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Volvo XC Coupe Concept 01

The second of three concepts hinting at Volvo’s new styling direction, the XC Coupe Concept has been unveiled ahead of its official debut at next week’s 2014 Detroit Auto Show.


The Sino-Swedish two-door seats four, rides on 21-inch wheels under heavily accentuated wheel arches, and boasts a taller roofline while the distance between the dashboard and front axle helps emphasize the muscularity that could end up on the upcoming XC90.

Of course, Volvo wouldn’t be Volvo if they didn’t have a few safety concepts on-board. Thus, the XC Concept possesses an IntelliSafe 360-degree camera system up front, paired with Surround Radar mounted in the rear bumper. Internally, the framework is composed of high-strength boron steel used to form structures with advanced decoupling methods, improving upon safety while shrinking the size of the vehicle overall.

The concept is the second of three to demonstrate not only Volvo’s new design language — the first being the Concept Coupé, which debuted at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show — but also the automaker’s new Scalable Product Archecture, which will underpin the entire range in time.

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17 Comments on “Volvo XC Coupe Concept Unveiled Prior to 2014 Detroit Auto Show Debut...”

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    Finally! An automaker realizes there’s still a demand for 2-door models.

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    I agree, 2 door models are needed. The only one that’s around is the Landrover Evoque. Not everyone who wants a SUV/CUV is the typical soccer mom.

    I want to like this model but it’s not hitting the mark. Maybe if it wasn’t drab gray.

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    Da Coyote

    I like it.

    A lot.

    Perhaps I missed it, but will it have an AWD option?

    And – the Germans should learn and learn well…this car is beautiful.

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    WOW a future C30? Only problem I see is its too high off the ground (21″ wheels? Really?). My question is this a CUV or a coupe? Not interested in any CUVs. And we all know when this finally launches it will magically become a four door. Nobody sells (buys?) 2 door coupes unless they are “sports” cars.

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    And now we see another two-door-allroad-amc-eagle-spirit concept car. I like where this is headed, and it would suit my needs perfectly.

    But it’s a Volvo, so by the time you add the equipment to make it an actual luxury car, it will be as expensive as a real luxury car that has a better badge – and not made with FWD transverse origins by a Chinese-owned company on a single-platform-fits-all methodology.

    Where’s my Audi?

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      Kyree S. Williams

      I *am* seeing more of those Audi allroad wagons in my area…which is pretty cool.

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      You mean the standard, high quality leather that Mercedes Benz and BMW charge $1,500+ for on most of their ranges? Or is the MB-Tex and Leatherette you get from the German’s a legitimate luxury touch? Base Audi leather has been confused for fake leather in the press before as well. Or the real aluminum trim pieces that a lot of the other guys substitute with silver plastic. With the rest of the materials in the Volvo’s being top notch, and well screwed together. Included service? Audi does your first, and Merc doesn’t do anything for free. Seriously, the standard features list of an S60 compares incredibly well against the German’s, especially when you start looking at the options prices.

      Have you actually compared Volvo to their competition? It’s not a snarky question, it’s a genuine curiosity. Most people who actually look at a Volvo when shopping have nice things to say about it. Those who shovel hate upon them haven’t actually spent very much time near/in them. It might actually help to actually learn about the competition before you complain about it.

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    The Volvo EX35 or whatever obscure Q name Infiniti calls it now. Will no doubt have one of Volvo’s new 4 cylinder turbo engine and a drawbar hitch so that the gentleman urban farmer can make good use of the 21 inch rims with trail-rated chunky tires pulling a toy plow up and down the cherry tomato beds. Guided automatically by a combo of Google Earth and GPS, with cross traffic alert to warn of errant robot lawnmowers and 360 degree cameras to catch realtime movies of dangerous garden pests.

    Reality in car design no longer exists, it seems to me. 21 inch rims increase dynamic inertia, increase acceleration times and make tires cost about $800 each, if you’re lucky. Aspiration meets foppy rimless glass Swedish designers in Wonderland.

    Probably sell like crazy.

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      Looking at concept sketches of past Volvos I have to agree, don’t forget that modern cars aren’t made for people.

      They’re made, designed, and focus tested for high net worth millenial individuals with an affinity for art, exotic coffee, sometimes called “Digital Natives”:

      “For digital natives — those born after 1990 – touchscreens and social connectivity are taken for granted. Not satisfied with the passive consumer role, they want to be part of the story. In user communities they share information and take an active part in finding creative solutions. Modifying electronic devices or using IT to communicate and interact with others is exciting and emotionally rewarding for them. It makes their interests even more rewarding for them personally, much as it did with previous generations and their own contemporary technologies.”

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        In addition to “Digital Natives” those individuals are also known in some circles as “D-bags”.

        Seriously though a rewarding feeling from hacking/re-purposing tech is one thing, but if “using IT to communicate and interact with others is exciting and emotionally rewarding for them” is really true then my theory about Gen Y and mercury poisoning is probably true.

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          What is your theory on Gen Y and Mercury?

          Its true that people from Gen Y are far too involved with socializing over the internet, at least I think. If you have friends thats awesome, but hardly anyones going to pay attention to random room shots unless if cats are involved.

          BTW That large quote was from a Nissan press release, the company that gave us the Murano convertible no one wanted.

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    BRZ shooting brake concept, where art thou?

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    Yay, 2-Doors, who cares? I just want my slab sides and boxiness back, we already have decent, reasonably priced 2-Doors on the market.

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    Looks perfectly normal for ‘perfectly’ normal people. Actually, not bad, but the Volvo grille emblem and slash has to go.

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