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Image: TTAC Hot Takes 12/19/17

(TTAC Hot Takes are video roundup posts which will occur whenever we can get Michael Accardi into hair and makeup. These posts are a mandate of our VerticalScope overlords, who are fascinated with the new video medium of YouTube. Watch our other videos here.)

Scandal and doubt were the primary motivators in the automotive news cycle over the past couple of weeks. After the jump, Michael Accardi wears a brown sweater and shares the Mitsubishis, corruption, fake news, and awful CUVs that drive us all to the brink in a special Christmas 2017 video installment.

From the video, here are the Top Ten Takes from the past couple of weeks at TTAC.

  • Not surprisingly, our Diamond-Star Motors QOTD post got the Slack chat going, as old Mitsubishi and Chrysler vehicles interest TTAC staff more than any new cars could.
  • Ford Fusion production might be shipped off to China, unless you believed Ford when it said, “No, it’s not.”
  • Volvo’s Polestar brand is going to open up some shops in enlightened cities, where you’ll be able to manhandle the new Polestar coupe to your heart’s content.
  • A financial man who knows financial… things predicts Tesla is not all that long for the world, and will falter and flop. But that hasn’t deterred Pepsi from ordering some Tesla semi trucks for its fleet — 100 of them.
  • Managing editor Tim Healey went out west to drive the new off-road-ready Jeep Wrangler in some carefully controlled circumstances (like one often finds off-road).
  • Nissan’s front-drive CUV, the Kicks, is coming to market soon, and it will be a sales success despite the “ugh” reaction from the B&B.
  • Some police over in Detroit were fond of stripping, but there wasn’t a pole in sight.
  • Volkswagen seems intent on lecturing Germany on the need to get rid of diesel subsidies, which is perhaps a bit self-serving given its past and present history with the subject.
  • The Ford Focus RS isn’t reliable, and has head gasket issues like an old Subaru or Northstar Cadillac.
  • Finally, Florida could get some new legislation to tackle idiots who also own a car, which could be a problem for a good number of people living there.

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