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2017 Honda Accord Coupe Touring - Image: Honda

Although it seemed hard to believe, we were under the impression up until a few weeks before the 10th-generation Honda Accord’s launch, that the 2018 Honda Accord would spawn yet another Honda Accord coupe.

On July 14, 2017, we learned the Honda Accord coupe would die an honorable death. The 10th-generation Accord sedan, according to Honda, will hold sufficient appeal for those former Accord coupe buyers — Accordians, who made up roughly 5 percent of Honda’s midsize clientele.

But the Honda Accord coupe, while futureless, isn’t dead yet. There are more than 5,000 on dealer lots across the United States right now. And according to CarsDirect, they’re pretty cheap.

2017 Honda Civic Coupe - Image: HondaHonda Civic vs. Honda Accord. That is the question.

Do you want the smaller, nimbler, more efficient Civic coupe with its surprisingly useful rear seat and more distinct exterior design? Or do you want the larger, more American, more capacious, collector classic Accord coupe? It won’t be a decision you make on financial grounds, because they’re going out the door at the same price.

Granted, this is a story we should have covered yesterday when considering the plentiful array of discontinued new cars still present in new car showrooms across America: Chrysler 200s and Infiniti QX70s and Volkswagen CCs and Hyundai Azeras. The Accord, despite our constant coverage (TTAC’s audience eats it up; it’s the most common vehicle owned by TTAC’s B&B) was sadly left out of the mix.Five Honda Accord Coupe Generations - Images: HondaCarsDirect says the Accord LX-S coupe can be leased for $189 per month over three years with $2,399 down. That’s an effective monthly cost of $256 — just two bucks extra per month compared with the 1.5T EX version of its little brother, despite the significant MSRP differential. The $25,000 Accord LX-S coupe is supposed to be $2,575 more than the Civic 1.5T EX coupe.

Leasing customers aren’t the only ones who will benefit from American Honda’s desire to sell off remaining Accord coupes. In a un-Honda-like move, CarsDirect says the Accord’s financing rates over five years are way down at 0.9 percent; 1.9 percent over six years.

Nationwide selection of Accord coupes remains varied. Roughly half of the Accord coupes in stock are mid-grade EX-L models, according to There are nearly 2,000 V6-engined examples remaining, more than 300 Accord coupes with manual transmission, and 51 manual-shift V6-powered Accord coupes.

[Images: Honda]

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28 Comments on “Behold, the Honda Accord Coupe Liveth – Briefly, and Cheaply...”

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    Wagon Of Fury

    Last of the V8 Interceptors, err, V6 manuals

    • 0 avatar

      I could never understand the appeal of coups that were based off of sedan chassis. Isn’t it better to get the extra doors in the back?? I can see the purpose of a purpose built coupe, but an Accord coupe??


      • 0 avatar

        Coupes can feel very cool and more intimate. I like the Integra 2 doors over the 4 doors much better. Although still, 4 doors are so practical. 5 doors even better. If Honda makes a decent look 5 door accord, that would be so so cool!

      • 0 avatar

        Style and individually. A coupe is more of a personal car. It says, to me, that the owner cares more about his/her choice, that they picked a car they liked and not just something that would work, like a sedan.

        The Accord coupe also stands out in a crowd of sedans, its more of a personal expression- more so than a regular “I’ve seen 40 more just like it today” sedan.

        I have no children and probably won’t for some time.

        The few times I do have someone in the back seat, the Accord coupe’s rear seat is relatively roomy and comfortable, very much unlike a Mustang. A Mustang sits lower, and has a far worse ride. It would be much worse on me with my physcial issues. My other choice of a new coupe would be a Toyobaru, however its also more cramped and stiff than the Accord. Plus, I prefer the Honda’s smooth I-4 engine, and better interior.

        An Accord coupe rides and handles nicely, it isn’t as sporty as a 86 or Mustang, but that’s fine with me. It gets good mileage and won’t cost any more to maintain than if I had bought an equivalent sedan.

        • 0 avatar

          Such a person just settled, unless, you know… they prefer sedans.

          You’re not the final authority on style.

          • 0 avatar

            What a wonderfully snarky post.

            Who “settles” for a coupe with there are infinitely more sedans on the market?

            “I’m sorry, sir, we have 46 Altimas. They’re all coupes. So are our Accords. We do have Mustang and Camaros. A G35 coupe. A 370Z. A CR-Z.
            We have no Camry, Fusion, newer or older Altima, Sonata, Optima, Passat, Galant, Taurus, Impala, Avenger, Malibu, or 200. Only coupes.”

            “Damn, I guess I’ll have to SETTLE for a horrible, terrible, awful coupe that I hate, because this is the 4th lot I been to in the 3rd city, all say the same.”

            I’m sure that conversation has happened just the other side of never.

            “You’re not the final authority on style.”

            But you are? Only one who is the final authority on style should make such a statement. Do you at least know the final authority on style? Can we hear from him? Does he hate coupes, too?

            Moreover, did I claim to be?

            But, yes, I now make that claim: I am the world’s number one authority of what *I* find stylish. Thanks for noticing.

            I’m very sorry that you got so terribly upset at the fact that someone has a different opinion than yours. It was a bit fun, though.

          • 0 avatar

            I’m sure you think the point of my post about coupes was to “attack” those who prefer or drive a sedan. No. Just an explanation of why someone might like a coupe.

            By the way, you may have neglected to notice, I drive a sedan. Why would I attempt to attack or make fun of a car I have praised and talked about positively for years now. I wouldn’t trade it for a new Accord coupe. Its too important to me.

            I’ve owned vastly more sedans than coupes. Try to look at something with a more open mind. Nowhere did I say that every sedan driver “settled” for it.

            Most people who might prefer a coupe may have done just that due to a lack of selection, but I don’t fault anyone’s choice. Its your money, your needs/requirements, your name on the registration. I don’t care if you choose a Juke, if it makes you happy.

      • 0 avatar

        Coupes just look better. Period.

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    The Accord is the best deal in its class anyway if you consider total cost of ownership.

    Kelley Blue Book points out that the Accord’s relatively low depreciation and infrequent trips to the shop keep its five-year cost of ownership at $36,442.

    That’s the best of any midsize car and almost $3,000 less than the also ran Toyota Camry or Hyundai Sonata.

    • 0 avatar
      George B

      The Honda Accord is pretty cheap to own for about 10 years. However it is a mass market car built to a low price point so eventually the clear coat oxidizes and peels off, the thin paint chips, and lots of stuff looks worn out. Accord ownership cost will be lower if you’re willing to swap brake rotors and pads yourself. Not that difficult. Lots of Honda-specific fluids are required which adds some inconvenience but not much extra cost. Plan on fairly frequent automatic transmission drain and fill maintenance.

    • 0 avatar
      30-mile fetch

      Again, where are you getting the $3000 difference?

      This is presumably the article you used for the $36442 figure:

      $387287 – 36442 =/= 3000

      You are the worst Honda PR person I’ve ever seen. Whatever they are paying you to come here is too much.

    • 0 avatar

      My Accords have had a great cost of ownership. I felt they were very good cars. My current one the best so far. I want another Honda because of it. A 5 door.

  • avatar

    I’m a “looks” guy..and a Coupe fan… That blue one in the top photo is a fine looking car….If it wasn’t for a little peer group, social pressure ?? I could be swayed…Sorta like the guy who really wants an Escalade, but his country club friends may perceive the Slade as a little bit too ghetto. : )

    Its is a shame to see such vehicles fading away.

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    I shouldn’t have read this article, as I was already toying with the idea of finding a manual transmission V6 Accord Coupe, as all of those things are disappearing.

    A four cylinder 2000 Coupe was my first car to never leave me stranded despite traveling 240K miles; the only real downside other than a more difficult to access back seat was how many people tried to race me and occasional police or Canadian Border Service attention. I never quite grasped that, as it was a midsize car that made 150 hp when new; I suppose a wedge shape goes a long way.

  • avatar

    “The 10th-generation Accord sedan, according to Honda, will hold sufficient appeal for those former Accord coupe buyers”

    The above line takes the “Absurd Statement of the Week” award.

  • avatar

    Here it is. John’s perfect Accord. Love the color, the engine, the equipmemt, the trans, everything. I couldn’t order one better than this.

    • 0 avatar
      Jean-Pierre Sarti

      very nice! i am in the market for a car right now, i wish the damn v6 didn’t command such a premium.

      does the I4 leave you wanting more power?

      for me, these accord coupes are as close as i will ever get to my beloved prelude…

      mustangs are great cars but for me the ride, interior and poor visibility are a deal breaker. same goes for camaro and challenger.

      • 0 avatar

        I haven’t driven a 6 speed, only a ’16 LX coupe auto and a ’17 Accord Sport auto. The power was perfectly fine with me, even with the CVT, it never felt sluggish or lacking. It was plenty for my taste.

        But, I don’t have great expectations of power, I just love a 4 cylinder with a manual in an Honda coupe, always have. Doesn’t have to be loaded, its not a luxury car. Cloth is fine. A base LX Accord has everything I desire.

        As far as coupes, Tim didn’t picture the rare late ’80s coupe, but the two oldest ones in his pic showing generations were my favorites. I would take a sedan of those generations, but would prefer a coupe (I tend to enjoy older cars as much or more than new, but that depends on the car).

        Oddly enough, I prefer the 1998-2002 sedan more than the coupe. I really didn’t start being smitten with Accord coupes again until the last refresh. It just came together with the grille, and the regular projector headlamps on the lesser models, all of it, it looks great.

        The LEDs on the high end Accord look and feel gimiky, given the regular headlight performance. They also add unnecessary complexity to the otherwise clean front end. Just my opinion of course, YMMV.

  • avatar

    Even before I decided to replace the family rig last year with a CR-V, I had decided on an Accord Sport.

    But a bigger part of me wants an Accord coupe, preferably from 2013-2015 with a V6 in blue or red.

    Every single car I’ve considered has been compared to the Accord, with the Accord winning.

    • 0 avatar

      Been in your boat. I have a 07 Accord manual and a 08 crv. I want to get another manual, but the wife demands a newer pilot or crv as our next new car.

      I tell myself someday I will buy a new accord manual or a civic si/type R.

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    Accords are excellent reasonably fun cars to drive, they’re brutally reliable if your a reasonable owner.The coupe just adds a bit of spice if you don’t need the rear doors.Honda’s MT is a joy to manipulate.

  • avatar

    Disappointed to see the Honda Coupe go. It was to be the 2018 replacement for the 2007. No, a Honda sedan will not be considered at any price.

    We have a few years before the 335i gets replaced. BMW has shown no indication coupes will be dropped from their lineup.

    Consider what has occurred on the safety front this past ten years and it makes driving a 10yr old car close to irresponsible. Recently drove the older neighbors on a 3-day trip in their new Subaru. Several drivers tried to crash us. Outback out foxed them all.

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