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With today’s chart showing the abject failure of Lexus’s HS250h, we thought we’d dig deeper into Lexus’s 2011 performance by breaking out the brand’s core model sales over the year. And, to be perfectly honest, they don’t look as bad as you might expect. Though the tsunami-related supply shortages cut a huge hole out of Lexus’s sales this year, the overall momentum model-by-model doesn’t seem as bad as I might have thought, given that Lexus is the most-stumbling brand of the  year, sales-wise. And, to give a little more context to this focused at Lexus’s portfolio, we’ve included a chart of year-over-year performances through October of all the luxury/premium brands. 


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8 Comments on “Chart Of The Day: Lexus Core Models (Plus Luxury/Premium Brands) In 2011...”

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    The Camry and jacked up Camry wagon are the Lexus sales leaders by far. Maybe a front-wheel-drive Jaguar could sell well after all.

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      Agreed. Also seen in the form of Audi Golfs and Lincoln Fusions.

      Maybe Jaguar can use the Nano platform. Indian engineering at its best.

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      PJ McCombs

      You really cannot drive or ride in those cars and say with a straight face that they’re Camrys. Nothing the non-enthusiast will ever see or touch is the same, which is how *good* badge engineering works. And the 2% of enthusiasts who know about the shared oily bits wouldn’t buy such boring cars anyway.

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    This is why I laugh when people say that Luxury MUST be RWD. Lexus, the largest Luxury brand in the US (well, not this year, but for the past several) sells the vast majority of its vehicles in FWD form.

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    Saab is up 25%!!! They sold a fifth car this year! Anyone understand why Land Rover is up and Jaguar is down? It doesn’t look like Lexus’ SUV sales are gaining year over year, or falling less from year to year. Other than one brand selling cars and one selling CUVs, all US market Tatas offer the same combination of styling that appeals to a particular demographic and quality that appeals to mechanics looking for regular work.

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    I’d be interested to see Lexus’s marketing and advertising of these models. May explain the RX’s deep up and downs.

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    Ford apparently just doesn’t know how to steward a luxury brand. Top performer so far this year is Volvo, since being sold to the Geely. Land Rover is another strong performer, and although Jaguar is down slightly, I think they picked up last year after the sale to Tata. All improved AFTER Ford sold them off. Maybe Ford should sell Lincoln off too, not that their would be any takers.

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    The HS was a good buy when they knocked off seven grand CDN last year around new year’s day (I still have their pdf sales brochure). That would have made it a worthwhile entry-level luxury vehicle.

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