Volvo XC Coupe Concept Unveiled Prior to 2014 Detroit Auto Show Debut

TTAC Staff
by TTAC Staff
volvo xc coupe concept unveiled prior to 2014 detroit auto show debut

The second of three concepts hinting at Volvo’s new styling direction, the XC Coupe Concept has been unveiled ahead of its official debut at next week’s 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

The Sino-Swedish two-door seats four, rides on 21-inch wheels under heavily accentuated wheel arches, and boasts a taller roofline while the distance between the dashboard and front axle helps emphasize the muscularity that could end up on the upcoming XC90.

Of course, Volvo wouldn’t be Volvo if they didn’t have a few safety concepts on-board. Thus, the XC Concept possesses an IntelliSafe 360-degree camera system up front, paired with Surround Radar mounted in the rear bumper. Internally, the framework is composed of high-strength boron steel used to form structures with advanced decoupling methods, improving upon safety while shrinking the size of the vehicle overall.

The concept is the second of three to demonstrate not only Volvo’s new design language — the first being the Concept Coupé, which debuted at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show — but also the automaker’s new Scalable Product Archecture, which will underpin the entire range in time.

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  • Ryoku75 Ryoku75 on Jan 08, 2014

    Yay, 2-Doors, who cares? I just want my slab sides and boxiness back, we already have decent, reasonably priced 2-Doors on the market.

  • 3Deuce27 3Deuce27 on Jan 09, 2014

    Looks perfectly normal for 'perfectly' normal people. Actually, not bad, but the Volvo grille emblem and slash has to go.

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