Lincoln Continental Concept? We'll Do You One Better

Derek Kreindler
by Derek Kreindler
lincoln continental concept we ll do you one better

The rest of the blogosphere is breathlessly heralding the return of the Lincoln Continental. They’re two years behind the curve.

The Lincoln Continental concept might be coming, but the next Lincoln large sedan will be the production Continental. Unfortunately, it won’t be like the JFK-era sedan, but rather a front-drive CD platform car with Ecoboost V6s and some design language that mirrors the Chevrolet Impala. Why? Because it’s made for Chinese customers who want to be driven in comfort, not for Americans who like to drive. The next Continental is even carrying the codename “ Project GOBI” within Lincoln, and internal documents seen by TTAC emphasize “rear seat comfort and amenities” as a key feature of the car.

But there’s still a ray of sunshine for Lincoln fans. There’s going to be a real RWD Lincoln on the way. But it’s a crossover.

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  • AH-1WSuperCobra AH-1WSuperCobra on Mar 25, 2015

    I had a 98 Continental about 8-9 years ago and I liked it. My friends made fun of me for driving an 'old person car' and for the pearl paint. I however miss that car sometimes.

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    • Corey Lewis Corey Lewis on Mar 26, 2015

      I had two separate pearl white cars before I was finished with college. Pearl white is brilliant.

  • CaliCarGuy CaliCarGuy on Mar 25, 2015

    Basically its being designed with the Chinese market in mind first, American market second. The emphasis on rear seat comfort caught my attention. Lincoln might just sell the car in China, like how Buick only sales the Park Avenue there.

  • Cpthaddock Cpthaddock on Mar 25, 2015

    Soooo about that crossover link: "TTAC‘s sources inside the Blue Oval (the same ones who scuttled rumors of a revived Ford GT)" Would this be the same "scuttled" Ford GT that turned up unexpected earlier this year?

  • Sportyaccordy Sportyaccordy on Mar 26, 2015

    If it looks good, has strong performance and good looks/quality in and out it being FWD won't matter. RWD can't fix a wack chassis and at the limit dynamics are irrelevant in a land barge. Just give it suicide doors and 22s

    • Smartascii Smartascii on Mar 26, 2015

      My father, who thinks that if you rev a car's engine, you will break it, chose a Lexus GS over an ES because, "It feels better when I drive it." People who aren't car people still often like RWD cars more than FWD cars because they can be made to have better dynamics at all speeds.