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The BMW F10 M5 has been shot at the Nürburgring, shown as a “concept,” and has generally been exposed to expectant fans the world over. But even as it was caught prepping for US market duty in Southern California, the name of the game was “look but don’t talk.” We’ve discussed the anti-social tendencies of test mule drivers before, but for some reason it always seems to surprise the folks who come across a mule on the road. On the other hand, if you saw a brand-new M5 on the road with private plates, would you expect the driver to give you the time of day? I thought not.

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20 Comments on “Look At, But Don’t Talk To, The New BMW M5 (F10)...”

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    I love the little bit of camo on the edge of the mirror. That is crucial.

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      I never have understood the whole test mule camo thing. I guess it may help in the moment of real time, but once it is frozen in time by a picture, does it really have a purpose?

      Maybe its added to actually attract attention – “Hey! Look at me, snap my picture and send it to Motor Trend, I’m the new ….”

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    Wow that’s a bold new look for BMW! Quite a departure from old. Would’ve never in a million years imagined it was made by BMW, Ever!

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      Bmw’s design is getting old. I like the fact the trunk lid isn’t as high as the driver’s shoulder. but it is need of a new front and rear. Someone in the industry needs to bring back round headlights.

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    Guy recording should have asked for grey poupon mustard.

    And the recorder wasn’t showing himself to be much of a car guy if he was letting his woman drive.

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      Umm.. well, maybe she’s a car enthusiast herself. Or maybe it’s just her car. Or maybe you’re just making pointless assumptions.

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      Hi, that is my video and I run the BMW website

      I was driving, my girl was in the passenger seat recording. No offense, but you probably should not comment when you have no idea what you are talking about.

      Secondly, what does it matter who is driving? Are you really so insecure you could not be in a car with a woman driving? I don’t think people should take your opinion all that seriously considering not only are you wrong, you are ignorant.


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    I was kind of hoping they’d show the BMW blasting off from the stoplight when it turned green…no dice.

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    If I came across a new M5 with private plates and the windows down stopped at a light and asked the owner about it, I would certainly expect some sort of reaction. Something along the lines of a big smile, a thumbs up or a simple “love it”. Being ignored completely is the last reaction I’d expect.

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    In the voice of the pimply teenager from the Simpsons
    “Sirrr, I run a websitee*squeak*. This is going to be on the *crackle* internets!”

    The BMW test driver does not fear teenagers with websites who threaten the internet.

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      “This is going to be on the internets later.” Yeah. Along with the other eleventy-billion “New M5 Spotted” SEO-churn auto-writer hopefuls.

      And, I wonder if that guy’s M3 was in the shop for a new SMG pump or baller wheel install. The door panels in the camera car smack of mid-90s Saturn SL1 or the like; surprising second car for an M3 owner, methinks, but perhaps this guy is more “biggest fan” than target demographic.


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        Pickup truck, maybe a Ridgeline. You can tell from the passenger mirror in the first seconds of the video.

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        The guy happens to run a popular and respected BMW website out of SoCal. He also has a Gintani supercharged M3 (700 hp with a 130 trap speed in the 1/4) that’s one of the quickest in the world, if not the quickest. He’s pretty well respected in BMW circles.

        I have no affiliation but do know who he is and I know about his website. I also know that he is a very nice guy and really knows his stuff. It’s unfortunate for people to make such cynical assumptions. He’s far from being a “pimple-faced teenager.”

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        Yep, it’s in the shop for a new SMG pump:

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      First of all, I’m 27 years old.

      Secondly, I wasn’t threatening the guy I simply have a genuine interest in BMW’s being that I do own an M3 and it is highly modified.

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    Customer relations, #1! Could at least wave back or such.

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      Exactly my point.

      Anyway, for those interested, this was the manual F10 M5 testing in SoCal. Pics and details:

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    Crazy German techniques to ignore people? What techniques are those? HI FELLA, IT’S ME! I HAVE AN M3 AT HOME! I’m surprised the test driver didn’t roll up the windows. Was our reporter expecting to get an interview?

    How old are the people writing these articles, anyway. It’s embarrassing.

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    if i was him i’m look over to M3 driver completely unimpressed and then wind up the windows…

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