Lynk & Co Super Sedan is Part Dodge, Part Lamborghini, Probably Mostly Vaporware

Steph Willems
by Steph Willems
lynk co super sedan is part dodge part lamborghini probably mostly vaporware

Lynk & Co, if you hadn’t already guessed by the name, isn’t a normal car company. The upstart brand that sounds more like a hipster clothing depot than an automaker was revealed late last year following a promotional video that failed to show any products consumers could actually buy.

Now, months after the reveal of its 01 SUV, the Geely-owned company has another product to show off. This one’s a concept, sporting a design that previews a second planned model named — you guessed it — the 02. Sexy and artistic promotional shots of the arresting sedan have cropped up on the Adamsky Management website.

While Lynk & Co is as weird as it gets, this concept looks like something we’d all aspire to own.

Scissor-style clamshell doors and frameless window glass is something we’ve all come to expect from slinky concepts, and this one doesn’t disappoint. The disappointment comes when the actual product bears none of those features.

From the front, the concept seems to draw design inspiration from both Lamborghini and Porsche’s utility vehicles, while there’s some Dodge Charger visible in the rear flanks. Hell, there’s even a little Kia in the rear roof/C-pillar junction. A “floating” console seems to intrude into backseat space, no doubt to answer the incessant demands of Millennial passengers.

There’s not much to go on besides this, as Lynk & Co isn’t in the habit of divulging much actual product information.

Given that Geely also owns Volvo, a fair bit of Swedish DNA will find its way into the brand’s vehicles. Lynk & Co plans to build a 1.5-liter and 2.0-liter engine in China using technology loaned by Volvo, and its 01 SUV rides atop the CMA platform developed for the upcoming XC40. The 02 sedan could borrow a version of that architecture. Hybrid technology seems a must, especially given the brand’s urban, youthful marketing pitch.

How the brand could ever sell either of these vehicles in the U.S. remains a mystery, as it plans a direct-sales model coupled with online retailing. America’s domestic automakers do not take kindly to such things. Just ask Tesla about that.

“Our aim is to enrich and simplify car ownership by re-defining how cars are bought, owned, connected, serviced and used,” Alain Visser, Lynk’s senior vice president, said last October.

Lynk & Co’s first model goes on sale in China this year. Europe and the U.S. are next on the conquest list, with America targeted for 2018..

[Image: Adamsky Management]

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  • The Oracle I say let the clunkers stay on the roads.
  • Jpolicke Twenty-three grand for a basket case? And it has '66 wheel covers and gas cap so who knows what else isn't original?
  • Scott Can't be a real 1965 Stang as all of those are nothing but a pile of rust that MIGHT be car shaped by now.
  • 56m65711446 So, the engineers/designers that brought us the Pinto are still working at Ford!
  • Spookiness I dig it. The colors are already available on the CX-50. The terracotta is like a nice saddle brown. The non-turbo Carbon Edition has a bluish gray and a burgundy leather interior. A nice break from the typical relentless black and 50 shade of gray palette. Early CX-30's had some dark navy blue (armest, console, and parts of the door) but I guess that was just too weird and radical so they switched to all-black.I'd be fine with cloth in colors, leather is over-rated, but I'll never have an all-black interior in a car ever again.