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Over the last few weeks, we have travelled to GermanyCzech RepublicOman and Israel. Today we are stopping in Belarus, part of the USSR until 1990 and home to just under 10 million inhabitants.

Now if Cold War reminiscence, endless forests and Orthodoxy are not really your thing – well that’s not my business hey but I’ve got you covered: I have prepared 159 additional countries for you to visit in my blog, so don’t be shy and click away!

It took a while for Belarus to get rid of Russian influence but this year the best-selling car in the country is not Russian…

All the details after the jump…

The Belarus car market bucks all European trends this year and grows by 26 percent on 2010 to reach 16,275 registrations, that’s including Light Commercial Vehicles.

A significant event occurred in Belarus in 2011: the best-selling model in the country is not coming from Russia but from France or Romania, depending on which way you look at it: the Renault Logan (born Dacia) is up 6 spots and a massive 98 percent on 2010 to land in pole position with 630 sales and 3.9 percent market share, even though its facelift happened a few years back.

Belarus is third country in the world with Romania and Moldova where the Logan is #1 in 2011.

But the Russians are not far behind: in second position we find 2010′s best-seller, the GAZ Gazelle down a steep 62 percent to 475 units and 2.9 percent share…

…followed by the Lada Priora up 20 percent to 426 sales and 2.6 percent share.

Renault lodges another fantastic performance in 4th place: the Sandero is up 38 ranks and 405 percent year-on-year to reach 409 units sold and 2.5 percent, again very impressive given the Sandero has been around for a couple of years now.

A second Lada climbs in the Top 5: the 34 year-old 4×4 (aka Niva) with 382 sales, up 22 percent on 2010, an outstanding feat given its age.

Other great performers in the Top 10 include the VW Polo sedan landing directly at #6, the Ford Focus up 311 percent to #9 and the Mitsubishi Outlander up 78 percent to #10.

Below, the Hyundai Accent ranks directly #11 and the VW Touareg has a brilliant year, up no less than 50 spots and 468 percent on 2010 to #13 with 284 sales!

Belarus Full Year 2011 Top 30

Pos Model Units Share
1 Renault Logan 630 3.9%
2 GAZ Gazelle 475 2.9%
3 Lada Priora 426 2.6%
4 Renault Sandero 409 2.5%
5 Lada 4×4 382 2.3%
6 VW Polo sedan 360 2.2%
7 Daewoo Matiz 349 2.1%
8 UAZ Farmer 326 2.0%
9 Ford Focus 325 2.0%
10 Mitsubishi Outlander 317 1.9%
11 Hyundai Accent 312 1.9%
12 Peugeot Partner 291 1.8%
13 VW Touareg 284 1.7%
14 Skoda Octavia 279 1.7%
15 Lada 2107 258 1.6%
16 VW Passat 257 1.6%
17 Kia Sportage 250 1.5%
18 VW Golf 230 1.4%
19 Audi A4 226 1.4%
20 VW Caddy 224 1.4%
21 Skoda Superb 223 1.4%
22 Audi Q5 223 1.4%
23 Nissan Pathfinder 209 1.3%
24 VW Tiguan 208 1.3%
25 Mitsubishi Pajero 208 1.3%
26 Audi A6 197 1.2%
27 Peugeot Boxer 187 1.1%
28 VW Polo 186 1.1%
29 Lada Samara 178 1.1%
30 Volvo XC90 175 1.1%

You can see the 2011 Top 140 here.

You can also see the 2010 Top 80  here.

And now for your traditional golden nugget because I know you have come to expect it every week!

Whereas in neighboring Ukraine Chinese models are starting to do really well, in Belarus they’re just not there yet. The Great Wall Hover is still leading the pack but is down 16 percent on 2010 to a poor 102nd position with just 32 sales, followed by the Chery Tiggo at #136 and 17 units. The Chery QQ sells 11 units and the Great Wall Florid 6…

So now you can say in your next high society dinner (or at the pub): “But the Chinese have not spread across the entire ex-USSR just yet, only in Ukraine and Tajikistan“… You will definitely make an impact I’m sure.

And here you go: you are now an expert on Belarus car sales – I bet you didn’t expect that while turning on your computer today! But that’s the beauty of Best Selling Cars Around The Globe: you never know where you’re going to end up next!

Data sourced from

Matt Gasnier, based in Sydney, Australia, runs a blog named Best Selling Cars, dedicated to counting cars all over the world.

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5 Comments on “Best Selling Cars Around The Globe: Belarus Over Russian Cars Yet?...”

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    That Gazelle’s front end must be inspired by toothy Buicks of the 1950s.

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    >the best-selling model in the country is not coming from Russia but from France or Romania

    Logan is made at Avtoframos plant in Moscow. I am not sure, but it is possible that at least some of the 630 cars sold in 2011 actually did come from Russia.

  • avatar

    Once again, a country where smaller fuel efficient cars are popular, and Fiat is nowhere on the list. I would expect Fiat to be pushing hard to expand in such markets. Is Sergio spending too much time with Chrysler, or was it his predecessors who failed to expand into these markets?

  • avatar

    “A second Lada climbs in the Top 5: the 34 year-old 4×4 (aka Niva) with 382 sales, up 22 percent on 2010, an outstanding feat given its age.”

    You should check also when Lada 2107 & Samara started being manufactured. I thought 2105/7 was discontinued several years ago.

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