Lotus: You Love Us, We'll Do It

Yes, Lotus certainly made a “splash” in 2010, but to say that the brand’s abrupt metamorphosis was universally applauded would be a severe overstatement. For one thing, the move away from Lotus’s light-weight, low-volume philosophy brought howls from the Chapmaniacs. For another, launching five cars at once may be good for publicity, but it’s not great for ones credibility. Especially when your CEO is something of a supercilious jerk, and even your “advisor” only gives you 60-40 odds. And now that Mama Proton is starting to take a hit as Lotus builds up to reinvent the luxury sportscar ( complete with its own engines), you have to imagine that at least a few of the Malaysian money men are wondering if they bit off more than their former Ferrari exec CEO can chew. But at this point there’s nothing to do but burn cash, build cars and hope Porsche and Ferrari fall off a cliff.

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  • Fred Applerot Fred Applerot on Mar 03, 2011

    Not the first time this has happened to Lotus. This impending train wreck kinda reminds me of the time that Colin Chapman was seduced by the mysterious oil futures trader David Theime of Essex Petroleum The glitz, the money, the glamour, the prestige all conspired to persuade Colin that he could out-Ritz the big boys. Turned out to be mostly smoke and mirrors. Now substitute Proton management for Chapman and Bahar's cabal of charlatans for Theime. Excepting the interim riches for those feeding at the Malaysian trough, I can't envision how this is going to end well.

  • Dm123 Dm123 on Mar 03, 2011

    im sure it will be good, but will they sell any? Its not quite the name brand Porsche is, though I guess that is the point of this new move.

  • Thats one fast cat Thats one fast cat on Mar 03, 2011
    But at this point there’s nothing to do but burn cash, build cars and hope Porscheand Ferrari fall off a cliff. ...or copy their business model. Our man Jack Baruth has mercilessly hectored Porsche for their fatter and more wallet gouging vehicles. It seems to have worked for them pretty well, so might as well turn a has been/never was automaker into a "playa." I agree it ultimately is going to aggravate true lotus fans, but what they hay? True Porsche fans are still buying the beloved 911 regardless of cost or bloat.

  • B.C. B.C. on Mar 03, 2011

    If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.