Volvo Misses April Fools' Day by Almost an Entire Week

Matt Posky
by Matt Posky
volvo misses april fools day by almost an entire week

Last night, Volvo released a teaser video for a new vehicle it labeled as its “smallest coupe ever,” and I can’t help but feel that its marketing department dropped the ball on the timing.

The video introduces it as an ultra-modern, limited edition representative of a model specifically aimed at the next generation of consumers. Then, Volvo hinted that it might even be autonomous, and I assumed this was some wild concept vehicle never to enter production — but Volvo is already building it.

Of course, I felt like a moron when the big reveal finally came.

April Fools’ Day has become a great marketing opportunity for companies. While we’re at home playing mean-spirited pranks on our friends and family, corporations are trying to work an angle to garner attention and praise. While the commercial aspect of the “holiday” is rarely funny, occasionally something comes through that doesn’t make you want to roll your eyes or go on something the newspapers will later dub a “horrific spree.”

And yet, this isn’t technically a prank on the part of Volvo; they are actually building the car. The rub is — assuming the lines about it being the “smallest coupe ever” for the “next generation” with “no license required” didn’t give it away — that this particular product isn’t aimed at adults.

It’s a pedal-driven single seater for small children called the Volvo Rider. It costs roughly $180 — €166 plus tax — and comes in silver or the unfortunately named “crash-test orange.” While I don’t know anyone who would buy this personally, or the rest of Volvo’s lifestyle products for that matter, the company should be commended for a genuinely clever bit of marketing. But, again, why wait to release this on April 6th when it was such primo April 1st material?

[Image: Volvo]

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  • RHD RHD on Apr 08, 2017

    This one will, tragically, and to Volvo's detriment, be the only Volvo that would lose in a battle with a Fiat 500.

    • Pig Hater Pig Hater on Apr 09, 2017

      That would be cool and un-Volvo like too if they did come out with a car the size of a Fiat 500. On looks alone the 500 is one of my fave cars produced right now.

  • Lorenzo Lorenzo on Apr 09, 2017

    The steering wheel is much higher than the one in my old fire truck. They must have designed it for ages up to twelve. When I was twelve, I was doing odd jobs for little old ladies in the neighborhood.

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