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Henrik Fisker (TedxChapmanU)

Guess who’s back?

Henrik Fisker, the designer-turned-entrepreneur behind the ill-fated Fisker Karma, wants to try his hand at building a green luxury vehicle again.

The Dane wants to erase the cloud of failure that hangs over his name by building a new electric car with a Tesla-beating range, Bloomberg reports. Naturally, his name is all over the new company. In fact, it is the company.

Fisker, Inc. plans to unveil a vehicle in the second half of 2017 that draws impressive range from its shadowy battery technology, Fisker claims. The batteries will reportedly come from Fisker Nanotek, a private corporation based in northern California.

The fledgling automaker’s chairman and CEO told Bloomberg:

“We have really been working in stealth mode. For the last two years I have been looking at battery technologies and wanted to see if there was something that could really give us a new paradigm. We had the strategy of developing the technology as fast as possible without getting tied down to a large organization, which would hold us back. Now we have the technology that nobody else has. And there is nobody even close to what we are doing out there.”

Quite bragadocious, as a certain presidential candidate would say. Fisker calls the unnamed vehicle the “spiritual successor” to the Karma, which landed with a glitzy splash in 2012 before quickly sinking to the bottom of the pool. The company’s assets were sold off to a Chinese firm in 2014, with the current (unaffiliated) Karma Automotive LLC rising from those ashes.

The company isn’t dishing all the details on its ace-in-the-hole technology just yet. Fisker Nanotek CEO Jack Kavanaugh claims the technology draws from the work of a group of UCLA professors. The batteries aren’t conventional lithium-ion units, Kavanaugh says, though they do contain some lithium.

“We have already developed prototypes that you won’t see anywhere else,” he told Bloomberg.

The new technology reportedly gives the new vehicle a range of 400 miles. Production will take place at Fisker Nanotek’s manufacturing facility, with photos expected to be released closer to the middle of next year.

Fisker wouldn’t say if any remnants of the former Karma would find its way into the new vehicle, nor what the car will look like. The executive only claims that the vehicle will be attractive and very spacious, and will contain some of his signature design elements.

[Image: TEDxChapmanU/Flickr (CC BY-ND-NC 2.0)]

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22 Comments on “Henrik Fisker Returns, Claims His New Electric Vehicle Will Blow Your Mind...”

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    If Fisker’s new battery technology is really revolutionary and is far enough along in development to put into consumers’ hands, I bet he could make more money licensing it or manufacturing batteries for others, instead of trying to start another car company.

  • avatar

    Needs cane & top hat.

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    Fisker is on fire! No, really! Wishing him better Karma this time around. Let’s hope that this new effort doesn’t short-circuit. And I hear that his new batteries are really hot too.

    Try the baked tilapia, I’ll be here all week . . .

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    I honestly thought the Fisker Karma was WAY better looking in person than it was in pictures. It really was a great looking 4 door in my opinion.

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    SCE to AUX

    This vaporware battery needs high energy density, stability, high recharge cycles, low degradation, high power transfer, good manufacturability, and affordable cost.

    A claim of 400 miles isn’t enough.

    Sounds like he’s abandoning the hybrid theme of “the Karma, which landed with a glitzy splash in 2012 before quickly sinking to the bottom of the pool.” Great line, Steph – that’s exactly what it did.

    • 0 avatar

      i feel sorry for your improper knowledge and hatred towards fisker. He, Henrik Fisker, hasn’t announced anything about the battery technology yet but he is claiming that to be the most revolutionary technology in EV batteries. While Henrik Fisker is being a perfect example for every entrepreneur around the globe you sire keep misleading the world and let the world ignore your nuisance.

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    It will blow your mind with the Takata airbag in the steering wheel!

    (couldn’t resist – pure snark – I’m excited for what they may have coming)

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    Well first he is going to need some money before any minds are blown. So we get this TT to lure them in.

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    johnny ringo

    BigOldChryslers- +1. If the newfangled battery technology is really that good he should sinply build batteries and forget about the automobile. In the meantime, I’m taking his claims with a grain of salt.

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    How is that a designer whose startup was a Tesla wannabe that failed is the only person on Earth with super-special battery technology?

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    What happened to Fisker’s tie-in with the Villareal-Lutz company? They even added the “F” to VL Automotive to make it VLF Automotive, to build a supercar?

    I suspect Henrik Fisker is now hedging his bets, fronting for a small battery startup with promises of new auto designs. That in addition to the VLF tie-up.

    At what point does ‘entrepreneur’ become huckster?

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    It took several cons by Malcom Briklin before he finally disappeared.

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    There are a number of people who claim they reinvented the battery. If it’s batteries that you are pushing, why not go straight away to the guy who already owns an EV factory, Elon Musk? Fisker reminds me of Victor Muller (remember Spyker). Perhaps the two can set up the comeback kid company. Btw, I don’t see why the new Karma (basically an old Karma) would succeed this time…

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    Try getting Aptera back!!!

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