What's Wrong With This Picture: Sebring Improved In China? Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture sebring improved in china edition

We’ve mentioned that Beijing Auto (BAIC) showed a Saab 9-3 rebadge at the Beijing Auto Show, but we have thus far failed to highlight another re-style of a Western also-ran by the Chinese automaker. This C70 sedan is ostensibly an electric vehicle prototype, but under the skin it’s all Chrysler Sebring. BAIC built the unloved sedan for several years in China, and numerous reports indicate that this prototype has several Sebring attributes, including that rear door cutline and the transmission. Some have even gone as far as to suggest that the C70 somehow previews the look for the new Sebring-replacing Nassau, but that’s not likely. Still, it gives you an idea of what could be done with the Sebring… even by a relatively new Chinese firm.

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  • Ponchoman49 Ponchoman49 on May 12, 2010

    How long before you have to get the car repainted to get rid of the lead or replace the interior door panals due to toxic odors? I could bend over and take a dump and it would look better than the current Sebring so it's no surprise this looks better!

    • Srogers Srogers on May 12, 2010

      Maybe the old 'toxic China' thing is getting old? If it weren't for the EPA, we might not be any better off here. If I recall, it was a river in the US that once caught fire due to its toxic contents.

  • Psmisc Psmisc on May 12, 2010

    I wonder how a car's development cost breaks down. My impression is that the initial concept design should only take up a very small portion of a car's development cost, but I could be wrong. I just want to understand the logic of ignoring visual design. Putting together a car is already an incredible feat of engineering, why don't they go one step further and hire a good design house?

  • Tassos And all 3 were ordered by Fisker's mother. Seriously, given Fisker's terrible record of Failure in the past, only an utter loser, (for example, VGhost or Art Vandelay?), looking for a BEV terrible enough to be a proper replacement of his 11 mile range Fiat 500E, would order one of these. (apart from Fisker's mother)
  • Tassos And all 3 of them were ordered by Fisker's mother.Seriously, after Fisker's DISMAL record of UTTER FAILURE in the past, only a GOD DAMNED MORON would order this one.
  • RHD Any truth to the unconfirmed rumor that the new, larger model will be called the bZ6X? We could surmise that with a generous back seat it certainly should be!
  • Damon Thomas Adding to the POSITIVES... It's a pretty fun car to mod
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