QOTD: Can the Sedan Be Saved?

Those of you with long memories will remember that one my first posts here, way back in Twenty Aught Seventeen, was a defense of sedans.

I may have been wrong -- Nissan is the latest OEM to reduce its amount of available sedan models. This is the same brand that once touted sedans to us assembled media during a press launch.

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Nissan Upgrades Rogue, Adds Rock Creek Trim

While there will surely be a flood of headlines today making snarky cracks at the 2025 Rogue Rock Creek and the propensity of its target market to keep the thing firmly on pavement, we actually think it is a smart move by Nissan – with a dash of retro reference thrown in for good measure.

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Nissan Hires Outsiders to Explain Their Vehicles to Customers

It appears at least one brand is recognizing the importance of a well-informed owner, with Nissan choosing to offer a so-called Second Delivery for its all-electric Ariya. Interestingly, a dig into the program reveals that dealers can farm the duties out to a third party called Doppler Automotive.

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  • VoGhost Fantastic work by Honda design. When I first saw the pictures, I thought "Is that a second gen Acura NSX?"
  • V16 2025 VW GLI...or 2025 Honda Civic SI? Same target audience, similar price points. Both are rays of sun in the gray world of SUV'S.
  • FreedMike Said this before and I'll say it again: I'm not that exercised about this whole "pay for a subscription" thing, as long as the deal's reasonable. And here's how you make it reasonable: offer it a monthly charge. Let's say that adaptive headlights are a $500 option on this vehicle, and the subscription is $15 a month, or $540 over a three year lease. So you try the feature for a month, and if you like it, you keep it; if you don't, then you discontinue it, like a Netflix subscription. In any case, you didn't get charged $500 up front the feature. That's not a bad deal.In my case, let's say VW offers an over the air chip reflash that gives me another 25 hp. The total price of the upgrade is $1,000 (which is what a reflash would cost you in the aftermarket). If they offered me a one time monthly subscription for $50 to try it out, I'd take it. In other words, maybe the news isn't all bad.
  • 2ACL A good car, but - at least in this configuration -not one that should command a premium. Its qualities just aren't as enduring as those of Honda's contemporary sports cars. For better or worse, this is a formula they remain able to replicate.
  • Jalop1991 I just read that Tesla's profits are WAY down "as the electric vehicle company has faced both more EV competition from established automakers and a slowing of overall EV sales growth." This Cadillac wouldn't help Tesla at all, but the slowing market of EV sales overall means this should be a halo/boutique car. Regardless, yes, they should make it.