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Can you identify this vehicle? I couldn’t at first…

…but then I’ve never been to the Lights, Motors, Action! stunt show at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Studios in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. The show began at Euro Disney, but was imported to the Florida venue, apparently unchanged. Which means the vehicles used in the stunt show are Opel-branded. Look closely:

Call me crazy, but Florida strikes me as a particularly poor market for Opel product placement. And the cars aren’t even production models… couldn’t they at least have slapped some bowties on those bad boys? Leave it to GM to turn down the single easiest rebadging opportunity ever… the same year the Pontiac G5 came out. Oy!

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13 Comments on “What’s Wrong With This Picture: Inexplicable Immigration Edition...”

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    I would swear that top pic is computer generated.

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    I remember seeing the show and I don’t believe those are real street cars. One of them has the driver inside, sitting facing the rear of the car and gives the impression the car is driven backwards. In fact, the body is mounted backwards. They also look smaller than production road cars. But yah. Somebody could have done some branding there. GM already spent a bundle on their testtrack ride.

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    Paul Niedermeyer

    It’s a little hard to find a real Opel these days that will burn rubber on its rear wheels.

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      From Wikipedia:
      The cars are powered with 1300 cc, 150 horsepower (110 kW) motorcycle engines mounted directly behind the driver’s seat. The cars have 4 gears in forward drive and 4 gears in reverse, allowing the drivers to accelerate to high speed going backwards.
      Mid-engined Opels in the US. Who knew?

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      I saw an article in C+D about someone who converted a Focus to RWD, with a 500+ hp engine (and a three or four years ago it was a good power, not something you can buy in a random Cadillac).

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    Wasn’t there an Opel version of the Elise?

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    Saw it a couple years ago, the show is pretty dope, and loud loud loud. If you don’t like the sound of motorcycle engines being wrung within an inch of their lives, it’s not for you.

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    Saw the show several weeks back at Hollywood Studios. There are several cars – but they once actually started as an Open. However they are fitted with a 1300cc motorbike engine.

    One car is completely mounted backwards and has heavily tinted windows and will drive backwards (but from the inside forwards).

    Another car is literally in two pieces where the driver can pull a release pin and actually drive the front half of the car away from the back half (for special effects). It was quite an interesting show.

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    Some where underneath it all, at least the back half is a generation 1 Opel Tigra. GM could have done worse and called it a Vauxhall.

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    Thought it was an ultra riced mid 80s Honda CRX covered by after market plastic complete body kit.

    Whatever: it’s horrible.

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    By its shape I’d say is an Opel Astra. That show started with Opel Corsas

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    Modern Marvels, Walt Disney World :)

    If I recall correctly, they said the trannies had –EDIT- 4 forward and 4 reverse –EDIT– gears and could do up to 40something backwards.

    There she is:

    The red car is a custom job.

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