By on May 25, 2011

SB Medien may call the forthcoming FT-86 a “Celica replacement,” but in this first video of the latest near-production prototype, the budget rear-drive coupe nearly runs into a Supra which apparently belongs to the development team. The Supra shows up once more in the video’s ‘ring testing footage (about 1:55 in), suggesting again that it’s somehow involved in the testing or benchmarking process. How and why? Your speculation is as good as mine…

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8 Comments on “Near-Production FT-86 Rubs Shoulders With Supra [Video]...”

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    The video sure seems polished… I chalk it up to a PR stunt.

    While the FT-86 appears to be the best-looking offering Toyota has had for what seems like forever, it still doesn’t excite me.

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      Clearly, it is impossible for someone to have tailed the prototype to the garage and set someone up outside their garage to get spy video. Those same people that make a living taking spyshots and videos wouldn’t have decent recording equipment, either. It is also impossible to edit different clips together to make a polished video because only OEMs have those tools.

      Come on, guys, no need for the tin foil caps.

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    John R

    I smell PR tomfoolery also. I feel like if they were serious about bench marking either the RX-8, the Miata, S2000 or the 1-series, etc. would be hanging around.

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      I don’t see any indication that the Supra is being used for “benchmarking” from the video itself… or even that it’s directly involved with the FT86. At plenty of points in the video you can see other “spy” photographers. It could be that the Supra owner is just a really dedicated Toyota fan, following the prototype around along with the spy camera crews.

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    Felis Concolor

    Nice PV array on that garage: I’m guessing 6.5KW.

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    Notice how the car looses and regains it rear-wing magically throughout that video?

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    Let’s just say that if you work at Toyota and are an aficionado, which car other than a MkIV would you want to own and drive?

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