Best Selling Cars Around The Globe: Oman Really Loves Toyota

Matt Gasnier
by Matt Gasnier

Over the past few weeks, I have taken you on trips through The Entire World (yep!), France, Germany and Czech Republic. This week we fly over to the Sultanate of Oman…

Now if sand, rocks, blue sky and very sugary candy are not your thing, I don’t believe you – but hey that’s fine because I have prepared 159 additional countries for you to visit in my blog, so don’t be shy and click away!

Oman consumers have decided: they will only buy one brand of cars…

…well almost.

168,789 new vehicles were registered in the Sultanate of Oman in 2011, that 61 per thousand inhabitants, compared to 41 in the USA.

For most of the year the Toyota Hilux was the best-selling model in the country, but a weak month of December due to Thai supply issues brought it down to #2 with 18,996 sales and 11.3 percent market share.

The massive Toyota Land Cruiser, an icon in the Persian Gulf region, finishes the year as the best-selling model in the Sultanate in 2011 with 19,444 units sold and 11.5 percent market share.

In third place we find a Toyota: the Land Cruiser Pick-up sells 13,896 units for a 8.2 percent market share

In 4th position is a… Toyota, the Prado at 6.3 percent,

The 5th best-selling model this year in Oman is a… Toyota, the Hiace at 3.8 percent. Did I mention Oman loves Toyota? No? That’s awkward because the #6 best-selling model is also a Toyota, the Corolla at 3.6 percent share…

… as well as the the Camry at 2.9 percent.

Yes, you read it right! The 7 best-selling models in Oman in 2011 are all Toyotas! Talk about a love story…

But wait there are also non-Toyotas in the ranking: first of them is the Kia Cerato at #8 with 4,485 units and 2.7 percent but it is the Nissan Sunny (#9 at 2.3 percent) that reached the highest monthly ranking for a non-Toyota in Oman this year at #4 in December.

Notice also the Lexus LX at bringing the Land Cruiser family’s market share in Oman to an insane 28 percent!

Oman 2011 Top 30

PosModelUnitsShare1Toyota Land Cruiser19,44411.5%2Toyota Hilux18,99611.3%3Toyota Land Cruiser P/U13,8968.2%4Toyota Prado10,9036.5%5Toyota Hiace6,4533.8%6Toyota Corolla6,0943.6%7Toyota Camry4,9112.9%8Kia Cerato4,4852.7%9Nissan Sunny – RSM3,8262.3%10Nissan D223,6622.2%11Kia Sportage3,0141.8%12Hyundai Elantra (MAR11)2,9911.8%13Lexus LX2,8221.7%14Kia Rio2,7281.6%15Hyundai Sonata2,7041.6%16Nissan Sunny2,4161.4%17Hyundai Accent (JAN11)2,2601.3%18Toyota Yaris2,0941.2%19Nissan Navara2,0191.2%20Hyundai Santa Fe1,9131.1%21Nissan Tiida1,8291.1%22Nissan Altima1,8001.1%23Nissan Patrol1,6761.0%24Toyota Fortuner1,5200.9%25Kia Optima1,4970.9%26Toyota Aurion1,3840.8%27Isuzu NPR1,3680.8%28Toyota Avalon1,2970.8%29Toyota Coaster1,1460.7%30Hyundai Tucson1,1230.7%

You can see the Oman 2011 Top 100 best-selling models Ranking here.

Now for the golden nugget so you can shine at posh dinners this year: Oman is one of four countries in the world with Bahrain, Qatar and possibly Somalia (my estimation on that last one) where the Toyota Land Cruiser is the best-selling model!

Over and out for this week!

Thanks for listening.

Matt Gasnier, based in Sydney, Australia, runs a blog named Best Selling Cars, dedicated to counting cars all over the world.

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