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Rolls-Royce unveiled a Rare Ride today, marking the first time we’re featuring a car in this series on the day of its release. Ultra-luxurious, it’s intended to showcase its owner’s wealth, exclusivity, and picnic planning skills.

The new Boat Tail is a continuation of the bespoke car program at Rolls-Royce. Initiated a few years ago by the enormous Sweptail coupe, the $13,000,000 one-off of 2017 proved there was at least some market for the bespoke modern automobile. Today’s coupe is the first in a series of three cars, each with a different personality.

Designed with considerable input from the individuals who commissioned them, the new set of coupes marks Rolls-Royce Coachbuild as an official program within the company. Each coupe will first and foremost represent the taste and personality of its patron, as one terms one’s support of the true arts. Thus far, Rolls has revealed only the first Boat Tail with its Hors d’Oeuvre on the Lawn theme and is keeping the other two hush-hush.

At nineteen feet long, the new Boat Tail features modern Rolls-Royce styling themes but also visits other design tropes without the restrictions of non-artisanal corporate mass production. The general theme per its name is a nautical one: windows, pillars, and body edges are all reminiscent of powerboats. Funny enough the customer’s favorite color is blue, so the land yacht’s theme carries through to the paint, which is blended with metallic and crystal flecks. Rolls had an employee run a finger over the body line before the paint dried to ensure a soft finish. The hood is painted with an ombré effect with its deepest blue at the front and is the first time Rolls has applied such a paint technique. Blue fiber is also woven into the lower panels of the car at a 55-degree angle, to mimic the wake of a watercraft.

Blue continues into the bespoke interior, darker at the front and graduating to lighter at the rear. Stitching on the interior is a more intense shade of blue, and matches the central clock (more on that shortly). The look is supplemented by open-pore Caleidolegno wood (a dark grey shade) applied to the lower portions of the interior and the floor, as on a hull. The wood is installed at 55 degrees along the exact center of the interior, so it always looks balanced from any angle.

To help the owner keep with appointments there are two, two-sided tourbillon timepieces included in the car. Developed with Swiss maker BOVET 1822, Rolls spent three years creating them. They’re regular wristwatches to be worn by the owners, or optionally converted to mantlepieces. They can be installed in the Boat Tail’s fascia as the clock.

The pièce de résistance of the Boat Tail is its rear accommodation. No not the back seats, but rather the trunk arrangement. Rolls-Royce has fitted per the customer’s request a rear parasol, which is produced by the Boat Tail at the press of a button. It recalls the tradition of the Rolls-Royce rolled umbrella except really extra. Wooden panels atop the trunk open to present cocktail tables and stools, all stowed at the rear. The stools are composed of the same material as the car’s exterior, and allow seating for two at the “hosting suite.” There are glasses, a double champagne fridge, cutlery, you name it. By the way, fridge cradles hold only the specific Armand de Brignac champagne the customer prefers.

The press release for the Boat Tail is about 40 pages long, but we’ve hit the high points of this extreme luxury coupe. It might be for sale in a decade or so, at some “Price Upon Request” figure. It’s certainly a lot, but it’s also certainly unique. Hats off to an owner for committing the time and money necessary to make a truly bespoke modern car happen.

[Images: Rolls-Royce]

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29 Comments on “Rare Rides: The 2021 Rolls-Royce Boat Tail, for Luxury Picnic Enjoyment...”

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    But… can it float?

    I feel like $13,000,000 should be buying me some James Bond-esque features. Oh and the headlight mounted rockets better not be in some next level trim.

  • avatar

    Maybe it’s just me but the butt of that thing reminds me of styling treatments found on a number of AMC (!) show cars of the 60s. Take a look at the one-off Rambler “sporty” car from the early 60s which predated the release of Ford’s production 1964 1/2 Mustang, currently residing in The Henry Ford (museum) in Dearborn. Dick Teague would have been honored by Rolls Royce’s shameless plagiarism of his work….

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    That gives me ideas on how to spruce up the trunk of my 2005 Buick LeSabre. I’m in a bit of a budget squeeze, so the materials will have to come from Big Lots, Target, and Pep Boys. Willingness to settle for a rough approximation will keep the costs down.

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    SCE to AUX

    “Rolls had an employee run a finger over the body line before the paint dried to ensure a soft finish.”

    Automating that step would have saved a little money. Tesla could have shown them how to do it.

    • 0 avatar

      The price point allows for a human touch, and for the money I would want that vs a robotic arm.

    • 0 avatar

      Once, coming out of a bar, a really hot and drunk Scottish girl from Glasgow liked my car so much, she decided to give it a lap dance. They should hire her and charge a couple of million extra for the special service.

  • avatar

    “a double champagne fridge”

    Imagine being one of those dirt-covered losers with only a *single* champagne fridge in their convertible.

  • avatar

    Look ma, I spent $13mill on a 300K car!!! Just like my Bankstertown condo! I’m, like, a, like “inveeestor!!!” Yeah, yeah, Yeah!!!

  • avatar

    A true land yacht.

  • avatar
    cimarron typeR

    I kinda think this bespoke type of Roller could be reproduced by any number of custom car builders we see on cable TV every day. I’m pretty sure the craftsmanship would be similar from what I glean on my 4k TV images of guys like Kindig etc.

    • 0 avatar
      Art Vandelay

      I’ll give Kindig credit. Some of his builds return to the shop with real miles on them. I feel like if you tell him you are planning on actually driving it he will build your car accordingly.

      Too rich for my blood, but if I had the means I’d have him build my car before I enlisted Chip Foose for sure and certainly before I gave those Gas Monkey dudes a penny.

  • avatar

    Pretense knows no bounds. I’m really having trouble picturing what kind of d**che-nozzle would buy something like this

    • 0 avatar

      A very rich one. Which brings us to the point of why in the world would such a wealthy man want a picnic set and a lawn umbrella in the back of his car. Is he trying to get ready for a lunch date in a park, right next to the parking lot?

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    “Ultra-luxurious, it’s intended to showcase its owner’s wealth, exclusivity, and picnic planning skills.”

    To my eyes it showcases the cynical ploy of BMW/Rolls Royce to extract 13 million dollars from the bank account of some Russian oligarch with more money than style sense with this abomination. That rear end looks grafted on from a completely different design school than the rest of the car.

    You want to see what a perfectly-proportioned, consistently-designed automobile of classic proportions looks like, BMW? Take a lesson from Joe Oro’s and Elwood Engel’s 1961 Lincoln Continental classic and learn something. (Oh, I forgot – you already shamelessly copied that one with the Rolls this was derived from. They did it better sixty years ago.) Good Lord, where have the good vehicle designers gone?

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    Tele Vision

    That’s close to the colour we painted my friends’ 1984 Chevy truck, after we did the bodywork. I had cardboard backing behind the Bondo around the rear wheel arches, which worked fine. We had beer in the truck bed – so pretty much the same thing as whatever this car is.

    Does the cooler keep the booze at 10C night and day? Does the suspension prevent any and all vibrations from entering the entire car? Does said suspension eradicate any and all G-forces when actually moving?

    If not that fine wine will be fizzy plonk in no time.

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    Is it for Saudis/Emirates/Russians or it is for Europe too? It reminds me Chrysler for some reason too.

  • avatar

    A fender bender will be a challenge to be met by the body and paint guy. Blending and matching the new paint with paint whose color fades from front to back will require all of his artistic talents.

  • avatar

    The back looks like the back end of a very beautiful car that looks nothing like a RR Wraith. Grafted to a Wraith the effect is just kind of comical, sort of a scaled-up version of one of those RR front ends people put on VW Bugs.

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