Right Spec: 2025 Ram 1500

Tim has a first drive of the revamped 2025 Ram 1500 coming soon, so with that in mind we thought it an opportune time to grab some Google SEO traffic build on the theme and include it in our alarmingly irregular Right Spec series.

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Toyota Prices 2024 Land Cruiser, Starts $55,950

After a small hiatus, the Toyota Land Cruiser returns for 2024, occupying a slightly different spot on the food chain than its forebear.

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Chevrolet Adds Trail Boss to Silverado HD

It’s a great time to be a fan of burly off-road pickup trucks from the Bowtie brand. With multiple flavors of dirt road fun in three different sizes, Chevy has covered just about all bases.

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Big Meats: Jeep Offers 35-Inch Tires on 2-Door Wrangler

If you’ve been putting off picking up a new Wrangler just because Jeep doesn’t offer the Xtreme 35 Tire Package on two-door models of the Rubicon and Willys, you have officially run out of excuses.

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2024 Lexus GX Priced From $64,250

The delightfully angular new Lexus GX, planned for deliveries early next year, has been given a price tag by the company’s pencil-necked accountants. While a roughly $4,000 walk from the starting cost of last year’s rig, the extra cheddar buys a far better vehicle.

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Toyota Re-Launched Land Cruiser “70” in Japan

But we can all go pound sand in North America, unfortunately. Such are the joys – and challenges – of our global marketplace. Nevertheless, off-road gearheads in other parts of the world will be able to avail themselves of this tremendously square beast, showing up for duty with a 2.8L turbodiesel.

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Ford Ranger Raptor Set for Q1 2024

Most of us figured out long ago that, if we complain enough, it’s possible to get what we want. Off-road gearheads on this side of the pond (including this author) whined expressed an interest in the last-gen Ranger Raptor but that truck stayed on the other side of the pond. Now, we have a date for the ’24 model in America: The first quarter of 2024.

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Nissan Hikes Armada Price Tag for 2024

The jumbo Nissan Armada has a higher entry-level price point for 2024 compared to last year – but it would be tough to solely blame inflation for this cost hike. Rather, customers should know the brand simply decided to bin a (relatively) low volume base trim.

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Retro Styling Kit Appears for the Toyota Tacoma

If you’ve always wanted your last-gen Toyota Tacoma to look like a Land Cruiser from the 1980s, a company based in Japan has just the solution for you.

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The Right Spec: 2024 Ford Ranger

The midsizer from Dearborn was overhauled for the 2024 model year, introducing sorely needed updates to its interior and new styling plus an improved choice of powertrains. This makes it a decent selection for our Right Spec series – at least until someone at Toyota deems us all worthy of a build-n-price tool for the Land Cruiser.

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Ineos Starts Production of Grenadier for North America

Moneyed types in this country who’ve been pining for the spiritual successor to Land Rover’s old-school Defender will be gratified to learn the first series production Grenadier models for North America have started rolling off Ineos Automotive’s factory floor.

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Build & Price Appears for 2024 Ford F-150

A revamping of this nation’s best-selling vehicle (well, the half-ton portion of those numbers, anyway) is always worth a few words. The build-and-price tool for the 2024 Ford F-150 is now live, meaning we can poke around in what Ford asserts is a streamlined ordering process in which the number of buildable combinations has been cut by 90 percent compared to last year.

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Jeep Gifts Wrangler Updates to Gladiator

In what’s likely the most obvious move this year other than the Blackhawks taking Connor Bedard in the NHL draft*, Jeep has announced they are applying to the Gladiator nearly all the same updates its close cousin, the Wrangler, earned a few months ago.

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Nissan Hints at Hardbody Revival

We know there are more than a few members of the B&B who look upon the era of small trucks with no small amount of fondness. Nissan Hardbody, Toyota Pickup, Mitsu Mighty Max – they all hold a place in the minds of many.

Nissan seems to be on the cusp of reintroducing something with the Hardbody name, releasing this image just the other day and promising answers next week.

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Toyota Adds Nightshade, Factory Lift to Tundra for 2024

The Big T is adding new trims and options to its Tundra half-ton pickup truck for the 2024 model year, including an expansion of the TRD Off-Road package to its snazzy Platinum-grade 4x4 and extending the availability of the murdered-out Nightshade trim. Of greater interest to this author? A new TRD 3-inch suspension lift kit can now be installed at the factory.

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  • Daniel J Until we get a significant charging infrastructure and change times get under 10 minutes, yes
  • Mike I own 2 gm 6.2 vehicles. They are great. I do buy alot of gas. However, I would not want the same vehicles if they were v6's. Jusy my opinion. I believe that manufacturers need to offer engine options for the customer. The market will speak on what the consumer wants.For example, I dont see the issue with offering a silverado with 4cyl , 6 cyl, 5.3 v8, 6.2 v8, diesel options. The manufacturer will charge accordingly.
  • Mike What percentage of people who buy plug in hybrids stop charging them daily after a few months? Also, what portion of the phev sales are due to the fact that the incentives made them a cheaper lease than the gas only model? (Im thinking of the wrangler 4xe). I wish there was a way to dig into the numbers deeper.
  • CEastwood If it wasn't for the senior property tax freeze in NJ I might complain about this raising my property taxes since most of that tax goes to the schools . I'm not totally against EVs , but since I don't drive huge miles and like to maintain my own vehicles they are not practical especially since I keep a new vehicle long term and nobody has of yet run into the cost of replacing the battery on an EV .
  • Aquaticko Problem with PHEV is that, like EVs, they still require a behavioral change over ICE/HEV cars to be worth their expense and abate emissions (whichever is your goal). Studies in the past have shown that a lot of PHEV drivers don't regularly plug-in, meaning they're just less-efficient HEVs.I'm left to wonder how big a battery a regular HEV could have without needing to be a PHEV.