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The Japanese “Big Three” automakers all saw significant sales drops in August, thanks to similarly large increases in August 2009 sales spurred by Cash For Clunkers. Toyota/Lexus/Scion sales fell 34 percent, as Camry and Corolla crashed down from insane C4C volumes of 54,936 and 43,061 respectively. Only Avalon, Sienna, 4Runner/FJ Cruiser and Sequoia gained year-over-year last month for the Toyota brand, while lower-volume Lexus models like HS, LS, SC, GX and LX were the firm’s sole luxury gainers. As a brand, Scion sold only 4,012 units. Honda’s Accord and Civic mirrored the Camry/Corolla’s drop, as Odyssey and Pilot were the only Honda-branded gainers. Acura RL, MDX and RDX were all up on the month, and Honda/Acura ended up with a 33 percent decline overall. Nissan saw sales growth from Maxima, Titan, Xterra, Pathfinder, Armada, and Murano.Conversely,  G37 Coupe and FX were the the only Infiniti models failing to outperform August 2009 sales, resulting in an overall 27 percent drop. Full numbers after the jump…

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20 Comments on “The Hangover: Honda, Nissan And Toyota Sales Drop By Double Digits In August...”

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    The ZDX is a big seller so far — if the current pace keeps up they might even break 5000 units for the year. I’m sure that makes the development costs all worthwhile.

    Without Acura’s cutting-edge (umm, cheese-slicer) styling massive sales figures like this simply wouldn’t be possible.

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    Toyota should drop this charade. Scion is a total failure. Ditto Acura ZDX and RL. Pathetic sales performance. Frightening to think over 2,000 dimwits decided to polute the nation’s highways with that monstrosity, the Accord Crossturd.

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    I have just spent 10 days in NY and northern NJ and Nissan must be selling all their Maxima’s here. They’re everywhere! I rarely see them back home in Los Angeles.

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    I would be driving a new Maxima now if it didn’t have a CVT in it. C’mon Nissan, this is supposed to be your “4-door-sports-car”…offer a manual transmission in it.

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      The Maxima really is a fine car inside and out. If the CVT is the only thing holding you back from buying one then I highly recommend you go and test drive one. The Maximas CVT is not like most CVTs and is actually quite sporty. Not to mention Nissans new CVTs are way more reliable then a conventional auto and Nissan backs the transmission with a 100K mile warranty.

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      Okay, Mercennarius, who are you and how much did Nissan pay you? The CVTs are attracting plenty of complaints, which is the reason for the extended warranty.

      As for the rest of the Maxima, it is a bloated, cost-cut old-man car compared to the outstanding 5-speed VQ30s of the 1990s.

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      Nissan isnt paying me anything lol. I’ve just owned several different generations of Maximas both VQ30 and VQ35, I can tell you the fit and finish as well as the quality is MUCH better on the new Maxima then it was on the 4th or 5th gens. Also the CVTs have been virtually problem free, Nissan is so confident in their reliability that they extended the warranty’s to 100K mile on the CVTs. Having talked extensively to a Nissan master technician I am told they VERY rarely see cars come in with CVT problems, the automatics and even manuals are more likely to develop a problem then the newer CVTs. If you really think the CVT is problematic then check out the Maxima forums, I don’t think theres ever been one reported mechanical problem with the CVTs on the Maxima. The new Maxima handles well and is the fastest gen yet.

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      According to Consumer Reports, no Nissan save the 2003 Murano shows any transmission anomalies. All of them are above or well above average.

      Now, have a look at Acura TL or Honda Oddyssey. That’s what epidemic transmission problems look like, and those two are automatics.

      The issues people have with CVTs vis a vis reliability really aren’t valid. Audi and Nissan have good units, GM, Honda have poor ones, the jury’s out on Ford. That sounds a lot like, oh, automatic transmissions, fuel injection, aluminum blocks, etc, etc. Some manufacturers can do it, others can’t. In this case, Nissan can and does.

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      Nissan has probably the best CVTs in the industry right now. They have stuck with the technology and worked with it to make it feel more natural as well as make it more reliable. I wouldn’t be afraid of a CVT in a Nissan.

      Ford hasn’t used CVTs in a while. The hybrid models use what Ford calls an eCVT, but that is really an entirely different animal.

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      His point stands though… you could not persuade me to buy a car with any type of automatic, no matter how good. I don’t commute in traffic, and I love to shift for myself.

      I had an automatic 2004 Accord V6, which was a fine automobile, but I was bored to tears after just 2 years. I traded it for a TSX with the stick. So much more fun. Come to think of it, it probably good I got rid of it based on Honda’s V6/Automatic reliability.

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      Maybe it’s finally time to outlaw manual trannies and force everyone to brake with left foot.

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    The new Taurus is doing well compared to the Avalon, and holding it’s own with the Maxima. It’s a fine looking automobile. Has a real premium look to it.

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    I didn’t realize Nissan sold so few Muranos or Toyota so few Avalons. I see quite a few of them on the road.

    If you want to look unique, get a ZDX.

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    There’s a valuable message within the figures cited above.
    Absolutely no idea what that message is but with all those numbers and a little cipherin’ there’s just gotta’ be a message.
    I just know it.

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    Whoever designed the ZDX should have tried to sit on the backseat!!! I am 5’8″ and if I put by butt on the back seat cushion before climbing in, I hit my head on the roof rail AT THE BASE OF THE SKULL! You have to climb headfirst!
    The interior is a thing of beauty, what the RL’s should be. JUST ON THE WRONG PLATFORM!!!
    Talk about wasted development money!!!

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    I find all of this very depressing.  Maybe I’ll buy some yen @ 84 a pop… it’s a steal.

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