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2015 Ford Focus

Three years ago, Ford unveiled the third-generation Focus to the excitement of American enthusiasts who thought the second-generation model lacked “zazz,” to say the least. Come 2015, the Focus will have a new face, and that’s only the beginning.

Debuting at the Geneva Auto Show in March, the 2015 Focus not only has a new, more Aston-Martinesque mouth — bringing it in line with the Fiesta and Fusion — but also a reshaped hood, front spoiler, and rear bumper. Inside, the “mobile phone”-inspired morass of buttons on the current model will soon be replaced by a more sensible, conventional layout featuring updated climate controls.

For the big gun of the collection, the Focus ST is expected to have more aggressive bodywork than the rest of the Focus lineup, along with improvements to the suspension and steering for sharper handling.

Under the hood, however, engine options will be carried-over into the 2015 model year, ranging from the 1-liter EcoBoost pumping out a minimum of 98 horsepower at the low-end, to the 247-horsepower 2-liter monster under the ST. Russian, Chinese and Brazilian markets will see 1.5-liter gasoline and diesel compliance engines as part of their engine choices.

Green enthusiasts will be pleased to know that plug-in variant (in the vein of the C-Max Energi) is in the offing; thus, expect a similar total output of 192 horsepower from its combined electric/gasoline power with 20 miles of electric-only travel. The all-electric Focus will still be available, as well.

The price of admission should more or less hold for 2015, so expect to pay anywhere from around $17,000 to $35,000 depending on model of choice

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62 Comments on “New Face of 2015 Ford Focus Revealed...”

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    Too bad there’s not a 2dr coupe.

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    Aww look they took it to the orthodontist to get braces put on.

    The headlamps are too deeply inset, and the slope of the hood at the very front makes it look like a derpy fish. Dislike.

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    At first glance, it looks like the Focus Electric. But reading the new features, yeah, this is a redesign.

    With the second generation, it’s a bummer it didn’t sell well. When I was in elementary school and it first came out, my mom and I went to the Ford place and test drove it. Sure I was 4’8″ or something, but the backseat felt incredibly roomy, and if it had a higher ride height, we might’ve purchased it. It has an important factor the third generation doesn’t have: reliability.

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    looks like an Asian Carp.

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    What are the odds that they are bringing back the wagon for me and all the Molly Maids?

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    I replaced my old Jetta a year ago, and out of pure luck inherited a terrifically-maintained Audi from a friend. If that hadn’t occurred, I was seriously considering a Focus. (Compact sporty-ish sedan is my calling).

    I had two hesitations with the Focus. The lower grille looked not good – those black triangles… something. This is a very nice looking one. Problem eliminated. (Though to be fair, this car looks just a bit less mature somehow, though I wouldn’t go as far as calling it fish-y or carp-y).

    The second hesitation was the miles and miles of inroad the front console made toward me. Didn’t get to the point of deciding whether that was deal-breaker, but i surely hope it has been fixed as well.

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    Looks better. I hope one of the ST steering improvements is a 5′ reduction in turning circle.

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      No kidding. By far my biggest complaint. Inconvenient for most, but living in Boston it has become downright annoying.

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      Anything with the 18″ wheels has a steering limiter. The handling package Titaniums and the STs have an extra 4′ in their turning circle. Gotta have room for for the 18 x 8 wheels and 235 wide rubber. It would be nice if you didn’t have to 3 point turn everywhere in a compact car though.

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        I didn’t know that–something new to add to my already-long list of reasons to spurn big wheels.

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          I think my GTI was 200 lbs lighter with winter tires and wheels on it. Those 18″ Huffs/Detroits were HEAVY.

          I have been very happy with downsizing wheels for winter tires overall. I don’t miss the 20s on our MKT at all. The 3″ drop to 17s has been the most pronounced driveability change in a car I’ve ever owned. It went from being scary in winter (Goodyear RS-As are partly to blame) to a snow warrior.

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    Dirk Stigler

    This looks like the ST nose with a chrome grill instead of the black honeycomb. Even the headlamps are the same. You sure this is an official photo?

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    If the Fusion was Aston DB-inspired, then this is all Cygnet ;)

    In the interest of only asking for what will realistically happen: Ford, please bring the US every version of this except the actual 5-door wagon. We Americans will never buy such a Euro Commiemobile and it will surely cannibalize Escape sales because we’re all fat and blind and want to sit up high. Sincerely, a longtime shareholder who still hasn’t bought a Ford product yet, but would honestly write a check tomorrow for a Fusion (or even Focus) Ecoboost wagon. You can hold me to that. I’ve been waiting a decade for Ford’s lineup to slowly get better (and it has) but everything I specifically want has been bypassed in the purest and most justified sense of the Internet car complainer cliche.

    It doesn’t have to be brown or manual, either!

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    The headlights and the current Euro models. The rest clearly looks like the ST that someone slapped the ford badge on.

    I’ll be waiting for the release pictures.

    Interesting on the engine line. 1.5L makes no difference to Russians as to being a “compliance engine” they get taxed on horsepower not engine displacement.

    Diesel engines are not sold usually in Russia ( most brands only offer gasoline engines). Try starting one at -25c or -30c its not fun even in good working order.

    Currently Russia gets the same 2.0L the US gets, and the 1.6. Gas is super cheap ( about us prices ) and diesel is still high in sulfur which limits the availability of modern European diesel engines ( they wont get uniform 10ppm diesel until 2016 ) .

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    I’m glad to see that Ford is stepping up to compete with their biggest European competitor, the VW Golf. As a current VW GTI owner, I think its refreshing to see a manufacturer actually have a color palete. VW/Audi/BMW/M-B typically have only 5 shades of grey (black, white, silver, dark grey, light grey) and red.

    • 0 avatar

      As a fellow VW owner, I feel more like I’m inside a 50 Shades of Gray spinoff.

      He grasped the heater core tubes firmly with his soft, but masculine, hands. Its wispy knuckle hairs worked their way into the spring hose clamps and were torn free from their confines, eliciting a guttural whimper that only encouraged the car to go a step further. As he pulled the hose free, it’s slick, pinkish fluid coated his bloodied fingers. He pressed on, removing the clamps and hoses from the output side and then grasped a four-foot length of rubber hose.

      The car knew what was next, but still played along — the heater core had been plugged once before, around this time last year. The vents had begun to run cold, and that meant only one real solution. The Flush.

      The Flush was a move he had learned years ago, after his G12 got mixed up with the wrong crowd — namely Mobil1 and possibly some DexCool at some point in the past. The previous decade had been such a blur, there was no way to be sure. But he didn’t judge the car for it’s history of abuse. He might have even taken part in some of it.

      As the garden hose was attached, the car leaked in anticipation until the nozzle was turned on. At first, nothing, but soon a wave of pressure built up deep inside, finally gushing free in a flurry of brackish water and clumps of goo.

      As the two of them sat in the cold driveway that Friday afternoon, they agreed to keep it to themselves…and that maybe they could keep this relationship going after all.

      But serious, $40 for a gallon of G12 at the dealer? Fahrvergnugen, my ass.

      • 0 avatar

        Yeah, owning a V-dub is nothing like owning a Honda. Special coolant, special motor oil, special brake fluid, special tranny oil, premium fuel. It seems to never end.

        • 0 avatar

          But back on topic, our Passats are two different shades of green – Forest (“pine”) and Emerald (medium green metallic). I love just about anything that isn’t black, white, or silver.

          I can’t wait until I own something that is EITHER easy to work OR cheap to repair professionally. Preferably both :D

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        Excellent work! Disgusting, but strangely arousing…

      • 0 avatar

        I experienced a distant, yet vaguely familiar tingling in my water pump, but then… nothing.
        Nice try, though.

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    If they decided the ST face looked better…then I agree with them. And they decided the side skirts need to be body color instead of black – also agree.

    Looks better than the current car – I don’t care if they Photoshopped it, if it’s accurate.

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    They are going to tweak the suspension for sharper handling on the ST? How much more sharp can it get without becoming twitchy? In my opinion not much more. It’s slightly twitchy already at highway speeds (though I am used to it), and I feel that the current model has a very nice handling vs ride trade off. Will be interesting to see what they do.

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    Horrid. Absolutely horrid.

    Once again proving Ford has the most talentless oafs in their “design” department. So talentless they resort to copying has-been designs and doing it extremely poorly.

    This company needs to fold. They are an embarrassment to the entire industry abs this country.

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    Kyree S. Williams

    I hope that those nicer projector-beam/LED lights become available at a reasonable level (in other words, available on trims other than the Plug-In and ST). Projector-beam headlamps always look snazzy, and they are becoming more common on mainstream compact cars. I believe the Dart has them as standard, and the Jetta offers them on the GLI and Hybrid trims. The Forte also appears to have them as standard. The Lancer *might* have them as standard, but it’s practically subcompact, and a non-player…ditto for the Elantra GT. And while we’re on the subject, projector-beam headlamps—if not full out HIDs—should be *standard* on premium-branded compacts/subcompacts like the MINI lineup, 3-Series, S60, A3, A4 and C-Class…

    • 0 avatar

      Dart does have projectors as standard. On my 2013 Limited, the HID versions were a mere $395 upgrade, well worth it in my book. Unfortunately, for 2014 they bundled the HID lamps in with some other equipment that some people may or may not want. Too bad – I’d like to see HID projector beam headlamps “democratized” and made available for a reasonable cost on more models.

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    It’s a really bad chop of a Focus with what looks like a CR-Z front end that’s been fiddled with.

  • avatar

    Last gen Mazda3 after all the coke wore off…

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    I think this is a major improvement in looks.

  • avatar

    Any chance of more room in the footwells being one of the improvements?

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    Pretty car. I notice much thinner A pillars and I like the smooth, rounded hood with the chunky fenders.

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    Give me the RS or give me dea….. I mean a large meat lover pizza. Yeah that’d work.

    In all seriousness though, where is the RS? Had I not bought my Wrangler, I would have waited for the RS, assuming Ford would pull the trigger for ‘Murica.

    • 0 avatar

      There is so much conflicting info about the Focus RS. It seems a possibility, but not a guarantee. The speculation has been 2.3T, 350 HP, FWD, and 0-60 in under five seconds. Its also supposed to come late in the MKIII Focus model cycle. I have no idea if any of this will come to fruition or if the RS will make it stateside.

      I’ll beleive its coming to the US when my neighbor starts driving a Focus RS. He’s had both a Focus ST and Fiesta ST in his driveway before they were on sale. He did have a previous gen RS in that crazy orange color a few years back. Maybe I should get the good scotch, some ice, and a couple rocks glasses and just ask him.

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    How about a back seat that doesn’t have one’s knees smashed into the front seat backs, more interior space like the old body style used to have and more comfortable seats?

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