid noise.

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