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After Afghanistan, Norway and Haiti, I will continue to surprise you and get us all to Mongolia for our next stop. Yes Mongolia, and why not? Some of you have already expressed strong interest in that particular country so I didn’t feel I could wait any longer to let you know all about the best selling cars there…

Now let’s be honest, hands up who has been to Mongolia?

Thought so. So get yourself over the jump and discover all about yak-replacements… Now if you live there (serious. if you do, please say hi!) or you are yaked out, there’s always my blog where 155 more countries are covered


Landlocked between Russia and China, you would assume the Mongolian car landscape would be a mix of…


…and this…

…and this.

Not so.

Ladas and Chinese cars are very rare in the streets of Ulan Bataar.

Instead, recent YouTube videos of the streets of Mongolia’s capital show that Hyundai has established a solid grip on the Mongolian car market, with various generations of Hyundai Pony/Accent and Sonata the most common sights…

Like these ones…

…or these ones…

…or even that one.

So in this context I will be bold.

And venture a – calculated – bet: the new generations of Hyundai Accent…

…and Sonata should in all logic lead the models ranking in Mongolia in 2011. Perhaps not yet as both models may still be in their launch phase, but almost surely by the end of the year.

Japanese brands are also appreciated in Mongolia, especially Toyota. And 4WDs are the preferred choice in this mountainous country. For example, other models that should find their way towards the Mongolian Top 10 are the Toyota Land Cruiser…

…Nissan X-Trail, and possibly Nissan Qashqai and Tiida.


I know I owe you a little trivia nugget at the end of each article so you can show off in posh dinners about your nerdy knowledge of the best-selling cars around the world. To my defence, isn’t the fact that Hyundai and not Lada is dominating Mongolian car sales a weighty nugget enough?


Thank you.

If you have any official car sales data for Mongolia please make sure to comment on this post!

Matt Gasnier, based in Sydney, Australia, runs a blog named Best Selling Cars, dedicated to counting cars all over the world.

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9 Comments on “Best Selling Cars Around The Globe: Mongolia falls for Korea...”

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    Which only goes to show that the consumer will always (in general, of course) spend his money on the best value available.

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    Now let’s be honest, hands up who has been to Mongolia?

    I have.

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      How was it Signal?

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        Like a dry, Chinese Alaska.

        That whole region west is very similar, only with different ethnicities. Take central Alaska, only more arid, switch out all the buildings for cold war, grey Russian architecture and you’ve pretty much got western Mongolia and all of the old former Soviet -stans.

        I came in from the Russian/Tuvan side for an MDR TB pilot project in a small town in the NW. Whole thing fell apart and never went anywhere. I was there for a couple days mostly at the university TB clinic. I saw mostly Russian vehicles. I’m not too good at Russian/eastern Euro model recognition so I couldn’t tell you what exactly. I didn’t see very many Hyundais, if any.

        Never been to Ulaanbator.

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    It isn’t that surprising that Mongolians drive Korean cars as they probably made parts of it when they worked there. A million+ Mongolians work in South Korean

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    Not really that surprising…Mongolians tend to like Korea and their languages are also somewhat similar. And for various political reasons they have reasons to dislike both China and Russia, and obviously there’s the plain fact that Hyundais are better cars than Ladas or Brilliances, etc.

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    If a million Mongolians work in Korea Id say they know whats good value and what isnt

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    I like yurts.

    And if I had a son I would have wanted to name the spawn Ghengis Kahn Kelley.

    No wimpy soft “J” sound in Ghengis as in “Julie.”


    Under threat of disembowelment the “Ghengis” would have a hard “G” sound as in “gut-wrenching/despoilment disembowelment.”

    Yeah. Yurts would be great places for working-poor masses to live.

    Perhaps if I end up in that isolated rural spot a yurt would allow quickly-erected affordable housing.

    Just stay away from my yurt.

    Addressing snail mail would be interesting.

    I can envision Xmas cards (IF I ever send any but unlikely) “from our yurt to yours.”

    That does have a certain “cachet” to it.

    Now, get outta’ here.

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    my english poor, sorry. I’m from Mongolia-Ulaanbaatar
    My TOP 20 best selling cars in UB is…
    1. Toyota Prius
    2. Toyota MARK II
    3. Toyota ALLION
    4. Toyota Kluger
    5. Toyota LAND CRUISER
    8. Hyundai SONATA NF
    9. Hyundai Tucson
    10. Hyundai Accent
    11. Toyota Altezza
    12. Toyota CAMRY
    13. Honda CIVIC
    14. HONDA CR-V
    16. TOYOTA Hilux SURF
    17. Nissan Tiida
    18. Nissan Patrol
    19. Nissan X-trail
    20. Nissan TEANA

    Mongolia is very high demand second car market. All car is import from 1. Japan 2. Korea 3. USA 4. Germany 5. UEA
    Best selling top brand is 1. Toyota 2. Hyundai 3. Nissan 4. Honda

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