It's Time to Vote for TTAC's Ten Best and Worst Automobiles Today

Mark Stevenson
by Mark Stevenson

You’ve nominated them. We’ve voted on them. Now it’s your turn to select the Ten Best and Ten Worst Automobiles Today.

Yesterday, we posted the 20 candidates in each category, according to your nominations and our Cray-computer number cruncher (okay, it was Excel on a Mac). I don’t necessarily agree with all the picks you’ve made, but such is the flawed product of democracy.

Here are the rules for voting:

1) You have one week to vote, starting today at 12:00 p.m. (noon) ET to next Friday at 12:00 p.m.

2) You can select up to 10 vehicles in each category (Best and Worst).

3) You can only vote once.

4) We’ll announce the winners and losers next Friday afternoon as soon as we tally the votes.

5) Automakers will learn of their fates when you do.

Polls are open now.

Pick Your 10 Best and Worst Automobiles Today

Mark Stevenson
Mark Stevenson

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  • Mandalorian Mandalorian on Apr 30, 2016

    Panamera no way deserves to be on the worst list. The only real case against it is the styling which isn't to everyone's forte, but its not hideously ugly. The "Porsche Purists", the SMALL sect of them that actually buy NEW Porsches wouldn't have any GT3s or whatever without the Panamera and Cayenne to fund the R+D.

  • Sjalabais Sjalabais on May 01, 2016

    Turned out to be a really weird list, I had only three votes per category. XC90, 3 and 6 for the best.

  • Davefonz164 Davefonz164 on May 02, 2016

    I love my ugly and awkward manual Fiat 500L. It's got space and nice torque and easy to park in the city. With the rebates it was a steal for a daily driver in a city like Montreal, with hard to find parking and tight streets. Sometimes awkward ugly cars can be decent lol

  • Madman2k Madman2k on May 02, 2016

    I couldn't find 10 to vote on for the 10 best. I clicked on 8 of them but most are lukewarm enthusiasm from me. 10 worst, on the other hand... can I just vote 5 times for the Buick Encore and 5 times for the Hyundai Veloster because they are so offensively ugly? At the OKC auto show, they had a car drawing. The winner could choose between a Mustang (V6), a VW Beetle (maybe a turbo, who gives a shit), and a Buick Encore. He chose the Encore. Must have been out of his mind, or he thought they said Enclave and he had a lot of kids. If so, must have been a rude awakening. I imagine him throwing up a little when he hit the unlock button on the key fob and saw which vehicle made the chirping sound.