By on March 28, 2010

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42 Comments on “2011 Scion xB: You Can’t Fix (Or Facelift) Ugly...”

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    My problem with it is not that it is ugly. It is that this model weighs hundreds of pounds more than the original, and provides less room for the driver.

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      And facelifts don’t reduce weight – it takes real engineering to do that. Increasing weight will also reduce fuel economy, performance.

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      It’s not true that it has less space. In fact, 2G is more comfortable for tall drivers. They also fixed the door handles (in 1G it was impossibe to open doors if they were locked, and in all normal cars handles auto-unlock for safety). In my humble opinion, ergonomics of 2G were imporved across the board. But it is a bloatmobile in the way the original was not.

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      This is still the best cab anyone’s ever built. I don’t care if it weighs more than the original xB as long as it has way more leg room than a Crown Vic, and takes up less space in traffic than a Crown Vic.

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      I never considered one of these as a cab until I passed one today, in downtown Chicago. I can see its usefulness, but I have to agree with the others, the original was more compelling.

      And the XD is equally forgettable.

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    Change for the sake of change usually isn’t a good thing. And heavier is definitely NOT a good thing. Just my $0.02…….

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    Memo to Toyota designers: I know you guys are blind, be honest you know it’s true, but –trust me– bulging, curvy fenders do not go well with a purposely squarish, boxy design. And what’s with the gills in the bumper? Shrug. More Toyota ugliness.

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    Who on earth designed that nose? It looks completely ridiculous and out of place.

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    Who did Toyota contract the styling to-the ghost of Salvador Dali?
    The original Xb was attractive in its own way and quite functional. This thing is an abomination-aside from the fact it is larger and heavier. I’ve seen a fair number of older buyers driving the original version; I think Toyota felt that was damaging the street creed with younger buyers that Scion was supposed to bring into the Toyota fold.
    That’s my take anyway.

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    Toyota’s designers have watched one too many episodes of “Pimp My Ride”. The ’11 xB looks like an ’09 xB with a cheap ricer body kit on it.

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    Holy Formula Scion Batman!

    “In order to prevent birds and squirrels from colliding with the hood of the car, we have installed massive side intakes to hoover them away, and roast them with heat from the front rotors.”

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    LOL that front bumper is the most hideous bumper I have EVER seen!

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    Well, it’s not boring and wrapped in beige, but it sure is ugly. Hold on to your kids; one of these goes by at 60 MPH those front side vents just might suck the toddlers in.

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    Robert Schwartz

    The original XB was kind of cute and very functional. All it really needed was the 1.8 from the corolla. But, no that would have beeen the easy way out. First they had to uglify it, then they had to stick the too big Camry motor in it. What is next? mating with an FJ?

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    Agreed that its no better. Blech.

    The JDM Rumion has a slightly better looking, less bulbous front IMO:

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    I got the original XB, and for that matter the rest of the Scion line-up. It wasn’t Toyota, but it came with the legendary Toyota reputation. I also get why people of my generation bought the XB. It was inexpensive, reliable and frickin’ super roomy. It was a box, but it made no pretenses otherwise (I’m looking at you X-5!) It was a cheap Element; you could go antiquing, or take the dogs to the park without spending a ton of money, but it came with the reputation.

    This monstrosity? It’s ugly, not quirky like the original. What do I see a lot of my generation driving? Kia Souls and Nissan Cubes, and while they may be smaller than the first generation XB, at least they’re not butt-ugly like the redone 2009 and the face-lifted 2011 XB.

    Maybe the driving ergonomics of the first generation needed improvement, but it was fairly light, had excellent storage space, and a phenomenal greenhouse. The new one looks like a Matrix on steroids, with the corresponding smaller greenhouse.

    Just wait and watch as the new Hyundai Tuscon and the face-lifted Kia Rondo (whenever that shows up) and the re-done Ford Escape will push this new XB to the bottom of the sales pack.

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      I heard Soul sucked, although Cube is pretty awesome. BTW, you know what millenials drive around here? Fit. No, really. It does not have a lot of distinctive styling but it’s about the same thing as the original xB, and it’s reasonably cheap for the utility. I heard you can fit a drum stack in it.

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      I have not driven a Kia Soul. I did crawl around the interior of one at the San Fran Car Show. I think they have a brilliant ad campaign for starters. I also think from the outside it is the best looking “box on wheels” on the market today.

      The inside was cheap. Oh I get it, I’m not the generation that would buy this vehicle, I get the price point, and I get it is a Kia. With all that said I was, “ack, this is REALLY cheap inside.”

      Can’t comment on road manners, etc. etc. etc.

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    The original xB was introduced in Japan in 2000 so it was pretty old by the time the change came.

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    Does this remind anybody else of a MkIV Golf? Only, you know, with the proportions stretched here and there.

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    Reminds me of a squirrel with its cheeks full of nuts.

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    the huge Can-Am/Le Mans style brake cooling ducts is just comical

    since it drives little discs and calipers…

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    Amendment X

    You can’t fix ugly, and you can’t fix stupid

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    This is a good example of what TMC has become.

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      Agreed. When people heap praise at the feet of TMC I think A LOT of people are living in the 80’s to mid-90’s before decontenting, beige-ification, the death of the Celica, Supra, MR2, and the slow drip drip drip of declining quality (I didn’t say bad quality people relax), a decline in power trains across the line, and in the last few years, some really horrible gaffes in material quality, fit and finish, way too many products diluting the brand, and a graying demographic. (and I don’t mean TMC Floor Mats of Certain Death). I sat in a new 2009 Camry and I thought I was going to black out from the aroma of cheap plastic venting gas. This is not the 1997 Toyota Camry I remember, or the near Lexus nice 2003 Camry I’ve driven (OK, the car is nice, the driving dynamics are suck-tastic).

      In North America Toyota hasn’t built anything inspiring or ground breaking in a decade, if not longer. Hey, Ford developed heir own hybrid system in parallel, so sorry, the Toyota hybrid system isn’t ground breaking in itself (no Ford does not pay homage to Toyota for their hybrid systems, that is a myth). Ya I know the IS-F, great they copied the Germans without any semblance of road feel in a totally numb package (insert golf clap here).

      To Scion specifically, the xB is a favorite of the blue haired Boca Raton set, the xD, ack, enough said, and the 11 year old tC? This is a neglected brand, at best.

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    My ’05 xB1 turned 30k this past week. I think I’ll keep it another 15 years.

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    Dave M.

    1. add a sunroof option
    2. move the IC to in front of the driver like God intended
    3. reduce engine to 2.0

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    I would not mind the new nose/grill at all if the bumper intakes weren’t so overpowering. It takes away from other styling points because of their ‘in your face’ size and looks. If they were removed, I think the nose/grill would look a lot more appealing.

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    Mechanic: What seems to be the problem with your Scion, sir?
    Col. Sanders: It’s Mega-Maid; she’s gone from suck to blow!

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      Spaceballs! Gotta rent that sometime.

      I think Ed’s wordless post is perfect: the pictures speak for themselves. Or perhaps these craptastic images overwhelmed the verbal processing center in his brain – I know it took me a few minutes to recover…

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    I want a hauler and I don’t care much about looks. I don’t care if it is an xB, Cube, Soul, Fit, or Transit Connect. But what I also want is some effort by the manufacturers in efficiency.

    Gone are the days when we should accept less than 40+ mpg city for small vehicles.

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    Don’t forget, this xB has much better side and rollover crash ratings than the 1G.
    And if you remove the knockouts, much cooler front brakes as well.

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    I have an 05 xB (excellent); Scion will never get my business for one of these things.

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    The one thing they did right with the new exterior was fix that goofy one(1) in-bumper reverse light.
    Too bad they added in red reflectors, to cheapen and “busy” the bumper needlessly.

    Also, the interior is slightly revised with front seats that seem less fat-ass friendly (no bolsters in the non “updated” version) and a better arm rest solution.

    I dunno, it still seems like a fair amount of kit for a young family at $16k, but so is the 1st Gen, and it’s going to run you a bit less coin.
    Not sure if I could leave this on the list of my 1-kid, 1-dog vehicles of interest.

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    The original xB was a toyota BB… I don’t understand why, when the new gen BB arrived (which also look like crap anyway.) The xB became a rebadged Toyota Rumion… Makes no sense whatsoever…

    GIS on the topic:

    The BB

    The “please kill me” Rumion:

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    If you guys wanted to do some journalism, you might try taking the time to figure out how many of the changes to the xB were due to changing federal safety regulations.

    Everyone is blaming the pork on Toyota, but I have a feeling that a lot of the changes are due to us. The blunted and inflated nose strikes me as something to satisfy the pedestrian safety standards, and the bloat on the sides and corners likely comes from airbags and side impact stuff.

    The irony is that many in the automotive press are faux-outraged about the UI deaths, but if cars were built the way enthusiasts want them to be – like the old days – thousands more people would die in accidents.

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    We don’t get Scions in Canada (yet).
    So I don’t have a history with Scion. So I don’t care that this xB is different than the old xB. Or that it doesn’t look as good as the old xB.

    What I see is ugly/but funky looking car that (I assume) has tremendous space efficiency, and knowing Toyota, great fuel efficiency, reliabilty, resale, UIA(ha,ha!), etc. Without any Scion prejudices, this looks like a great family vehicle to me.

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    Looks like someone finally punched the thing in the kisser.

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    Now with 50% more underbite, why?

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    My 2008 xB is just fine. This thing though is not ugly cool, it is just ugly ugly.

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    What a bunch of whiners here. No, Scion is not going back to the tin-can ’06 model. The redesign in ’08 made it a much safer and more substantial car. I guess if you like driving a car without side airbags and poor crash test ratings, continue driving your ’06 models.

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