September Sales: Big Is Big, Again

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

As goes the pickup and SUV market, so go the Detroit automakers. In recent years, that’s bee a big factor in the decline of the domestic automakers, but now, even with gas flirting with the $4/gal mark, trucks are fueling strong sales performances. Chrysler’s sales are up 27% on 42% Ram brand growth and a 24% improvement in Jeep volume. GM’s enjoyed 34% growth in truck sales, eclipsing far more modest improvements in cars and crossovers. And now that Ford has reported its September sales, it’s official: with 15% truck growth at the Blue Oval, all three Detroit firms have put in a strong truck performance. All off which is great news for Detroit… for now. But even a brief spike in prices at the pump could see those healthy black numbers turn red in a heartbeat. We’ve certainly seen it happen before…

Hit the jump for our developing table of September sales.

AutomakerSept. 2011Sept. 2010Pct. chng.9 month

20119 month

2010Pct. chng.BMW Group25,77923,15511%219,572192,43514% BMW division21,75018,22819%177,679157,46413% Mini3,9994,884–18%41,63534,58820% Rolls-Royce3043–30%258383–33%BMW Group25,77923,15511%219,572192,43514%Chrysler Group127,334100,07727%1,009,411820,22023% Chrysler Division23,55917,34836%157,551158,1030% Dodge40,07336,27211%345,441303,01914% Dodge/Ram65,43754,12621%534,206454,57118% Fiat2,773––%13,862––% Jeep35,56528,60324%303,793207,54646% Ram25,36417,85442%188,765151,55225%Chrysler Group127,334100,07727%1,009,411820,22023%Daimler AG23,90121,09413%186,307170,18910% Maybach45–20%4048–17% Mercedes-Benz23,42820,66713%182,510165,36210% Smart USA46942211%3,7574,779–21%Daimler AG23,90121,09413%186,307170,18910% Ford Motor Co. 174,860160,3759%1,599,7111,469,2629% Ford division167,842146,55915%1,534,6221,302,27218% Ford/Lincoln/Mercury174,860160,3759%1,599,7111,436,73711% Lincoln7,0187,510–7%64,84163,2863% Mercury–6,306–100%24871,179–100% Volvo–––%–32,525–100%Ford Motor Co.174,860160,3759%1,599,7111,469,2629%General Motors207,145173,03120%1,902,1491,635,33916% Buick13,59912,8756%140,092114,00023% Cadillac12,74112,6201%113,190105,0138% Chevrolet147,611121,40622%1,353,9331,174,17915% GMC33,19425,94428%294,934230,50228% Hummer–163–100%–3,507–100% Pontiac–8–100%–962–100% Saab–––%–608–100% Saturn–15–100%–6,568–100%General Motors207,145173,03120%1,902,1491,635,33916%Honda (American)89,53297,361–8%859,797912,436–6% Acura10,01010,720–7%89,14696,388–8% Honda Division79,52286,641–8%770,651816,048–6%Honda (American)89,53297,361–8%859,797912,436–6%Hyundai Group87,66076,62714%860,319678,07127% Hyundai division52,05146,55612%492,914410,04720% Kia35,60930,07118%367,405268,02437%Hyundai Group87,66076,62714%860,319678,07127%Jaguar Land Rover3,8513,45611%34,96532,0379% Jaguar1,11196715%9,3159,748–4% Land Rover2,7402,48910%25,65022,28915%Jaguar Land Rover3,8513,45611%34,96532,0379%Maserati19913646%1,7041,35526%Maserati19913646%1,7041,35526%Mazda25,52118,58037%191,315174,77010%Mazda25,52118,58037%191,315174,77010%Mitsubishi5,8034,96117%65,87541,39259%Mitsubishi5,8034,96117%65,87541,39259%Nissan92,96474,20525%774,079673,70115% Infiniti8,4798,3052%72,18174,797–4% Nissan Division84,48565,90028%701,898598,90417%Nissan92,96474,20525%774,079673,70115%Porsche2,1701,97110%22,66417,69028%Porsche2,1701,97110%22,66417,69028%Saab Cars North America4291,127–62%4,6472,62677%Saab Cars North America4291,127–62%4,6472,62677%Subaru20,93421,432–2%195,550193,6141%Subaru20,93421,432–2%195,550193,6141%Suzuki2,0261,64124%20,28416,97220%Suzuki2,0261,64124%20,28416,97220%Toyota121,451147,162–18%1,194,5231,311,316–9% Lexus14,99516,948–12%135,647162,438–17% Scion3,8383,5628%37,60733,23413% Toyota division102,618126,652–19%1,021,2691,115,644–9% Toyota/Scion106,456130,214–18%1,058,8761,148,878–8%Toyota121,451147,162–18%1,194,5231,311,316–9%Volkswagen36,91228,22331%321,700267,23420% Audi9,7258,15119%84,98173,59016% Bentley15112917%1,26095432% VW division27,03619,94336%235,459192,69022%Volkswagen36,91228,22331%321,700267,23420%Volvo Cars NA5,0424,15221%52,1558,593507%Volvo Cars NA5,0424,15221%52,1558,593507%Other (estimate)2482423%2,2182,1692%TOTAL1,053,761959,00810%9,518,9458,621,42110%

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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