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Over the last couple of weeks, your favorite travel agent has taken you on trips to BelarusEritreaChile and Georgia (mmm, am I really your favorite travel agent? I’m getting a little worried…). But you only have yourselves to blame: bFor the third week I’m only taking you where you asked to go. And today the destination is Myanmar (aka Burma). Why? Because SexCpotatoes (I really like your nick!) asked for it. I know, I know, it’s the 2nd time we follow SexCpotatoes suggestion, but no-one said you could only ask for one country!

Now if Myanmar is the last of your worries and you’d rather go to Malaysia this week, that’s absolutely fine because I have prepared 159 additional countries for you to explore in my blog. So don’t be shy and click away!

Of course Myanmar being the closed country we all know, there is no official sales data available.

But that’s when the fun begins! Or so I thought…

As you all know by now, when there is no data, in fact there is. Simply go to YouTube and search ‘Myanmar streets’ and you normally end up watching a flow of cars for hours and can make up a pretty good picture of actual sales. I even had people living in Sudan and Ghana telling me my YouTube guesses were pretty accurate! So there.

Except for Myanmar, all you get is footage of protests and other violent events. Let’s hope this country is on the right track now that there seems to be a little more freedom. Still, I managed to check out enough videos to be able to tell you that there are very nearly no new cars in circulation in the country.

Very high import taxes make new cars an out of reach prospect for most consumers, and in this context, the 1992 Toyota Corolla Station Wagon swarms the streets…

With the 1998 Nissan Sunny and 1993 Suzuki Wagon R also very popular.

A few extremely rare 2007 Toyota Corollas…

…and 2005 Toyota Hiluxes can also be seen.

And I’m afraid that’s all I have for you on Myanmar! At least now you know what the Burmese drive and you could even show off about your knowledge at fancy dinners.

Till next week folks!

You can see Yangon street scenes here.

This information is based on meticulous observation of recent YouTube videos of the streets of the capital Yangon.

Matt Gasnier, based in Sydney, Australia, runs a blog named Best Selling Cars, dedicated to counting cars all over the world.

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8 Comments on “Best Selling Cars Around The Globe: Myanmar Keeps Its Secrets...”

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    I have to admit, I didn’t expect you to use both of my suggestions! Thanks!

    Anyway, I figured Georgia would be interesting because I had read it was the smallest country in the world. At just under 27k sq mi it’s about midway between South Carolina’s total area of 31,117 sq mi and West Virginia’s 24,231 sq mi. But I didn’t know (& should have figured) it wouldn’t do very well in garnering comments here on TTAC.

    I had read something of Myanmar’s (or Burma’s) contentious history and human rights abuses, but didn’t realize the challenge I’d be posing you to find videos of street scenes that were not embroiled in protest. So thanks again, and I hope the rest of the suggestions are a bit easier for you and maybe a little surprising.

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      400 N

      Sorry, Georgia doesn’t even make the list of the top ten smallest countries:

      1. Vatican City 0.2 sq.mi.
      2. Monaco 0.7 sq.mi.
      3. Nauru 8.5 sq.mi.
      4. Tuvalu 9 sq.mi
      5. San Marino 24 sq mi.

      then Liechenstein, Marshall Islands, St.Kitts,various Caribbean islands. etc.

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    Still taking suggestions? I looked on your site, but I see nothing for the Bahamas. I remember when I was there several years ago I saw a hodge-podge of vehicles; some I know you couldn’t of bought in the states.

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    Do regular Burmese people buy cars? Or is it just government apparatchiks and people connected to the regimes? Which I would consider not really the “real” people of Burma, or Myanmar, as the unjust regime likes us to call them.

    Oh, and does someone know what’s that delicacy that people seem to be buying from that street vendor in the picture with the Wagon R? Looks yummy. Though it probably will give you Westerners stomach ache if you eat them…

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    Did you do Moldova yet?

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    I’m more interested in what a mafia don would drive. So what about Transnistria

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    I’ve noticed that Thailand hasn’t been done yet, could you do that country next? I’m interested to know what other vehicles, besides pickups are popular there.

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