What's Wrong With This Picture: The Face Of The Chinese Invasion Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
what s wrong with this picture the face of the chinese invasion edition

European auto executives have been freaking out about a possible Chinese invasion for some time. In fact, Fiat’s Sergio Marchionne has even admitted that he “bought” into Chrysler in hopes of forming a company capable of selling five million units per year globally, the number he felt an automaker needed to hold off the Chinese. And though Chinese production certainly has its advantages, Chinese brands haven’t had much luck in mature markets. Brilliance left Germany under a cloud after its cars failed crash tests, the Jiangling LandWind became infamous after its run-in with the ADAC crash test crew. But, as Bertel has noted, no Chinese automaker can give up on the idea of attacking Europe. Great Wall, which has already been banned from Italy for copyright infringement, has committed $130m to a Bulgarian plant from which it plans to build knock-downs of its suspiciously-familiar vehicles for the European market. But, as these Great Wall promotional images prove, even if GW’s low-cost (€5,000) Chinese cars are up to snuff, the brand still has a long way to go on the marketing front.

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  • Geozinger Geozinger on Dec 23, 2010

    I'd love to see the finished ads, since these look like the art for the upcoming campaign. Outside of the shark ad, these all look like pretty mundane automobile advertising images. Fun with Photoshop, as I like to say. So much for SAIC MGs invading Europe - it looks like Great Wall will get there first.

  • Zammy Zammy on Dec 24, 2010

    Picture #6; the car looks like it farts rainbows. If that isn't the most eco-friendly emissions ever, I don't know what is.

  • Kwik_Shift Equus paved the way for Genesis luxury
  • SCE to AUX "...memories of those shoddy Excels faded."Not really, since such comments appear in nearly every article about H/K cars.As for this one, who knows... maybe the 2nd owner ran it 40k miles without an oil change and destroyed the engine, then balked at the $10k replacement cost.
  • ToolGuy Last ad: Is that The Dude doing the voiceover at the end? 😉
  • ToolGuy Nice paint!!Too young to die.
  • David S. For a single quarter, only ninth best-selling (estimated?) of 2022. Maybe ICE vehicles would sell at a similar rate if the government paid people to buy them too?!