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Friends’ star Jennifer Aniston crashed her Jaguar back in the 00’s. Since then, Jennifer has kept the PC flame alive with her Toyota Prius. Courtney Cox crashed a white Bimmer in Hawaii, but she’s normally seen driving a Range Rover (even if she isn’t sure which one’s hers). Sarah Jessica Parker got to keep her clothes from Sex and the City; here’s hoping Ms. Cox added an Audi R8 to her Dirt contract. Lisa Kudrow snagged a car out of her deal with Lexus’ internet-only L Studio. Matt LeBlanc races for fun, and fessed-up about running a Porsche Turbo on Conan O’Brien. Well, not on him… Matthew Perry also crashed a BMW, but moved on to a Porsche Cabriolet. David Schwimmer’s first car was a 1976 Chevy Monte Carlo. Pause. He also dated Minnie Driver. Pause. And that’s enough for the guy who went from being a poster child for sarcasm to the whiniest man on planet Earth. Now, ALL of them can get do the right thing for American manufacturing (whatever that is) AND get a discount on a GM product simply by finding a “friend” who works for the company. For people who pay people to get rid of stalkers, how hard can that be? And you can get the same deal too! Not on stalkers but GM products! GM’s announcement to its employees after the jump.

Just announced: Beginning February 1, 2009, the GM Employee Discount for Friends program lets you share employee pricing with anyone you know who owns a competitive vehicle. It’s the ideal way to get more friends into GM vehicles and help build GM market share.

Here’s how it works:

Active salaried GM employees can request one GM Employee Discount for Friends authorization number per quarter — that’s four new GM owners a year!

Eligible LTI and M-band executives can request one authorization number per month — giving you 12 opportunities to prove that GM can compete and win in today’s tough marketplace.

Plus, your friends can combine employee pricing with most current incentives for an even better deal. 

Sharing your discount is easier than ever. It’s all online — just go to to request your authorization number. 

Ready to do a friend a favor — and do your part for GM? Share your GM Employee Discount for Friends today.

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19 Comments on “GM Offers Employee Discounts to “Friends”...”

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    People would be wise to wait for the Friend Of A Relative, Of A Friend program coming next month.

    You gotta’ wonder if all the incentive activity during December/January has already flushed out the last of the people that were “about to buy”. All that’s left now are people who are keepers, with no intention of buying for sometime.

    January’s numbers must really suck…

    As an Australian, am I allowed a question about Superbowl? What is it?

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    Steven Lang

    It’s a time where Americans buy all different types of unhealthy foods, sit down in front of a TV, and watch commercials.

    The only difference between Super Bowl day and any other day in America, is that some guys in tights and 70 pounds of protective equipment play a game that Australians already play without either. Oh, and whatever team loses, it’s all Chrysler’s fault.

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    How about a “Six Degrees” program?

    I find it interesting that GM stratifies this. Salaried workers only and “LT1” and “M-band” executives get a “better” perk. Is class distintion alive and well at GM?

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    Super Bowl Sunday is almost a national holiday here in the US. It is the championship game of the National Football League. This year features Pittsburgh’s Steelers vs. the Arizona Cardinals. There are probably more parties in the USA today than any other day as even non football fans participate in the revelry.

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    Sounds like a good incentive. I have no problem with it.

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    Too akin to pimping to settle easy within my craw.

    Uhhh… what’s a “craw”?

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    Again, there is an underlying message to yet another incentive: “Since we can’t sell these vehicles on the basis of perceived quality or a high level of customer care, let’s throw more money on the hood for people who are price sensitive.”

    So it’s likely to attract two types of buyers: Those who happen to own a “competitive vehicle” and would buy a GM vehicle anyway, and those that the program is designed for – people who are loyal to another make and need to see how ownership of a new GM vehicle stacks up against what they currently experience.

    Unfortunately, the last group of buyers will frequently choose from the lower end of the product lineup and focus on the great deal that they received – NOT the quality of the vehicle. So instead of “Wow, the interior is built like a vault!,” you’ll hear, “Yeah, we let the plastic door panels get scratched up, but it only cost $10,500…it was just what we needed until we could afford what we really wanted.”

    Not the best long-term strategy to build image and market share, but hopefully it will get GM past their current cash-flow crisis.

    By the way, according to a recent article in Hemmings Classic Car, Superbowl Sunday 1975 was the first time that rebates were used on a national level to move excess inventory. Some 33 years later, we still see short-term financial incentives being used like an addictive drug, and with similar effect on the user.

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    Is class distinction alive and well at GM,asks KixStart?I’m sorry to say it never died. Hell I never noticed it was ill.

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    Then this little doozy.

    SAO PAULO — General Motors plans to invest $1 billion in Brazil to avoid the kind of problems the U.S. automaker is facing in its home market, said the beleaguered car maker.

    According to the president of GM Brazil-Mercosur, Jaime Ardila, the funding will come from the package of financial aid that the manufacturer will receive from the U.S. government and will be used to “complete the renovation of the line of products up to 2012.”

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    Just give everybody the discount. This current plan only works where there are GM plants, and so GM employees, and it’s probably a fair bet that these communities already heavily favor these cars.

    This incentive will have no effect in the South, transplant country, where there are no GM employees to befriend, but plenty of Honda, Hyundai and Toyota loyalists.

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    Dr. No

    Chevrolet could sell more cars by ditching the “bowtie” medallion. This thing is as dated as a Buick buyer.

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    This memo is quite the morale booster for the employees. GM is all but admitting that it can’t compete without a gimmick.

    “12 [GM Employee Discount for Friends authorization numbers] to prove that GM can compete and win in today’s tough marketplace.“

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    Pete Moran, Super Bowl day is a day when you can go out on the road and darn near have it to yourself, but drive carefully after the game when the cops get their emphasis patrols going.

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    Nothing really new. Anyone… everyone can get GMS. One thing of topic though, GM dealership employees can’t redeem money from a GM Mastercard when they GMS. I never understood GM’s perspective on that particular restriction.

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    The SuperBowl is like the Aussie AFL Grand Final. Except it is for the US professional gridiron leagues, the NFL.

    And since it it held in the dead of winter when Americans who live in cold snowy states are stuck indoors, it is a good excuse to have some friends over for a party and watch it on TV. Otherwise, you have to find something else to do, like fix or clean something that your wife wants done.

    It has also become the event for the American TV advertising industry to showcase their cleverest ads. So many people who don’t care about American Football watch it just for the ads.

    Like many other so-called “holidays” in The States, it has become an excuse for a party. Like Halloween, St. Patty’s, Cino de Mayo, etc.

    And we are not above stealing another nation’s sacred holiday and making it an excuse to get drunk. So watch out! Australia Day could end up as another US holiday sponsored by Fosters and Outback Steakhouse. I can only hope :-)

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    Ford has offered this for years – Ford has certain numbers of “PINS” that each employee can give away each year to friends and acquaintances.

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    Friends don’t let friends buy GM’s ….

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    revhigh: “Friends don’t let friends buy GM’s….”Im’ suing for the injuries sustained when hot coffee flooded my nose, can’t stop laughing.

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    Domestic Hearse

    The GM employee-discount pass-along has been a staple for years. And years. Not a new gimmick at all. But about a year and a half ago, when LeNave was swearing off the incentive crack and vowing to right-price GM’s inventory (how’d that work out, Mark?), GM eliminated the employee pass-along privileges.

    Now it’s back, with one qualification (friend must own a competitive vehicle).

    Just like GM’s supplier discount. Which also can be shared. Sometimes. When they say it can.

    All manufacturers (even imports) have some sort of friends-get-a-deal-programs. Or supplier program.

    obbop, if you were a bird, it’d be the pouch the worm passes through before it gets to your stomach.

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