QOTD: Worst of the Worst?

qotd worst of the worst

In a Question of the Day post earlier this month, Matthew Guy inquired about the manufacturer which had the greatest number of great cars in their company’s history.

Today we’re going to flip it, and talk about all the awful things. Prepare your fingers for the incoming salt.

Reading the request for greatness, my mind went to the segment from Top Gear all those years ago where the trio from Guildford, Oxfordshire, or wherever named Lancia as their winner. Commenter Notapreppie had the same thoughts, though he pointed out that most Lancia models were never available in the North American market. Perhaps the negativity should be honed and distilled for today’s question.

Our basic question is thus: What single auto brand has foisted the greatest number of bad cars on its unsuspecting customers? To this we’ll add in a single provision — only models available from new in the North American market qualify. Don’t offer up some random Lada models as worst contenders today.

I suspect there will be mentions of Malaise, of platform sharing, of head gaskets, and perhaps of faulty electronics. At least those are a place to start.

Prepare your lists — the broken plastic plaque for Worst Models Overall is at stake.

[Images: Ford, General Motors]

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  • Road_pizza Road_pizza on Nov 23, 2018

    Over the last, say, 50 years? GM, hand's down. X cars? Absolute garbage. The Vega? Possibly the worst car from anyone in the last 50 years, shit body, shit engine, just shit, period. V4-6-8 engines? HT4100 V8s? Olds diesels? Odd-fire V6s? Quad 4's? All garbage. Second RWD X bodies that dog-tracked off the showroom floor? Rubbish. Northstar V8s? I could go on and on and on...

  • GM, obviously. Junk, year after year after year. Sure, there are a few exceptions as even a terrible car company like GM gets lucky once in a while after pumping out garbage long enough. The percentages catch up. Still, for perennial over all crappiness, no other car company can match GM. It truly is a joke.

  • ToolGuy When The Grand Tour covered the Manx way back in 2016, my first thought was "That would make an ideal EV candidate." Range is not an issue, lightweight, torquey, quiet and harmonious with nature (to the end user).Could I be a prophet??
  • BetterOne Not sure where you got your info from, Corey, but in North America the 2020 Cadenza continued on with the direct-injected 3.3L Lambda II V6. Apart from a larger infotainment screen, the 2020 was notably decontented from the prior model, too - no HUD or power rear sunshade, for example.
  • Inside Looking Out It looks rather like Mini than VW. It would be nice to have solar panels on the roof, or make it delta wing.
  • Justin Palmer I know where a 97 1.8l Suzuki Sidekick sport is for sale southwest Virginia location still running needs a little transmission work
  • Ajla Does anyone ever actually pay these ridiculous 2x or more markups? You can't get a car loan for that much over MSRP so you'll need someone with a lot of cash burning their pockets. My guess is that they'll give you a "deal" and mark it down to only $5k over MSRP when buying. Or is there some other angle?