Infiniti Teases QX80, Reveal Due in March

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

What would the automotive world be without an endless set of teasers for upcoming vehicles (and the attendant websites which report on them *looks around and shuffles feet*)? This time, Infiniti is keen on offering a few creative angles of a new variant of their upcoming jumbo SUV, the QX80.

Ahead of an official debut on March 20, these images show bits and pieces of the next QX80 covered in eye-crossing camouflage, though a few details stand out as clues to what this behemoth will look like on dealer lots. Up front, there’s plenty of similarity in its front fascia to the QX Monograph show car which appeared at the tony Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance just last year. That machine had all manner of slick lighting such as an activating sequence which ran from behind the grille outwards to each daytime running lamp. 

It’s tough to tell if this feature is ported to the production vehicle but the upper grille area here looks near-identical to the show car, though the openings just south of the capped strip of brightwork seem more closed-off than the concept. Here’s hoping they are not. Around back, taillights which totally no-siree definitely don’t look like anything from the Mercedes EQ line of vehicles span the car from one side to the other. Our own Corey Lewis, who generally hates everything, may at least appreciate the heckblende style adopted here. Or not.

Also appearing to take notes from the world’s electric vehicles are the QX80’s door handles, units which seem to be flush with the body of this SUV colossus. Other details like the fuel filler cap (read: hard points that are expensive to change) mimic what’s found on the existing QX80, leading one to imagine there’s a fair share of the old SUV under this new clothing. Nissan is an old hand at successfully pulling this off; look to the current Frontier as Exhibit A of this approach.

Through the 2023 calendar year, Infiniti sold 12,696 QX80 SUVs. In contrast, Cadillac sold 41,489 Escalade SUVs over the same time period with the Yukon shifting roughly double that number and Suburban contributing another 51,820 sales.

[Images: Infiniti]

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Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

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  • Rochester Rochester on Feb 28, 2024

    The awesome Infiniti G series saved this company 20 years ago, but they are right back on track to obsolescence. (yawn)

  • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Feb 29, 2024

    Spare us the sneak peeks and breathless reveal of ugly. Just reveal it at the Sioux City Auto Show. Just don't put it next to the corn combine.

  • IBx1 I had high hopes but forgot that people from Alabama live in Alabama
  • AZFelix Any chance of show casing a 4-door Sunfire of 2002 vintage, when they were still selling sedans?
  • Jalop1991 You do realize, you can get a $1 lease payment on any vehicle from any manufacturer, for any term.Just make a big enough "down payment". But hey, at least you have bragging rights, right?I keep seeing this insanity being marketed. "Polestar, only $399 month!" (with a huge "down payment"). Are people really this stupid?$7500 to enter into a lease just so you can say "but the payment is only $559!"??? Good God. And when some car full of Kia Boyz slams into you and totals it as you drive it off the lot, what then? The dealership will laugh at you as they count your $7500 and you stand there on the street looking like a fool.Why do people who lease, put any money down on a depreciating and very easily totalled asset like a car?
  • EngineerfromBaja_1990 A friend from college had its twin (2003 Cavalier 2dr) which fittingly re-named the Cacalier. No description needed
  • Lorenzo GM is getting out of the car biz, selling only trucks, EVs and the Corvette. They're chasing the bigger margins on lower volume, like the dealer trying to sell a car for $1 million: "I just have to sell one!"