Get'em While They're (Not) Hot: Thousands of Copies of New, Discontinued Vehicles Litter Dealer Lots in the U.S.

Timothy Cain
by Timothy Cain
getem while theyre not hot thousands of copies of new discontinued vehicles

At Hyundai dealers across America, there are 964 copies of the discontinued Azera strewn about, waiting for the final 964 Hyundai Azera buyers.

A raft of recently discontinued models has resulted in opportunities for consumers to potentially snatch up terrific deals while attractive financing terms remain on 2017 models. The Azera, a large volume-brand sedan unable to function in a market that’s rapidly turning its back on such vehicles, is only one such dead model. Production of the first ( and only) generation of Jeep’s Patriot, for example, ended late last year, but there are more than 6,600 in dealer inventory, according to

Don’t wait too long, or you’ll end up like that buyer of a new 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution who paid $138,000 just this month, July 2017.

Of course, there won’t come a point at which any one of the 1,500 or so Dodge Darts still available for sale will be valued at $138,000. But as new model year vehicles begin to take over in new vehicle showrooms, programs on remaining copies of prior model year vehicles begin to dry up. Dealers are then left with excessive stock and little manufacturer support to reduce that stock.

That means the deals available on leftover models this summer might not soon improve, as 2018 vehicles begin to garner manufacturers’ incentive and marketing support.

In FCA showrooms, to go along with all of those remaining Dodge Darts and Jeep Patriots, there are roughly 4,000 Chrysler 200s. Officially, Chrysler lists a $2,000 cash allowance and 0-percent financing over 36 months on the 200 Limited Platinum 2.4. There are 17 V6-powered Chrysler 200s in stock priced below $20,000.

Officially killed off earlier this week, there are more than 900 Infiniti QX70s in stock at U.S. dealers. With reportedly no 2018 Nissan Juke incoming, there are over 1,800 2017 Jukes in stock. Lexus has nearly 400 copies of the dead CT200h remaining in its dealer inventory. Volkswagen’s recently eliminated Touareg remains relatively common — there are 1,439 in’s inventory listing and nearly 800 copies of the defunct Volkswagen CC.

There are almost 1,500 Buick Veranos at U.S. Buick dealers. A mid-grade Sport Touring can be leased for $199 month over 39 months for $3,269, GM says. That’s before the negotiations begin. There are 18 Veranos in stock with advertised prices below $18,000.

Last but not least, GM’s Chevrolet SS inventory stands above 1,000 units. SS production ended in May. As the SS’s final days neared, however, demand picked up. March, for example, was the SS’s best month ever, and by a wide margin.

Getting your hands on one of the final SSs might not be so easy then. But if your heart was set on a 2017 Jeep Patriot, you have some time left on the clock before the good deals expire.

[Images: FCA, General Motors]

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  • Threeer Threeer on Jul 28, 2017

    Funny that my family owns two of the cars that are on this list. FIL owns a 200C, and my mom owns a Verano. Not sure what that says about us...

    • Ubermensch Ubermensch on Jul 28, 2017

      My 70-80 something year old parents have a Buick Verano that they bought a few years ago. Perfect car for them. It's quiet, comfortable and compact. I drove it a couple of times and it is a decent car. You could certainly do worse.

  • John R John R on Jul 28, 2017

    If one can get past the rear seats (too small for the class, apparently) low mile V6 AWD 200S's can be had for a song. You almost can't NOT think about it for 5 minutes at least.

  • 28-Cars-Later Kudos to the Mazda team on the attractive front end, though the lack of front bumper is still detention after class. Rest of it is also visually appealing, its shocking me how good this looks and how bad Honda (and to an extent Toyota's) styling is in comparison.
  • Slyons My guess is they keep the 2.0 liter they have now with minor tweaks, and shoehorn in the 48V mild hybrid system that just debuted in the CX-90. Should allow for all the regular fun of wringing out the 4 cyl and bump the fuel mileage up at least a couple points. I don't think we'll see a major evolution of the drivetrain until the next next model (NF?).
  • 28-Cars-Later " as long as internal-combustion engines exist?"So... forever until society collapses, rebuilds, and then the Hunger Games begin?
  • Jeff S It would be a neat project but the 6k should include the parts car.
  • Kcflyer Why oh why does every manufacturer slop the roof so much on vehicles that are supposed to be utilitarian? Especially a three row people mover. Let the rear roof square off like an old volvo wagon for cripes sake! And get off my lawn. And don't give me the mpg noise. I'd happily give back a couple mpg for some utility in a "utility" vehicle.