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Chrysler is launching a series of “buzz cars”, a fancy name for special edition package that will ostensibly maintain consumer interest in their cars as they progress over the model cycle.

Bloomberg reports that the first buzz car will harken back to the 8 Mile-themed commercial staring Detroit native Eminem

The next phase of Chrysler’s “Imported From Detroit” campaign, which debuted with Eminem in a two-minute Super Bowl commercial in 2011, includes an 8 Mile edition of the Chrysler 200 sedan to mark the movie’s 10-year anniversary, said Olivier Francois, the automaker’s chief marketing officer. It’s also introducing a 300 Motown sedan that will be tied to Broadway’s new show “Motown: The Musical” Francois said in an interview.

The “buzz packages” such as the Gucci edition Fiat 500 and the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Altitude, will help shore up consumer interest in between refreshes and re-designed. The 300 Glacier edition, which is “designed for all weather markets such as Denver” will feature will feature “…an active transfer case and front-axle-disconnect system that allows the car to transition between rear-wheel drive and all- wheel drive without any action by the driver”. Sounds a little like conventional all-wheel drive systems doesn’t it? Perhaps someone caught a bit too much of a buzz…

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73 Comments on “Chrysler 200 “8 Mile Edition” On The Way...”

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    so many ideas of what options could be on this model……I cant stop laughing….No offense to Eminem but really?

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    Will it be slammed or donked?

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    I’m going to wait for the Hyundai Veloster Gangnam Style edition.

    *Gangnam Style is possibly one of the worst songs ever composed, written & sung. The number of youtube “hits” it has received is further evidence that The Mayans were correct after all (even if the earth doesn’t cease to be, the collective intelligence of mankind is as dead as British Leyland).

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      As far as fad songs go, I don’t think it’s any worse than the Macarena or Disco Duck.

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      Watch the Gangam Style / Call Me Maybe mashup on Youtube.

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      I am fortunate enough to have (slightly) better uses for my freetime so as to not have heard of this at all.

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      I’ve actually read an interesting sociological analysis that paints “Oppa” as a thinly veiled critique of the materialistic nature of Korean high society, which gained popularity in Korea simply because they’ve never heard such scathing satire before.

      Well… it’s still better than the Macarena.

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      Haha. I like that. Oddly, I bet there would be a market for that here in Seoul.

      I get where you’re going with this, but seriously, how can you say “Gangnam Style is possibly one of the worst songs ever composed, written & sung,”? Ok, you have a right to your opinion with the issues of composition and voice, but do you even know what the lyrics say? Are you proficient in Korean? Do you get all the references to Korean culture? It seems rather ridiculous to bag on the lyrics to a song if you can’t even understand them. Then again, maybe you live in Korea. If so, we should get together for a beer!

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    Does it have special compartments for your “9”? Me thinks Chrysler has lost its fool mind.

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    moon roof with retractable machine gun 4″ bullet proof windows and a mic for the rap stars.

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    I would love to see some Lincoln-esque designer packages: Ralph Lauren 300, anyone?

    *And no, the douchebag special Varvatos edition doesn’t count*

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    I rented a Chrysler 200 a few months ago and had great fun telling people what kind of car i was driving- “What’s that?” and “They dont make a 200!” were the most common repsonses and these were from people who know at least a little about cars. I said calling the thing the Chrysler 2 or the Chrysler Two Million would have been much better (and funnier) but the Chrylser 200 8 Mile Edition? Nice car, bad name made even worse

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    30-mile fetch

    An “8 Mile” edition of a revamped Chrysler Sebring? Really? They’ll sell what, two or three dozen of them? An 8 Mile edition of the 300 seems far more appropriate.

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      Superbowl commercial where none other the M’n’M is tooling around behind the wheel of a 200, right down Woodward Avenue.

      Chrysler Eminem Super Bowl Commercial – Imported From Detroit

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      Wouldn’t an 8 mile edition 300 have dubs on one side and a steel wheel and a compact spare on the other to go with unrepaired meth-driving damage and one window made out of cardboard and packing tape?

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    Yeah, but “Imported from Brampton” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

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    I can’t help but imagine the 8 mile edition would be run-down, rusted and neglected on one half of the car, while shiny and well maintained on the other.

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    Do they even understand that the people who buy 200s hate Eminem, if they’ve even heard of him? Chrysler gets more comical all the time. That Eastwood ad was an embarrassment, and they’re going to beat the 8-mile Superbowl ad thing to death again?

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    “Chrysler is launching a series of “buzz cars”, a fancy name for special edition package that will ostensibly maintain consumer interest in their cars as they progress over the model cycle.”

    The special edition issue works for Harley Davidson motorcycles so why not for automobiles…

    oh, I forgot, car sales people and car dealerships are involved.

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    I, for one, really do like “special edition” vehicles. However, I don’t like any of these. The Jeep Trailhawk and Charger Blacktop were okay.

    Let’s go retro:
    -Grand Cherokee Golden Eagle
    -Dodge Challenger “Machine”
    -Ram Warlock
    -Chrysler 200 convertible Town and Country
    -Dodge Dart Swinger

    • 0 avatar

      I’m on board with the Retro program. We need a Dodge Demon. SRT can get bent. We need a new “Scat Pack”.
      Challenger would have to be a T/A. (Machine was AMC)

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    George B

    Will the 8-mile edition have special Michigan Turn collision avoidance hardware? I could see 20 plus inch chrome rims, an extra subwoofer, and turn-by-turn navigation in the voice of Eminem.

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    I think after reading this I’ll head to town in my Nissan “sugar” cube. I hate to think of the names some of their other models could get. Ok, I retract this. Some things just should be left alone. Someone tell Chrysler that.

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    This sounds like the kind of thing that one-trick pony Olivier François used to do with Lancia a few years ago, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all his idea.

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    Speed Spaniel

    I hear the 8 mile edition carries a pretty decent warranty for a Chrysler product, as in you can go 8 miles without experiencing a mechanical breakdown or an interior piece popping off. I’ll take my 200 8 mile edition in wigger bronze please. The American car has indeed come back!

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    “Chrysler is launching a series of “buzz cars”, a fancy name for special edition package that will ostensibly maintain consumer interest in their cars as they progress over the model cycle.”

    You mean like tearing a page straight from the Ford Mustang playbook? First year redesign, second year SVT Cobra, third year Bullet edition, Fourth year Mach One, Fifth redesign. Seems to work well for Ford. Chrysler seems to know their customer base pretty well, going for the young, hip, urban type. I’m intrigued. Won’t buy one, but interested.

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    This is really stupid. Most Americans have a negative perception of Detroit as the epitome of the Rust Belt and crony capitalism. I’m glad the Detroit Three are doing better, but I won’t buy a car named after some obscure road. Why not name it the “DC Beltway” or the “Silicon Valley 101”, at least most of us have heard of those.

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    The opportunities for parody are endless! Will the navigation package have a curse free mode? How do I select the rhyming hands free mode? Instead of annoying door open chimes for having a door open, it could be, “Shut the effin’ door….”

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    I was devastated when GM axed its plans for the Snoop DeVille.

    Maybe this 8 Mile will have to do…

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    Or borrow some West Coast sound from the 80’s with the Digital Underground Dart:

    Stop watcha doin’
    cuz I’m about to ruin
    the image of the b[r]and thatcha used ta..

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    This is a joke….right?

    • 0 avatar

      Yes, but for all I know some marketing genius has already downloaded the Humpty Dance to a smart phone to work on an elevator pitch to Reinvent The Minivan As We Know It.

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    A Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Altitude…? Does it fly? I think what they mean is Unlimited Elevation. Doesn’t sound nearly as marketable though…..

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    It’s like Chrysler’s marketing department is run by The Onion.

    In addition to the entirely conventional AWD system touted by Chrysler’s marketing department (which C&D parrotted entirely in its infinite autojournalistic excellence: “In either case, power is routed to all four wheels through a transfer case that can completely disconnect the front axles to improve fuel economy.”), the 300 Glacier edition sounds tacky to the max. All the chrome bits and the tires get either darkened or blacked out. It’s not fully “murdered out,” as the neo-ricers say, because the car is only available in white, blue, or silver, but any of those can be optioned with a black roof panel so you can be a supasta gangsta.

    Honestly, I’d be more interested in Lancia’s idea of making the 300 into a 2-door full size, not because I’d buy it, but just because it hasn’t been done in a while and I like the idea of the return of the 2-door Dodge Charger SRT8.

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    In keeping with this new trim level/road numbering system, the 12 Mile edition will have nav, sunroof, and collision avoidance, while the 6 Mile version will come without wheels, radio, battery, and have broken-out windows . . .

    Frackin’ hilarious!

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      Damn, in that case, the 2 Mile edition would already be on fire up on blocks before you took delivery.

      • 0 avatar

        There is no 2 Mile Road.

        I think Warren Ave is where it would be, so depending on the longitude, you could have some interesting editions. An offroad version for the dirt roads in Redford Township? A pita oven replacing the hot/cold cupholders for East Dearborn? The possibilities are endless.

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    Cool. 8 Mile edition would obviously be the base model with scraped up 20 inch rims on three corners, the donut on the forth. Lots of plasti-chrome, lots of fake venti-ports. No fuel filler cap, fake hid headlamps. Classy.

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    Not surprising; nobody thought Detroit would try to compete on quality or on technology.

    • 0 avatar

      Fords have quite a bit of obnoxious technology to offer, and as for quality, rock solid Toyota just issued another recall:

      “Toyota first learned in 2008 about a defect in power-window switches that prompted it on Wednesday to recall 7.43 million vehicles worldwide for fire hazards, according to documents filed with U.S. regulators.”

      Toyota first learned in 2008? Nice.

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    This is stupid because it is not a cellphone or some other small appliance. This is a car costing tens of thousands of dollars that most people don’t have. These buzz editions will generate NO buzz. Fail.

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    Anyone that lived in or around SE Michigan knows there are many more infamous streets that might spawn a special edition chrysler car
    The Michigan Ave Hooker special
    The Vernor Mexican Food Special
    The Jefferson-too much traffic to get on belle isle version.
    The Livernois street race edition.
    The John Kronk – I got my ass beat and my car stolen edition.

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    I’d like to see special editions based on the 30 or so extinct “heritage brands” Chrysler owns. Imagine a Chrysler 300 done up as a new Hudson Commodore or a Fiat 500 badged as a Willys Americar. They could even do a Fargo version of the Ram 1500.

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    Because it can go eight miles before breaking down.

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    Will it be re-badged “13 Kilometer Edition” for Canada?

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    hey,let em do what they do!
    Their sales numbers are proof that they are doing something right!
    If its not your cup of tea don’t bash.
    There are a lot of car buyers out there that don’t fall into the ‘best and brightest’ category and actually I am thankful for that!!!!!
    Why don’t you have a look at yourselves before you pass judgement on other peoples tastes!

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      I see most of the comments as valid criticisms of the marketing people involved in the naming of the vehicle and not the vehicle itself. For many of us, “8 Mile” conjures images other than what the marketers involved intended.

      If you don’t like the criticism, most manufacturers have a PR/news section where you can read about their vehicles and not see a single criticism.

      • 0 avatar

        These aren’t criticisms. They’re baseless parroting of a puff piece(about a trim package, mind you) with a negative tone.

        Sixty comments making fun of a car people haven’t seen yet are not valid criticism.

        Tell us, Derek– What is the optioning on this 8-Mile Edition 200? What color schemes will be available? Which wheels will be offered? Upholstery? Exhaust? Engine? Gauge mask? Will the clock be redesigned to match?

        Counter argument: Toyota is selling a Camry SE Sport Special Edition. Yes– this car is a Sport Edition Sport Special Edition– a very elegant naming scheme itself.

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    Don’t they understand that in the hip-hop world, something that came out 10 years ago might as well be Medievel history?

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