Stellantis/UAW Deal Spills Tea on Future Product

Matthew Guy
by Matthew Guy

One of the most common refrains from automaker PR departments is “we cannot comment on future product.” Fortunately, the recent agreement between Stellantis and the UAW blew the doors wide open on that particular topic – at least for the Auburn Hills company.

A document detailing a slew of finer points about the agreement has been posted to the Web, diving into deep detail about everything from finances to product plans. While it remains an excellent idea for our man Matt Posky to continue expertly parsing minutae of the former, our fancy-pants Managing Editor has permitted observation of the latter by this writer.

And, as the above screencap shows, there’s plenty to observe. News of an all-new midsize truck bound for the recently shuttered Belvidere plant has been reported in the past, though this document places an exclamation point on timing and volume – calendar year 2027 and about 100,000 units. For reference, Jeep has sold approximately 42,000 Gladiators through the first three quarters of this year (vs 60k-ish this time last year).

From there, things get infinitely more detailed – and interesting. According to this, the current Wrangler and aforementioned Gladiator will continue until 2028 with a PHEV upgrade in 2025. When it appears, the next-gen Wrangler is apparently going to include a BEV and REPB, which means full-electric and range-extender variants. If you really want to roll your eyes at marketing fluff, know that REPB stands for ‘Range Electric Paradigm Breaker’ in internal Stellantis-speak. Oof.

Both models of Wagoneer – regular and grand – will continue into 2028 with a refresh in ’25, with a REPB variant planned for that same year and a BEV two annums hence. Strangely, the brand is planning for another refresh of the Wagoneer/Grand Wagoneer in 2027. Gotta keep up with the Joneses, I guess.

On the pickup truck side of the house, we find mention that the DS-code Ram 1500 pickup truck (read: the Ram Classic which was introduced in 2009) may depart after 2024. That is the same year in which we’ll get mid-cycle action on the DT-code Ram 1500 plus BEV and REPB models. Notably, confirmation of the STLA Frame architecture is noted for the latter two trucks.

Plans for the Detroit Assembly plant include a Durango through 2024 at which time there may be a year’s hiatus whilst new ICE and BEV models are prepped using the same Durango name. Good. Two-row and three-row Grand Cherokees are good to ’27 and ’28, respectively; both will see mid-cycle action next year.

[Images: Stellantis, UAW]

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Matthew Guy
Matthew Guy

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  • Lou_BC Lou_BC on Nov 06, 2023

    Ram Classic has to go. Especially with the end of the "hemi ". No need for it.

  • MRF 95 T-Bird MRF 95 T-Bird on Nov 06, 2023

    I’m kind of surprised that the current Durango is going to be available through 2025 since it was based on the previous generation Grand Cherokee which went away last model cycle. Nonetheless they still sell a fair number of them because they are traditional SUV that’s sized a bit larger than Grand Cherokee or Explorer but smaller than a full size Tahoe or Wagoneer.