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The Hyundai Veracruz is no more. Hyundai’s oft-ignored big crossover will depart from the marketplace later this year, with the addition of a three-row 2013 Santa Fe. A three-row version of the previous Santa Fe was offered for a short time, but the third row compromised cargo space and offered minimal space for its occupants. The previous Santa Fe had a long life, perhaps too long. The new car should rectify the fact that the current model lagged far behind the level of overall quality and engineering that exists in current Hyundais.



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11 Comments on “Pour One Out For The Hyundai Veracruz...”

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    Well at least unlike Honda these guys aren’t afraid to put a bullet in a 3-legged horse’s head.

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    At first I was gonna comment that you had the wrong photo, had put the new Escape in place of the Hyundai. The I realized it was the new Hyundai, with the Ford logo in the background.

    I do hate the commonization of autotive design. Stoopid fuel economy and safety regs forcing engineers to one mutated angry blob shape.

    The beuatiful car is dead, long live the blob.

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    I’m guessing the inclusion of the Ford logo was intentional, considering how much this thing looks like an Escape clone.

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    Will the last one out of the A-pillar forward design studio please turn the lights off. Another front end that looks like every other car out there. My first thought was, “oh look, its a Ford not a Hyundai,” given the Gillette razor looking grille and styling that looks like every freakin’ other car/SUV out there. No fan of the current design DNA that is being foisted on us in the name of safety.


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    Hyundai only sells a few hundred Veracruz per month. My dealership doesn’t even stock them. This will be a major improvement. I had heard that Hyundai was working on a luxury crossover to replace the Veracruz. Wonder if that is still happening.

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    For the record, I almost bought a VC 3 years ago, but didn’t b/c I found it overweight, too thirsty and overpriced. Despite slow sales, the Hyundai dealer wasn’t dealing on that model. Good enough looking, though.

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    Put me in the “I thought it was an Escape at first glance” camp too!!

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    I’ve never consciously noticed a Veracruz on the road, for what that’s worth. It wasn’t ugly, gorgeous, or common enough, I guess. Hopefully the SantaFe-7 outsells it.

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    Come on, Derek! That’s another Crosstour, you can’t fool ALL of us!

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