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Ten Best/Worst Automobiles Today

I would’ve reminded you all week to vote for TTAC’s 2016 Ten Best and Worst Automobiles Today, but I was driving around San Antonio in Honda’s newest Ridgeline (full review on May 9th).

Instead, consider this your last call without any foreplay: this morning is your last chance to let your picks be known.

You nominated the vehicles and TTAC’s writers whittled down the options to provide you 20 vehicles on which to vote in each category. It’s up to you to pick the final 10.

If you haven’t checked out the candidates yet, they’re here and here along with your nomination comments. Once you’re done reading them over, you can head here to vote. It’s that simple.

We’ll post the full results this afternoon.

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25 Comments on “Last Call: Cast Your Votes for TTAC’s 2016 Ten Best and Worst Automobiles Today...”

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    This this literally is a vote for “TTAC’s 10 Best,” it’s pretty easy, and I’ll bang it out:

    TTAC’s Ten Best

    1) Ford F-Series

    2) Ford Fiesta

    3) Ford Focus

    4) Ford Fusion

    5) Ford Transit

    6) Ford Mustang

    7) Ford Explorer

    8) Ford Escape

    9) Ford C-Max

    10) Ford anything-other-model I can’t think of at the moment

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      edit –

      10) Ford Expedition and/or Edge

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        Norm’s List:
        #2 Buick Encore
        #3 Buick Verano
        #4 Chevy Trax
        #5 Buick Regal
        #6 GMC Terrain
        #7 Chevy Equinox
        #8 Buick LaCrosse
        #9 Dodge Journey
        #10 Buick Encore

        And #1: Trifecta Tuned Buick Encore

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          Every Buick must be Trifecta Tuned to add 107 to 288 horsepower to the factory engine, allowing it to produce 50% more torque, and be 87% more fuel efficient.

          Trifecta Tuning can be done in as little as 15 minutes, costs less than $65, increases motor reliability/longevity, and helps to mitigate global warming.

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      Stop cheating off of Bark’s paper.

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        That’s “Bark, following in Doug DeMuro’s footsteps right on over to the Jalopnik’s “I-drive-a-12-year-old-fartcan-muffler-Civic-but-am-an-expert-on-all-things-automotive-exotica-and-cultured readership base,” to you, buddy.

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          Despite Ford fandom, Bark != DeMuro. He would really have to step up his douchebaggery if he wanted to compete.

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            I never stated nor implied Bark’s a douchebag.

            In fact, I like Bark.

            I just think he’s trending more towards Jalopnik hymnals than TTAC reality checks, and that Edgar Allen Poe is an overrated writer who “talked down” to his audience just as much as allegory & stained glass windows are the work of the intellectually lazy.

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            I was implying the latter was a douchebag.

            “allegory & stained glass windows are the work of the intellectually lazy.”

            I fail to get the point.

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            I wasn’t stating that you referred to Bark as douchebag.

            The comment about allegories and stained glass windows simply meant that Jalopnik-types like spoon fed answers, rather than critical analysis & thought-provoking critiques that upset the apple cart, which is why one of their favorite methods of communication is .gif memes (the equivalent of stained glass windows in cathedrals in middle ages Europe, attempting to distill somewhat complicated messages to illiterate masses).

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            “stained glass windows in cathedrals in middle ages Europe, attempting to distill somewhat complicated messages to illiterate masses”

            I’m a semi-literate (progress!) mass-unit of Central European extraction and I loves dat sh1t.

            Commissioned a piece as a Christmas present last year. Big hit.

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            Kenmore, your reliable, solid-state ways are the distillation of many hundreds of years of progress by way of application the scientific method, industrial revolution, statistical analysis and ISO9000 quality control batch testing.

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            And solder. Don’t forget solder. I love the smell of solder. Almost much as typing the word solder.

            Interestingly enough, solder also finds use in the assembly of stained glass pieces! Which I also love.

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            “I love the smell of solder.”

            I hope you mean “Solder Flux”.

            If you can smell the metal, then you should be using the lead-free stuff.

            i shuld no, i used da sn63/pb37 4 2 long methunk


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    DW’s Real List:
    – Anything that’s not a Cadillac
    – Anything that’s not a Nissan
    – Anything that’s not a Ford
    – Anything that’s not a Mitsubishi
    – Anything that’s not a Tesla
    – Anything that Alex does not like (no such car exists)
    – Dodge Durango

    Have I missed anything?

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    Anybody who’s cool has already voted anyway. You’re only gonna get lame-o votes today.

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    Is this an opportunity for a meta-discussion? TTAC is the only website I visit that still uses popups. What is even more annoying is that it is for a “like us on Facebook”-attack (srsly?). When I visited the front page now, an ad jumped right into the middle of my field of view and it f* stayed there! “Wasp”-something, I don’t even know what it was. But it followed me scrolling through the site, obscurring my view.

    I usually visit with Opera for Android.

    There are a couple of sites which I intentionally don’t AdBlock. But TTAC acts like the 90s never happened and annoying ads that come in several flavours are like a car show in a hornets nest. You want to see the cars, but those damn stings…

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    I tried to vote….closed.

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    I’m surprised the F150 didn’t make it, being the #1 seller of them all.

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    I saw the list. Whatever.

    1. WRX/STi
    2. Outback – just look at the sales
    3. New Cruze
    4. New Malibu (seriously)
    5. Explorer – Hands Down!
    6. Corvette Sting Ray
    7. Chevrolet SS (here M5, M5…)
    8. Colorado Diesel
    9. Jaguar XE
    10. Bentley Mulsanne
    Honorable Mention to Ferrari GTC4 Lusso – even rich guys should have access to an STi-sized smile.

    Post Script: I have never purchased and not regularly driven a Chevrolet since the 1988 Lumina I had as a company car in…1988.

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