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Acura CDX

If you’re not familiar with Acura’s subcompact CDX crossover, take a gander at Honda’s HR-V and think of China. Right now, that’s the only country that gets to buy the HR-V-based utility, but things could change.

Acura is reportedly mulling a trans-Pacific journey for the little CUV as it takes stock of its meager U.S. utility lineup.

According to Wards Auto, the American public’s appetite for subcompact CUVs makes the CDX a ripe candidate for U.S. showrooms. With only the RDX and MDX available to buyers, there’s plenty of room to flesh out the brand’s utility lineup.

“It’s a model that interests a lot of our people, so we have our R&D guys looking into the possibility,” said Jon Ikeda, vice president of American Honda’s Acura division, during a recent media event.

Acura CDX

Because the model was designed with China in mind, bringing it stateside isn’t as simple as hiring a few ships. Regulatory hurdles exist, but the company feels confident it can be approved for sale should the move get the corporate green light. The plan is “on the table … it’s in discussion,” Ikeda said.

The CDX, while obviously of Honda origin, adopts a corporate “Diamond Pentagon” grille and curvier sheet metal, as well as the Civic’s turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder. Power is transferred through an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. Were it to arrive here, there would be no shortage of competition. In the premium field, Mercedes-Benz’s GLA, BMW’s X1 and Infiniti’s QX30 wait as potential rivals.

The Honda HR-V hasn’t met with universal acclaim — TTAC’s Tim Cain called it the brand “worst current product” in a review that exposed a myriad of gripes, not the least of which was discomfort and price. Still, Honda sold over 82,000 of the little CUVs in 2016 — a figure Acura might have a hard time ignoring.

[Image: Honda Motor Company]

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20 Comments on “Shocking No One, Acura Considers Bringing the CDX Stateside...”

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    John R

    They’ll sell everyone…sigh…SUVs are a blight…

  • avatar

    More crossovers.




  • avatar

    My gut tells me that these mini, upscale CUVs never really sell great. Speaking of, is the HR-V really selling well either?

    Then again, Acura doesn’t seem to sell much these days beyond SUV/CUVs, so I guess why not. The brand could probably use a little injection of energy anyway.

    • 0 avatar

      The Buick Encore sells reasonably well, but it seems to be predominantly selling to the same blue-haired crowd who liked the Enclave but were only carrying around two people and a yappy dog.

  • avatar

    Makes sense. Pricing would likely only be a bit higher than the Eggcore, and people are CUV crazy. The Honda 1.5T is already better than any of the competition’s entry level turbos, save for the Q3.

    Combining the turbo with the DCT is interesting. We don’t have that combo available right now in the US.

  • avatar

    Oh, GOODY…

    Can’t wait for the Acura version of the Honda Ruckus!

  • avatar
    Corey Lewis

    Such a premium Honda Vejazzle.

  • avatar

    Depending on how well this can cope with my wife’s ~33″ inseam and a rear facing infant seat, I must say my interest is quite piqued. This addresses pretty much everything that turns me off about the HR-V.

  • avatar

    How’s the refinement? To make this compelling, they need to address NVH and ride much more comprehensively than they did when going Civic -> ILX. If they can make it as quiet as the TLX, it’ll be a winner, but when starting with an HR-V that’s a long way to go.

  • avatar

    F*** you Acura.

    That thing looks like its pregnant in the second shot.

  • avatar

    In related news, the naked mole rat has evolved to live underground and can survive without oxygen and lives in social colonies organized around a queen, like ants. It doesn’t get cancer, feels no pain, and has terrible eyesight.

  • avatar

    That makes me sad.

    You all realize this means there’s a sweet little sedan they won’t build. Instead a modern day Acura Integra, they’ve opted for a potato on wheels.

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