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Electric, not electrified, as you can already find several Volvo models boasting a plug and a combination of gasoline and electric propulsion. The automaker best remembered for keeping the 240 in production with only minimal changes for two decades now wants to pin the technology pedal to the floor, setting a goal of having 50 percent of its customers drive away in fully electric vehicles by 2025.

Ambitious, to say the least. The first electric model would come along in 2019, the automaker stated earlier this year, while keeping the identity of the model under wraps. We now know it’s the XC40, which should comes as no shock to anyone.

In an interview with Britain’s Autocar, the head of Volvo’s Polestar division, Thomas Ingenlath, said the newly launched compact crossover will forge a path for all other Volvo models to follow. (Models launched after 2019 will arrive with mild hybrid, hybrid, and battery electric variants.)

“It’s not a secret anymore that the first full-electric Volvo is on its way with the XC40 coming,” said Ingenlath. “It will arrive very soon after the Polestar 2. That is the first to come that’s not exotic. We’ll start with XC40 and then on it will come step after step into our model range. The next car will be the next-generation XC90.”

The Polestar 2 is the cheaper follow-up to the vastly expensive coupe unveiled last year by the newly standalone Polestar brand. The coupe finds its first carefully selected customers this year. A Polestar 2, arriving next year as an all-electric midsize sedan, should be much more attainable for “regular” buyers. It has the Tesla Model 3 in its sights.

Comments made by U.S. Volvo chief Lex Kerssemaker last year revealed the XC40 EV should travel roughly 250 miles between charges, retailing in the high $30k range. That seems to be the sweet spot most automakers are aiming for.

Unlike other automakers, Volvo prefers an EV stable that’s not separate from its regular offerings. All EVs bearing the brand’s name will be electric variants of existing models.

The stock XC40 made its sales appearance at the beginning of the year. Since January, some 3,588 Americans drove home an XC40, with 1,105 of the vehicles leaving dealer lots in May.

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14 Comments on “Volvo’s XC40 to Be the Brand’s First Electric Model...”

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    SCE to AUX

    I have serious interest in the gas-powered XC40, but now I’m wondering if I should wait until next year for the electric version, or the Polestar 2.

    But if today’s XC40 starts in the high 30s, how can the electric version be priced the same way?

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      The XC40 starts at $33200. Sure you gotta add $995 destination, but that’s sorta always in the hidden language of car marketing talk. Plus, if you do the overseas program you get a discount as well. Now where they start and how most of them are going to be equipped are very different. Try finding a Ace of Base XC40 on the lots right now!

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      @SCE: “But if today’s XC40 starts in the high 30s, how can the electric version be priced the same way?”

      I wonder what Geely/BYD have their EV costs down to? We focus on US costs of EV production, but China’s might be a lot less. Locally sourced materials and cheap labor.

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      Depending on where you are, you may be waiting for an XC40 whether you want to or not. Local dealer is sold out and has a waiting list.

      I liked the XC40, but if you drive it back to back with an XC60, the difference in the two platforms becomes really apparent.

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        Yep. We have 15 allocated between now and October and 14 are ordered and presold with deposits. Some dealers are selling for well over sticker. The only order we have open yet is locked in as a FWD R design, which is a little bit off an odd one, but that’s how Volvo set us up. Lots of neat features, but I’d rather have the 60 myself, or better yet, a wagon!

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    Now if Volvo and Jaguar could build reusable rockets I would be convinced.

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    The sooner Volvo can go EV and drop that underwhelming, skunkmeat twin-charged T6 the better.

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      They should make the T5 turbo + hybrid.

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        Volvo is considering a a 3 cylinder T3 PHEV as well as a T5 PHEV for our market. Volvo seems to prefer heavy hybridization over mild systems.

        It will be interesting to see how these compare to Audi’s 48V mild hybrid strategy.

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      Have you actually driven a T6 for more than a loop around a dealership (if at all)?

      The current T6 is actually better than the old T6 in the XC60. It pulls hard when you put the hammer down, and out fuel economy wen from 18.5mpg to about 23mpg in mixed driving (on an engine that’s not fully broken in).

      Better fuel economy, better transmission, no performance penalty… It’s an all around win.

      The only complaint I have is that the Polestar tune is how it should come from the factory. The updated throttle response and transmission mapping are spot on – better for passing on the freeway as well.

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    I’d be loving a pure electric V90 wagon. I just think the V90 is gorgeous, and I’ve been sorely tempted to buy one. Just not loving a 2.0 liter 4-cylinder on an almost $70,000 car.

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      Have you driven one? I like it more than I thought I would.

      Best hp/liter on the market to my knowledge.

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        No, I haven’t. Right now, I’m not really interested in gasoline-engined utility vehicles. I like them for performance cars (my current daily driver is a 2016 Shelby GT350), but I’d like a pure-electric utility vehicle (I’m throwing wagons in with SUVs) as a second car. My normal drive-cycle would work just fine with a decent-range electric. Plus, I have a 3-car garage with a 220-volt outlet already installed for each space.

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