What's Wrong With This Picture: Quantum Niche Theory Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture quantum niche theory edition

When word first began circulating that BMW was considering an X4, I wondered

is BMW trying to prove a kind of automotive Zeno’s paradox, in which niches can be infinitely subdivided?

It was a rhetorical question, of course, and the answer was “pretty much, yeah.” This official BMW sketch preview of the X4, which has been approved for production, shows a three-door version, but according to Autocar,

The car is also depicted in a pair of official BMW sketches. Although they reveal a three-door model badged X3, they hint strongly at the X4’s design, mainly its roofline and front-end styling; BMW sources insist that too much shouldn’t be read into the fact it has three doors.

But if MINI and Range Rover already have three-door “sport activity coupes,” isn’t it just a matter of time before Audi or Mercedes jump on the trend, forcing BMW’s hand? The only problem: there’s only one number between X3 and X5. Which means we will probably end up with an X4 xDrive28i (say) and an X4 xDrive28i Coupe. You know, the coupe version of the coupe version of the X3. Or maybe they’ll just move on to the inevitable X2 coupe version of the X1 and leave the task of trying to tear logical holes in space-time to the crazies manning the supercolliders.

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  • Volt 230 Volt 230 on Sep 26, 2011

    Does anyone care about visibility anymore, it used to be that you had to spend $200k or more to get lousy visibility, now they have lowered the price quite a bit.

  • JMII JMII on Sep 26, 2011

    Why not just build a 1 series hatchback? Oh that's right... people don't want hatchbacks they want SUVs just in case they have to drive across a puddle or a patch of road under construction to reach the Wal-Mart parking lot. I'm sick of lifted vehicles, as a teen in the 80's I remember when "cool" meant lowering your vehicle, yes even trucks!

  • Wheatridger The AM radio in my 2017 Ford PHEV works just fine, BTW.
  • KOKing This doesn't seem to make much sense, unless the intent is to replace the (ancient) 4Runner, as they're platform mates as it is, and both from a functional and market standpoint, the 4Runner and Prado seem to be the same thing tailored to the US vs ROW.
  • Lou_BC they want AM gone because they can't charge subscription fees.
  • Urlik @DUkisduke The delay is giving the counties time to update their computers and procedures supposedly. The state fee included in the inspections will now go onto your registration fee. They aren't giving up the money they got from the inspections.
  • Buickman if the emfs interfere with AM reception, what is it doing to your body?